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  1. The defensive coordinator should certainly be on the hot seat. I think the entire defensive scheme needs to change. Zone coverage with inconsistent pass rush is too easy to beat. Too much talent on the defensive side of the ball to be this bad.
  2. Hopefully, he can recover from this. He’s a young player so there still should be a lot of football left in him.
  3. I’ll always root for the Colts regardless of how good or bad we are. This was a really bad loss but there is still lots of games to be played.
  4. It could go either way but Cousins is the better QB so the Vikings will have the edge.
  5. I think the Panthers had the best overall draft. Derrick Brown, Yetur Gross Matos and Jeremy Chinn. Three pro bowl caliber talents. 1. Panthers 2. Cowboys 3. Chargers 4. Colts 5. Ravens
  6. The Packers should have drafted Patrick Queen. If not him at least a WR like Tee Higgins. Jordan Love won’t see the field for years. This was by far the worst draft of any team. The Vikings draft was great and the Lions will be desperate to make the playoffs with coaches job on the line. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Packers missed the playoffs next year.
  7. Most of the talent in the 2021 draft class will be offensive. There are some great blue chip offensive linemen, WR’s, and arguably the best TE to come out of college since Gronk. OT Penei Sewell, 6’6 325 Top 3 pick OT Walker Little, 6’7 315 lbs Top 5 pick OT Samuel Cosmi, 6’7 310 lbs Top 10 WR Ja’marr Chase, 6’1 200 lbs Top 5 WR Justyn Ross, 6’4 205 lbs Top 10 WR Jaylen Waddle 5’11, 185 lbs Top 15 WR Devonta Smith 6’ 1 185 lbs Top 20 TE Pat Freiermuth, 6’5 260 lbs Top 25
  8. I really like this pick. I had Eason mocked too us for a while just a different round. He’s going to get to sit and learn a lot from Rivers. I think Eason will be the QB of the future.
  9. Mack has an incredible work ethic. Think he has a lot of elite years left in him. Great vision and speed behind an elite offensive line. The best RB we’ve had since Edge. Taylor was good value in the 2nd for another team, but not for us with other blue chip talent on the board.
  10. Mack has been great for us so far and is only 24. He’s earned a big contract. Better options available imo.
  11. Any decent RB can rush for over 1,000 yard behind this elite offensive line. We still have Mack and Hines. Taylor is obviously a good player but there were much better options available.
  12. Taylor is a good player but don’t like the pick. He won’t get many touches with Mack as the starting RB.
  13. I would have drafted Jerry Juedy if we stayed at 13.
  14. I really wanted Tee Higgins but I like Pittman as well. He was the 2nd WR on my board in the 2nd.
  15. Some great options available. Very difficult decision. I would go with Tee Higgins at 34 and Neville Gallimore at 44.
  16. I would go with Tee Higgins if we do decide to go WR at 34. With Ballard who knows what direction we will go.
  17. The Packers drafting Jordan Love is by far the biggest surprise. Rodgers has at least 5 more elite years left of play in him. The only way Love sees the field the next 5 years is if Rodgers gets injured.
  18. Juedy and Lamb on the board at 13 doesn’t sit well with me, but I understand why he traded the pick.
  19. It think the Colts should stay at 34. Someone is going to fall that has a high grade.
  20. This year will tell everyone all we need to know about Ballard. Personally, I’m not a fan because of the recent moves he’s made.
  21. The 13th pick is very valuable and Ballard gave it up for a player he’s going to pay $20 million a year. So many great blue chip prospects are going to be available there at 13. I understand why he traded it but I completely disagree with the decision. If the player the 49ers draft at 13 goes on to have a great rookie season on a rookie contract and Buckner has just a good season Ballard is going to have to answer for it.
  22. This is a make or break year for Ballard imo. I disagree with all of the off-season acquisitions he’s made so far. I would have much preferred drafting a QB early because of how great the offensive line is. Rivers is 38 and even if he plays great doesn’t have many years left. The league is moving more towards mobile QB’s and Rivers in his prime was never mobile. I’m expecting at least an AFC championship appearance and anything less Ballard job should be on the line.
  23. This is about four years too late but we’ll see how it goes.
  24. I would much rather have Rivers than Brady for obvious reasons.
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