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  1. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-highest-graded-rookie-rankings-nfl-week-11-2019 Looks good so far.
  2. Don't you think that non-football activities were so dangerous because Luck was beat a lot in football games? That's why he retired: he realised, simple non-football activities can be dangerous now. What's next? Concussion because of being hit with a pillow?! And don't you think, Andrew told about his decision to Jim and Chris long ago, and they asked him to think about it more?
  3. It's very easy to be so brave on Internet, right? What do you know for sure about Andrew's injuries? Yeah, playing with broken ribs is a great headline to remember... but not when you can't remember your girl's name because of concussion.
  4. Basic logic rule: after that is NOT because of that. He took so much beating before 2016 and after 2016, so it's not like he thought about "money and quit" in 2016.
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