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  1. So problem is not zone defense by itself, right? Even zone with cushions is legit, but not with that weak pressure, poor awareness and bad tackling.
  2. Wasn't Legion of Boom Cover 3 zone defense for the most part?
  3. Zone defense like speed limit. Every car can reach it, no car allowed to brake it.
  4. Sure. But Minshew complited 19 passes to 10 different receivers. No true n. 1 receiver. It's not like some star receiver burnt our secondary playing zone.
  5. You can't be half pregnant. So if you are not ready to field a team to play man against best, play zone.
  6. And playing man defense is expensive. Ramsey got 21 mil. per year... to cover 1 receiver at a time. Imagine playing man against Evans, Goodwin, Howard, Gronk.
  7. PFF graded our dline extremly poor outside of Autry and Buckner. Houston and Muhammad are in low 60's, Stewart about 55, Banogu 42. So no pressure. DBs made their part: kept plays in front of them, no big plays.
  8. Rivers 36 of 46 = 78,3%. 363 yards total, 7,9 yards per att. Oline only 6 pressures on 50 dropbacks (PFF). Colts 22 rush att. for 88 yards, Jaguars 23 rush att. for 93 yards. Defense got 4 sacks, keep under 180 yards passing. It's not like sky is falling. We have mediocre DBs and it shows. Just like offense has new QB, new RB, new WR3 and doesn't have normal offseason or preseason games.
  9. 1. Keep Jacoby to make other teams guessing, will the Colts draft QB or not. 2. Draft QB. 3. Cut Jacoby or trade, even with our additional pick next draft. 4. Sign more FA.
  10. Overthecap lists Brissett with 12,5 mil. dead money (pre or post June 1). Hoyer > 2 mil. pre, 1 mil. post June 1. So from financial point of view there is no reason to cut Brissett. Maybe, because of locker room?
  11. Just like Grigson his last year and Ballard his first year. Coincidence? Or both wanted safest bet?
  12. I like the trade. I just wanted to say, that it's not easy to get great player at DI even with high 1st round pick.
  13. First, Pro Bowl voting doing a favor for well known players, not better ones. So, it's easier to get to Pro Bowl being a 1st round pick. Second, nobody wants middle/average player being taken with 13th pick.
  14. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-why-nfl-teams-should-sign-for-need-and-draft-for-value Interesting read. Chance you get good DI in 1st round is about 20%.
  15. UT with 263 tackles, 28,5 sacks, 11 pass def in 4 years vs. NT with 168 tackles, 14,5 sacks, 2 pass def in 4 years? UT!
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