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  1. The Colts have 51 pressures this season coming from their rookies, which is the most for any team. Kemoko Turay leads the team with 33, while Darius Leonard, Tyquan Lewis, Matthew Adams and Skai Moore have all contributed. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-stats-to-know-for-all-32-nfl-teams-entering-week-13
  2. Because PFF rates not how much tackles LB got, but how he did it. Player A covered RB so close, QB didn't even try to pass to RB or passed, but RB can't secure ball. Playing the run, Player A filled his gap nicely, RB cut outside and was tackled by DE. Player B covered RB bad, RB took pass for 20 yards and was tackled from behind by Player B. Playing the run, Player B took bad angle, was blocked by WR and chased RB for 49 yards gain. Official NFL statistics: Player A - 0 tackles, Player B - 2 tackles. Player A - LVE, Player B - Pat Angerer or T.J. Green. Darius is Player A-. If I remember correctly, he was rated poor after one game because he allowed catches for more than 100 yards. That was discussed here some weeks ago. And quantity of games or snaps played doesn't affect rate: Dante Fowler was graded 90.8 being rotational player. Safety Harris from Vikings was graded 96.3 (!) and he did not play even 50 snaps to be ranked.
  3. So Colts need not 3 quality LB, but 3 quality S to play at the same time. Sure, you can't keep 3 LB on the field against 3 WRs and 1 athletic-but-bad-blocker TE.
  4. Here we go again. Cooper worth 5th round max. Just like Trent Richardson, Cooper had 1-2 above average season, and that fact doesn't turn him into star.
  5. Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlop, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, J.J. Watt are All-Pro already. Pretty obvious rookie future All-Pro can lose rep here and there to present All-Pro. Blocking for Saquon Barkley, not Jordan Wilkins, helps also.
  6. Going against Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, J.J. Watt... Not bad at all. Even Clark, Haeg, Slauson held their own against such competition.
  7. For all people wanted Ballard to trade for Mack, Bell, Cooper. July 2018: Ballard traded 1st round of 2019 and 1st round of 2020 for Mack, get 2nd round 2020. Sign Mack 141 mil. for 6 years. August 2018: Ballard traded 2nd round of 2019 and 2nd round of 2020 for Bell. Sign Bell 70 mil. for 4 years. September 2018: Ballard traded 3rd round of 2019 for Cooper. October 2018: Colts are 6-0. November 2018: Andrew Luck injured his repaired shoulder and retired. April 2019: Colts trying to find franchise QB with 4th round pick, their first of the 2019 NFL Draft.
  8. If I were Ballard in March 2018, I would do just the same: wait and see. It sounds crazy, but with all Luck's situation best approach was and is is to get good players, who can't win games, but can help win games. OL&DL in first place, TE&LB second. If Luck is good to go - draft and sign playmakers at WR, RB, CB positions. If Luck is done - draft his replacement and start from the very beginning.
  9. Do you remember beginning of this thread? "Ballard doesn't want to spend big in FA." I don't believe even Gruden has power or balls to cut or trade all Raiders' best players. He can be unhappy with Mack, Carr, Cooper and everyone else, but he will keep them. Some of them. Even his new QB has to have some targets! So Carr has better chances to be traded somewhere (Giants, anyone?), than Cooper. And now back to topic: do not spend BIG on Cooper. That was my opinion. Sure, when people see headlines "Raiders willing to trade Cooper, former 1st rounder with back-to-back 1000-yards seasons!" they become like "Give me two!" But right now Cooper isn't a sure thing. Not for the price Raiders would ask. Now he is like Dwayne Allen: promising rookie, underachieving veteran. 5th round. Max.
  10. People thinking only their opinions are "worthful" make me laugh every time. Romo was killed behind Frederick's, Martin's, Smith's backs, so what? Why are you so sure with Castonzo our oline is going to improve? Is it a given? Or didn't Castonzo have down years? Why do you blame Raiders OL in one sentence just to state in other Gruden's scheme is not a fit for Carr (bad offense)? Sure, it can be both, but it's not common 5 linemen to regress in 1 year together.
  11. "Is getting open a lot, but Carr is having to throw to the check down"? So you want to say Cooper is getting open... just not quick enough? What a great WR to have! You know, Colts have a lot of WR, who are getting open a lot, but Luck is having to throw to check down. And why do you name Raiders' OL bad?! Rodney Hudson, Gabe Jackson, Kelechi Osemele, Kolton Miller... Believe PFF or not, but these guys were #3 overall unit and # 1 pass blocking last year. And this year they are in same category as Colts.
  12. Cooper had 680 yards on 48 receptions in 2017, good for 14,2 yards per reception... but 87 yards (12,79%) came on one reception! So it's basically 12,7 yards per reception. This season Cooper has 22 receptions for 280 yards, good for... 12,7 yards per reception. He is on pace for 747 yards. So you want to trade one of our 1st round picks (second 1st round pick for Bell, of course) for Ryan Grant 2.0.
  13. I didn't play Madden. At all. So I don't know, is there a mode, where you can't trade for player, who is not available for a trade? Or you can trade for him anytime? As for Bell... I just want to say he is either hurt, or makes 300+ carries and 80+ catches each season. In Madden world does it matter?
  14. Gruden said they did not shop Cooper, so it's not like he is available. And he is 1st round pick, that's it. 2017 he got 680 yards... Grant got 580. Even Jack Doyle had more yards than Cooper. Bell played full (almost) seasons in 2014&2017, rushing 290&321 times and catching 83&85 passes. 2015&2016 he was hurt a lot. Not sure Cooper&Bell worth trading for.
  15. 6 months ago people seriously discussed drafting Luck's replacement with 3rd pick overall. 3 weeks ago people seriously discussed Luck's arm strength. And now "I'm diehard Colts fan, Ballard should spend big in FA, we could be 5-1 right now, Super Bowl, baby".
  16. So funny to read all that whining about playmakers, difference makers, blue chip players, elite, 2nd most cap space, FA spending big and so on. Last time I checked, FA started March 2018... and Luck didn't throw till what, July?! Who the hell would sign star WR to pair with Brissett or Walker? Does it really make sense to sign "elite" players to win 2-3 more games with Brissett just to hurt Colts' chances to draft Luck's replacement?! And when Ballard saw enough Luck's progress and liked it... all "playmakers" were gone.
  17. Is he any good? Or is he just a "name player", known for being 1st round pick? Even Heyward-Bey had 1000 yards season with Raiders...
  18. Williams had 16 tackles and 3 sacks after 5 games. After this game he added to that list... 0 tackles, 0 sacks. Make no mistake, he is #6 pick (2015) by himself. 3 more years of playing in NFL, conditioning in NFL...
  19. FWIW... Acc. to PFF, Andrew Norwell is 59,4 good for #44G, Matt Slauson is 66,8 good for #22G. Matt Slauson - #6 pass blocking OG.
  20. If Braden will continue to play like this and develop, keep him there. He looks a little bit slow on his feet in pass protection, but he always keeps his head up and extend his arms well to minimize lack of speed. If he will be able to keep speed rushers in check and make run blocks in space, he will be pretty good RT. Sign Ali Marpet for reasonable contract and OL will be set.
  21. How is that even possible? Ballard hadn't 3rd round pick in 2018, only in 2017.
  22. "Slimed to play in the 4-3", "like a Justin Smith type player"... Do you realize Justin Smith was a 3-4 DE?
  23. He misses some blocks on second level, I believe.
  24. 2017 Draft. KC: 1 - QB, 2 - DE, 3 - RB, 4 - WR, 5 - LB, 6 - S. IND: 1 - S, 2 - CB, 3 - DE, 4 - OT, 4 - RB, 4 - DT, 5 - LB, 5 - CB. So KC was looking for RB in Rd 3-4, for LB in Rd 5, for DB in Rd 5-6. Mack (Rd 4) is good, Walker (Rd 5) is good, Hairston (Rd 5) is good. Profile of Hairston shows his ability to play S (http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/nate-hairston?id=2558108). Mack and Hunt were rated pretty equal, same were Walker and Eligwe. So, Ballard nailed picks, he prepared to make for Chiefs! Hooker was a steal, projected to be top-5 pick, and filled a need. With Dee Ford, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali Ballard didn't prepare to draft 3-4 OLB/ 4-3 DE for Chiefs that high. With Marcus Peters, Steven Nelson and Phillip Gaines Ballard didn't prepare to draft CB for Chiefs that high. So he relied on previuos staff's opinion.
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