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Raiders (8-7) @ Colts (9-6), Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, 1:00 PM ET


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Look, they should know what's up.  Jacobs, Renfrow short-mid.  That's all they have on offense.... I'm not sure why Renfrow is as good as he is....he's a Kmart blue light version of Weller or stokely..... Same choppy start stop route running....but that's the only thing about his game that's unique....

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1 minute ago, csmopar said:

Well shoot. We just got some of our own medicine there. Now can we respond

Not really....what two runs?  Three?  They killed a lot of clock, but once the plays are no longer scripted, it will be interesting to see what LV can do....

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    • I don’t think Shaw is viewed as a potential NFL HC anymore.    You can’t introduce Shaw to a fan base.   Off the top of my head, Shaw’s last 4 years are 4-8, 4-2, (Covid) 3-9 and 3-9.    That’s not going to move the needle.    Shaw is a college coach.   A molder of young men and their lives.   He’s not a good enough HC to handle an NFL locker room.    For a coach whose entire career has been on the offensive side of the ball he runs an offense that is not very sophisticated.   It’s a hard offense to watch.   You wouldn’t  think his background was all offense.      He’s more likely to work for the NFL Network or ESPN if he doesn’t find another college job.      One last thing….    Shaw is close with Luck but is very happy that Luck has retired and moved in.    I’m not sure he’d even try to talk him into a comeback.   Maybe.   But I doubt it. 
    • You're making assumptions, and/or putting words in my mouth.  Never said Ifeadi was better than Yannick. Never....  I said Yannick sucks vs the run... and shouldn't play early downs (run downs) or on short yardage downs.    So let's look at basic data before this week...                   snaps   sacks   sacks/snap%  pressures  press/snap%  tackles   tackle/snap    missed tackle % Yannick    517       6.5          1.3%           19                  3.7%            21           4.0%                8.7% Ifeadi       196       2.5          1.3%            6                   3.1%            10           5.1%                 0%   So... you'll see above... not a huge difference in sack or pressure %... But Ifeadi is noticeably better vs the run and better in missed tackles...   So the point it..... Ifeadi should be playing more early downs, when the chance is greater to see runs...  If you want to see Dayo's comps, let me know. He's been used differently, but his stats obviously show he's better than the run...    Injury (Paye and Lewis) have hurt. We'd look different with Paye, and very different with both. 
    • If Wentz or Sam was playing it wouldn't be there fault at alll but because it is Matt, she just blames Matt. Boooooo.
    • Taylor’s fall off has been all year until the last three weeks.  That has nothing to do with the QB.  Again saying Ryan was the cause of the lines problems was flat out wrong.  The line has been bad rather Ryan was in there or not and in areas beyond pass protection.  Yes the line did play better tonight and frankly has played better since Saturday came in, particularly in run blocking.  That doesn’t change the fact that your statement that Ryan caused the lines problems was incorrect.  
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