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  1. Assuming he makes the team, at best, Ehlinger will end up being a poor man;s version of Taysom Hill.
  2. Been saying Lance since the trade up was made. Sticking with it.
  3. ZERO chance that Jones goes to SF at #3. Don't care who is reporting it. Happy to die on that hill...
  4. I don't buy it. Can't believe all these guys are marching off the same gangplank.
  5. I'll be VERY surprised if Rousseau goes in the 1st round (no, I don't care where he may be in various Mock Drafts).
  6. Just playing devil's advocate; drafted where he/they was/were 'supposed to be' based on what or whom ? Agreed that an elongated (2 to 3 yrs or more) development period is required at certain positions. However, that long a time frame seems more appropriate for a 4th or 5th rounder vs 2nd rounders. They may well all still end up as solid or better NFL players. But a pretty good argument could be made that they were over drafted.
  7. Yep, B/R is clueless. I'm not sure that CB would even pay a prime, Calvin Johnson, $20 mil per year.
  8. Not sure that it matters, but yes, I've met him.
  9. Worst thing that ever happened to CB is being in CHIC when they went to the SB with Grossman at QB. It skewed his perspective on what it takes to get there and win it. I still don't think he quite gets the level of importance that dynamic QB plays in getting to that level. STRICTLY my opinion. But one I've held ever since he made the initial statement when hired that (essentially, I forget the exact wording) 'the QB is just one position', etc. And yes CB, we get that you don't just trade up and get one to do it and make fans happy. En
  10. The YAC is great, but it's almost all 'schemed-up' (crossers, etc) as opposed to created via explosive, make-em-miss, elusiveness on his part. Not necessarily an issue as he's not really that kind of WR. But he does need to expand and refine his route running repertoire. He doesn't have the ceiling to ever be a true # 1, but if he can do that he may eventually be a WR-1A caliber guy (think Reg Wayne; NO, not a comparison, just a random example, TJ Houshmandzadeh would be another).
  11. For Cousins ? Not sure if serious...
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