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  1. As a relatively neutral observer, I'd say the truth lies somewhere in the middle. He's not the all-World LB that his fanboys think he is. But he's better than Hawkeye gives him credit for. Do you believe what you see or see what you believe....
  2. Silliness abounds.....
  3. True. But CB was either the driving force behind the move to C-2 or at the very least, was well aware of it prior to picking Hooker where he did (yeah, I know he was considered to be 'great value' at #15, but if he's not gonna be a fit, the value was largely irrelevant). Water over the dam at this point. But still, the pick never made sense from the get-go.
  4. indykmj


    Re the Gruden situation, there was a time when a 'victim' was allowed to choose to NOT be offended by a stupid comment (sticks and stones, etc.). Unfortunately now, the cancel culture warriors have eliminated that option. Any victim who isn't sufficiently offended and outraged is denigrated to almost the same degree that the perpetrator of the stupid comment is.
  5. Hasn't Gilmore been primarily a 'man' CB throughout his career ? Can he play well in off coverage/a zone scheme ? Guys like Nnamdi Asomugha and Vontae Davis come to mind. Both were studs in man, but way less effective playing off/zone.
  6. Yep, Brady is great at it too.
  7. If he misses on Paye (and/or Dayo), he'll likely need to update his resume in a couple years. At least one of them has to end up being close to an elite player.
  8. It was a smattering of *s (oops, I mean students).
  9. Guy was abysmal last year in CLE.
  10. Just playing devil's advocate, it's probably worth remembering that, depending on their scheme, with TY out, the Colts' WRs all move up a notch in the opposing Ds pecking order. One of Pittman or Campbell gets treated as the WR-1 (top-CB on him and or if needed, bracket or quasi-bracket coverage), etc on down the line. Or perhaps from a different angle, they play those guys straight up and commit body (S) to the box/Colts run game that would otherwise be occupied making sure that TY doesn't get over the top on an 8 or 9-route.
  11. No clue what the over/under on how long Meyer lasts down there. But if it was 2 years, if forced to bet one way or the other, I'd probably take the under. The guy has never had to deal with consistently losing. A bad year at OSU was 10-2. The Jags are going to lose a lot. He already looks miserable.
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