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  1. So a 'great' coach is unprepared ? And an 'unprepared' coach is great ? Hmmm....
  2. Yep, it's a MONSTROUS game for the Colts' playoff hopes. It'll likely come down to the Colts, CLE and LV with 2 of them getting the #6 and #7 seeds. If CLE beats LV this weekend, barring some crazy occurrences (critical injuries, etc.), they're probably a lock. They'll have the tiebreaker over both and with their schedule, they'll likely get to 10 wins anyway. The Colts need to head into week-13 at 7-4. To do that, they need to win 3 of the next 5. Do that and beat HOU and JACK at home and you're at 9 wins. That may be enough, bu
  3. Taylor doesn't appear to 'play' like a 4.38 guy.
  4. Unless he'll sign a very favorable (home team discount and/or short term) deal, yes, it's time to let him move on.
  5. No. But regardless, he'll probably eventually be voted in. If nothing else, his (likely) post football, media gig will allow him to further score points enough voters on the fence to get it done.
  6. Make what you will of Football Outsiders DVOA. But by that particular yardstick, the Bears are the second worst 4-1 team in the last 35 years.
  7. Colts D-backs looked good. But NYJ has a mediocre WR group. And that's their starters, none of whom played on Sunday. The Colt C's pressed a bunch early on which is a welcome site. But that's much easier to do vs backup WRs. Robinson and to a lesser degree, Miller will be a much tougher challenge this coming Sunday.
  8. Are we sure that those 'adjustments' start after week 1 (as opposed to after week 4) ?
  9. If this Colts team is any good (ie; 10+ wins good), they'll show up today and take care of business from the jump. They're the better team. They're at home. The Jets are missing a bunch of guys and are coached by the worst HC in the NFL.
  10. Exactly; '85 Bears.....LOL.... Until they play an upper tier, NFL offense, the hyperbole re the Colts D should probably be tempered a bit.
  11. Yep, saw him play live a couple times and numerous times on TV. He was something else. Unfortunately, I also saw the Kermit Alexander hit (TV, not live) that tore up his knee and ultimately ended his career.
  12. Best thing I saw today was the long bomb that TY dropped. I didn't think Rivers had that left in his tool kit. It's good to see that he does. Dropped or not, putting that on tape for opposing DCs to view will give them something to think about when game planning coverage packages.
  13. No, not really. Saw them as an 8-10 win team. Maybe now it's 7-9 wins, but whatever.
  14. The 'Eason era' ? Sounds like a pretty far fetched assumption....
  15. Yep, exactly. Rivers can't really get it over the top so teams will squeeze the WRs tight and contest every short to intermediate route. Without a bunch of guys (WRs or TE who can threaten in the intermediate range) with a big catch radius (what Rivers had in SD), Frank is gonna have to 'scheme separation' for guys underneath (stacks, bunches, rubs, dual-crossers, etc.).
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