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  1. Pretty sure that PC has the final say out there.
  2. For whatever reason, alot of fans seem obsessed with how the (particularly national; ESPN, etc.) media treats their team. I guess it gives them affirmation or strokes their ego or whatever.
  3. Yep. Polian was fine until he started delegating decision making to his kid in the draft (see the Ugoh debacle, etc.) with the intention of handing him the reins when Bill walked away. Irsay eventually saw that Brian P. was in over his head and pulled the plug.
  4. What's the point of having a message board if folks can't state their.... opinion ?
  5. This. Which was always why drafting him where CB did was a bit of a head scratcher. I get that he supposedly 'fell' and was thus, 'great value'. But you were planning on playing a scheme on D that doesn't really accentuate his primary asset as a player.
  6. Puzzled as to why anyone cares what LT, the NFL Network and any other pundit, etc. thinks about the 2020 Colts ?
  7. Hah. Didn't even notice his inclusion of Edge on the 2006 SB squad. My point was that what worked in 2006 is irrelevant. The NFL game has changed markedly in the last 14 years.
  8. Key portion of this post is..... 2006
  9. How many KC starters are out with injuries ?
  10. Lol. I like Taylor. But he isn't even remotely comparable to where Zeke was in the passing game (route running and most importantly, protection) coming out of OSU. And Zeke had zero fumbling issues. As for 'imposing your will', 'killing the clock', etc. if you mean AFTER you've used your passing (including play-action) game to score a bunch of points and build a lead heading into Q4, then I totally agree.
  11. Not necessarily a need, but strictly fwiw, just to toss out an off the radar name of a kid that I love is the S from Cal, Ashtyn Davis.
  12. IF Epenesa plays DE in the NFL,
  13. The only RB I'd have considered at #34 is already gone (#32 to KC).
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