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  1. No way I use #34 on Gallimore. He's is one of the guys that draft media/mock drafters have consistently ranked too high.
  2. Ruggs comped to Ginn ? Lol. Nice dig by Zurlein. Talk about damning with faint praise....
  3. Wouldn't give up anything more than #44 and a 5th rounder for Carr....
  4. My question about Jeudy would be this: Will he be as effective when the opposing D can scheme to deal with him as (depending on where he goes) WR-1 or at least WR-1A ? Playing at Bama in 3 or 4 WR sets with Ruggs, Smith and Waddle, he got a ton of single coverage. He'll likely have a S shaded his way too pretty consistently at the next level. As for Lamb, unless he runs sub-4.5 later this month, he's probably not going top-15 (as I recall, Hopkins, whom he gets comped too, went at #27).
  5. This. And Pagano should never have been allowed anywhere near the Draft War Room. Woerner, the TJ Green kid from Clemson and D'John Smith were all guys that Pagano lobbied hard for.
  6. He won't...at least not as long as Eberflus is the DC running a single gap, C-2 system.
  7. If true, I stand corrected. As I said, I'm not a JB fan regardless. Unless the ultimate goal is 10-11 wins and maybe, if all the stars align in a given season, a shot at an AFC Champ game appearance (and loss), his ceiling is simply too low.
  8. Not a JB fan. But frankly, aside from the occasions when TY played at close to 100% and/or when Reich schemed a TE wide open, the same could be said for JB. The other WRs consistently created almost no separation whatsoever.
  9. Not really a Foles fan. But the Colts have $ to burn. So I'd make the deal with JACK. Wouldn't give all that up for Tua though. Health considerations aside, I think he's a bit overrated (a Samoan Mark Brunell: hat tip to Lance Zurlein on the comp).
  10. The Colts may well take Love at #13. But the Mock Drafts showing it are meaningless. They are all completely worthless. At this point last year, they all had Kyler Murray in the 2nd round. How accurate was that ? I'll admit, I look at them all too. They're fun to read for entertainment. But that's about it.
  11. Don't think he plays with anything close to the physicality that Deebo does. But I'd love to see him prove me wrong.
  12. Never understood the Campbell pick. He was a pretty much a one-trick pony at OSU. But Reich banged the table for him and Ballard went along with it. Anyone with any foresight saw how stellar this draft's WR class was likely to be. Why take a shot on a raw kid like Campbell when you can shore up another spot and then grab a very good, all-around WR in 2020 ? Campbell has a chance to eventually be a really good role player (poor man's Percy Harvin type WR). But he'll never be a WR-1 caliber guy and is a long way from being a even a solid, well rounded WR.
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