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Colts @ 49ers, October 24, 2021, 8:20PM ET


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1 minute ago, Les Poulains said:

I think you got your answer. If he can't catch a floater in this weather, he probably can't catch a punt either.

a floater on the run, at least to me, is a lot more difficult than catching a punt that you watch the whole time and can FC...

but yup, I feel ya lol...


not making the extension look so great so far this year.... 

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9 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

Rain seems like it is coming down harder. 

Terrible. We had them backed up. Maybe worried about fumbling a wet ball.


Yeah. It is too bad because Colts would have had decent field position. Then he did not catch that pass. :(

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Just now, chad72 said:

How’s the momentum of the ball taking it into the end zone if Aiyuk doesn’t touch it? The basic premise of the ruling is flawed

Right? It should at worst be down where he first TOUCHED the ball. How do they get the ball at the 20 yard line?


what stops teams from kicking the ball through the back of the end zone in the future for a touchback?

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6 minutes ago, Smoke317 said:

I think that sideline pass was kind of a floater.  Needed way more zip on it.  

there were two sideline balls that were questionable (I should have been specific). 

the left sideline was great closing by the DB, the one of the right was bad.

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