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Colts @ 49ers, October 24, 2021, 8:20PM ET


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Just now, Dasteez said:

Wentz is not looking good tonight Colts fans. 

Nope. He's had a few good moments though. And several bad.

OL is sucking again too.

And I don't like Reich's play calling much either....

oh, and the D sucks lol...


Just thought I'd get all of that out...

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Someone needs to settle Wentz down. He is starting to go 2020 Philly hero mode. 


Weather conditions are not helping, but he really should not make any throws with his feet not set. The ball is too slowly slick to pull that off tonight and mak accurate throws.

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    • Carter us no longer an option.   Not with how Ballard puts a premium on character.     But Anderson certainly is.   And he’s a highly rated RDE.   One of the highest in Ballard’s years as GM.   I think he’d be a great consolation prize if CB and SS don’t like the QB available when they’re in the clock. 
    • IU is out, I still have 2 of my final 4 left. I had Bama over Gonzaga before it started in the finals so that still could happen. I only went 5-3 today so overall I am 37-11.
    • By the trade value chart, the cost to move up one pick is roughly two 3’s.   This years and next.   And it might even be more, but impossible to know. 
    • It's really hard to know what Luck could have been with a better environment around him. People are really bad at imagining counterfactuals, because they've seen the reality and the impact of a lot of variables might not be obvious, especially when some of those are confounding. I personally think Luck had everything required to be one of the best QBs this game has ever seen. Right there next all the greats from the past(Peyton, Brady) and greats of the future(Mahomes).    My beef with Grigson was never that he didn't try. It's that he failed so miserably. In fact... you can probably say that I actually agree with Grigson's roster building philosophy more than I agree with Ballard's when it comes to the positions he seemed to value. He just was real garbage at evaluating players.    The sabotage part IMO should be attributed more towards the coaching staff and playcalling. Because they KNEW what they had as a roster. They knew that OL couldn't protect to save their lives. And they still decided to run that same Air Coryell offense YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR. And they saw how much punishment Luck was taking while waiting for those long routes to develop... and they did NOTHING to alleviate his load YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR. I will never forget that stat - in the last year under Pagano and Chudzinski, Luck had as many 7 step drop backs per game as most NFL QBs had the whole year. And this was with one of the worst pass-protecting OLs in football. This has nothing to do with Luck loving the physical aspects of playing QB. This is just unforgivable... I don't know what words other than plain sabotage I can use?!    And we got our answer about whether Luck can play a different type of offense pretty much immediately under Reich. Even coming off almost 2 years of not playing, he was still spectacular in his last year with the Colts. I really loved watching Luck play, it was a treat. Such a shame that we couldn't see his career to its full potential. We can only dream for another QB of the same talent...  As I said above, it's indeed hard to know what Luck could have been with better coaching and supporting crew around him. But I have no problem blaming Grigson, Pagano and the OCs that built that team and put those gameplans and called those games. They all have their roles in ruining one of the greatest talents in football history and I will never have a problem reminding people what they did. 
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