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2021 Preseason Game 1: Carolina @ Indianapolis 1pm


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4 minutes ago, bravo4460 said:

Well Venturi just admitted he just likes Ehlinger more than Eason.


Both QBs have played well besides the bad int thrown by Ehlinger. His mobility is a huge plus, but I think Eason had the best throw of the game to Campbell.


Might have to keep 3 on the roster…..

I think we will keep 3 all year with covid still around.

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Just now, PRnum1 said:

The announcer (Vinatieri?) Is saying sam looks better

The Colts color announcer? Rick Venturi?


He admitted he liked Ehlinger more than Eason before the game and he said he couldn’t preserve himself. He already picked a favorite lol

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Ehlinger is playing well. 

However, you have to wonder if any of those scrambles are going to be there when we play Seattle & LA Week 1 & Week 2. 

The defenses are MUCH quicker & they will be bringing the heat against rookie QB's.


I think Eason's ability to burn you with his arm  & fit the ball in tight windows is going to prove to be the difference. 

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1 hour ago, coming on strong said:

his lack of ability to sense pressure is what made him drop in the draft . the strip sack and the sack on 4th down he holds onto the ball to long and panics runs back wards for a big loss .   he has amazing arm talent if he can work on sensing pressure better and reading defenses he will be a stud .

That was a what, 4 step drop that the DE met him at the spot......not a lack of sensing pressure that is a lack of the LT holding a block.....The running backwards when it was a designed roll-out with two defenders in his face was stupid, agreed, he should have chucked it upfield into the sidelines

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37 minutes ago, Nickster said:

What I was saying is that I would usually be completely disinterested in any Colts 4th round QB.  We’ve had Manning and Luck and backup QBs are usually an afterthought.  I have never been interested in any drafted QB from the Colts other than Manning and a luck.  If Wentz wasn’t hurt, I’d be equally disinterested in anything that Eason was doing.


right now from my limited perspective I think I’d rather see Ehlinger,  but it’s the difference between death by hanging or death by drowning,  don’t want to be killed but I think I’d rather hang than drown, but I’m not really sure.

Yeah, if you're going to give me rote takes about who's able and not based on draft status and what interests you and doesn't and so forth, I'd just say, almost everything you thought you saw in Ehlinger is colored by playing out the string. There's nothing I saw him do that made me go "there's the guy". Again, frankly, I'm mystified by the QB'ing takes today. Eason is clearly closer and he's not hanging or drowning anything... like we're really rolling out Curtis Painter.


Again, weird takes on the QB play today gang


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I thought both QBs looked decent overall. Ehlinger looked great in crunch time when the game was on the line, as he always did in college. Eason had a few impressive throws earlier in the game. Ehlinger threw a really lousy INT. Eason seemed to not have 0 pocket awareness a few times when pressured. He did a better job of stepping up and creating more space on his last drive, though. I really need to see more of each QB before making any bold claims. 

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Prediction next week Sam will look good with the starting weapons. He most likely gets Pittman and Hilton back. Maybe Doyle too. Probably a couple pieces in oline too. Then everyone will go bananas. 

The true test will be who ever gets that third start. Eason should get it with the starters.


Sam looks like a college QB while Eason looks like a NFL QB.

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