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2021 Preseason Game 1: Carolina @ Indianapolis 1pm


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Seems like one of the most anticipated Colts preseason games in a while. Understandably so, as we have 2 young QBs making their NFL debuts, while battling it out for potential starter minutes. 


After a couple days of joint practices, the 2 teams square off in what appears will be a pretty vanilla matchup.


By all reports, the joint practices seemed pretty 1 sided. Hopefully that continues today as Panthers are said to not be playing starters.


Great day, we've been waiting for this for a while.

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7 minutes ago, NorthernColt said:

I really hope we see Eason and Ehlinger get almost two quarters each. I'm all for protecting guys in preseason, but these two need legitamite game reps, to see if they can even play in this league.


Feels like its been forever since watching a colts game. 

Reich said about 1.5 quarters a piece. He can’t protect them. He needs to open the game up to see what they can do. 

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I'm glad they're finally playing "games" against other teams - I'm looking forward to see how our 2 young QBs match up but will also be cognizant of who is playing when and whether Carolina is playing alot of their defensive starters in relation to how effective each guy looks. 

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