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  1. Ruled out?! Reich literally said hopefully he'll be back this season. So I think its pretty safe to say he's ruled out lol.
  2. If you're just looking for a vet WR, why not just keep TY and Pascal? Unless you mean like a legit #1 vet.
  3. Fair points. Yeah I don't mind these if we're talking depth replacing depth. I just think personally at those positions, I think I'd have my sights set higher imo.
  4. Love how fearless he plays. Does not hesitate at all on slants over the middle, he almost looks like hes inviting contact at times and always tries to fight through tackles for extra yardage. Guys a monster lol.
  5. Nice contribution.
  6. Its actually kind of funny. Reich is literally the riskiest coaches in terms of going for it and calling plays on every part of the field, except for the redzone lol. As soon as we get there, he plays like he's absolutely terrified of us turning it over. He wants the 1 yard gains over and over until we walk it into the endzone lol. I was actually surprised to see how many endzone throws we had today, wasn't alot but more than previous weeks.
  7. This is the problem I have with Reich. We have 3, we'll call them "niche" guys in Hines, MAC and Campbell, who aren't traditional starts but do specific things, VERY well. Yet we don't scheme their plays into our offense. It's mind blowing. Every redzone trip, MAC should have atleast one jump ball target. Every trip. He's such a mismatch that we do not take advantage of enough.
  8. Well now that Reich seems to have realized that we are, indeed allowed to pass in the redzone, he might get some looks.
  9. No disrepect, but what exactly do you like about these guys enough to target? All of the bolded are guys who are just as proven, if not less proven then guys we currently have on our roster or practice squad.
  10. Some guys I like who I've personally watched this season and last season. I'll try and select more of the unheralded guys rather than the guys everyone already knows about. Tyler Allgeier, RB, BYU: I guess no longer a secret in NCAA, after his last game (ran for 218 with 3 TDs) now leads the league in rushing. Had a ridiculous chasedown strip tackle after his QB fumbled the ball a week earlier. Similar to DK Metcalfs last year. Watched him alot last year when I was trying to get looks at Zach Wilson, and he always caught my eye. Does everything well. Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State: Could easily be our Doyle replacement. Like Allgeier above, just solid all round. I don't think he's going to be a world beater or anything, but a solid reliable inline TE that blocks well in the run game. Dontay Demus Jr, WR, Maryland: Guy has just has it. Suddenness, catch in traffic. Lil tua's favorite target. Just suffered a gruesome knee injury which might end his season. Which might lower his draft stock so we might be able to grab him in the 4th or later. Alpha type receiver. Isaiah Foskey, DE, Notre Dame: Big DE who has always played well against the run. This year his pass rush is much improved already matching his sack total from last season at 4.5 with much of the year still to go. As we all know, we need to keep taking flyers on pass rush until one of them atleast hits lol. Comes from a great defensive program too. Brandon Smith, LB, Penn: One of the leaders on one of the nations best defensive units. Definitely can see him as a 3 down linebacker who can hold up vs the pass and run. Playmaker. I think we will need one considering Oke's issues this year and Leonards injuries. Jordan Addison, WR, Pittsburgh: Picketts favorite receiver who leads the league in TD's. Similar to Demus in build and attitude. Playing with smaller programs they don't get as much recognition but honestly might be just as good. Ahmed Gardiner, CB, Cincinnati: Has the length we like, can completely take receivers out of a game. Ability to press and has recovery speed to boot. Not a big secret here, but would definitely not hate if he was our first pick. Those are just a few for now, I'll update more throughout the year.
  11. Not sure how any of your comparibles are relevant at all. RBs especially being different breeds than QBs and GMs lol. Michel was clearly trending downward, and got a 4th and a 6th. Mack was clearly trending upward. To say its ridiculous to expect a 4th and a 6th is not true imo.
  12. LOL feel free to pretend Michels stock hasn't been trending downward since the day he entered the league.
  13. Don't hate it at all. Although I'm not sure Kirkland goes that high. I do like him alot though. Also from Washington (the theme here), I'm not sure Kyler Gordon isn't better than Trent Mcduffie IMO.
  14. Mack had also rushed for over 1000 yards in this league, which Michel hasn't even sniffed. Production > Pedigree.
  15. Hines can be the guy for us, we just don't use him like that.
  16. I'd be shocked if Pascal isn't here next year. He's great at what he does, coaches love him and his work ethic. It's not his fault he's having to play higher in the depth chart then he should. He's solid.
  17. I totally understand your overall point, but I'd argue the bolded. I wouldn't say Hines is an enigma, he's just the definition of a gadget player. When you design plays and use gadget guys in the right way, they look like absolute studs. Perfect example is looking at Cordarelle Patterson in ATL right now. When you don't design plays for them, or give them a very specific role, they often look out of place and not good enough.
  18. Im in the middle. I don't think we're as bad as our record would show. New QB who missed the entire preseason so he's not able to gain chemistry with any of his recievers. Tons of injuries to very important guys. That said, I don't think we're a playoff team. Wildcard at best. I think this is a transitional year for us. The one undisputable thing for me is the offensive playcalling. Inexcusable in my opinion. I cut him slack when he had to use Brissett. I cut him slack for not being very creative when we had Rivers who couldn't move from the pocket or throw deep. But now there is no excuse. I actually think our offensive players have waaay more talent then they get credit for. But they can only be as good as their coach schemes for them. There's no reason Hines and Campbell shouldn't be getting 8+ from at or behind the LOS, and let them fly. Thats what their best at, our coach won't do it. No reason Pittman shouldn't get atleast 2 deepshot, one on one jump balls down the sideline a game. Like he did in college. Our coach won't do it.
  19. I don't think thats really as crazy as it sounds.
  20. No sense in arguing this anymore as everyone is stuck on their opinions. I just don't see for one second if we're clearly out of the playoff picture, with a top 10 pick going to the Eagles, that we just let that happen. Literally a fireable offense lol.
  21. It's Reich. Ballard is to blame for the LT and OL depth thats forsure. I think our WRs have waaay more talent to do more than they're doing. Its on the coach to put them in positions to succeed using their skills. When was the last time we saw Campbell on a Jetsweep or a WR Screen? Put the ball in his hand behind or within 5 yards of the LOS and let him fly. Thats just one example.
  22. Its really starting to feel like we're going to have a year like the 49ers had last year. Injuries upon injuries. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Got a top pick, but aren't as bad as what their record showed.
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