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  1. 100%. But only people on the inside, management and the doctors will actually ever know the situation. It seems everyone is removing him from the draft board and assuming the worst, instead of thinking he'd pass medical evaluation.
  2. Thought I'd share this, some might find it interesting. To note, I only included players who I've actually watched tape on, thats all, so there might be some omissions. All just my opinions. Screenshot 2021-04-11 11.27.38 PM-converted-compressed.pdf
  3. Not really at all tbh. Not a big fan of either of the WRs or edges for that matter.
  4. Surprised at the lack of Jaelen Phillips in these. Everyone loves Paye, but as of right now, Phillips is easier the better player. Paye is one of those pure traits guys that people fall in love with cause of what he can be, not what he is.
  5. In no particular order: 1. Jonathan Adams Jr - WR - Arkansas State https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4241053/jonathan-adams-jr 2. Emeka Emezie - WR - NC State https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4240120/emeka-emezie 3. Bo Melton - WR - Rutgers https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4259305/bo-melton 4. Brenden Jaimes - T - Nebraska https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4240800/brenden-jaimes 5. Tommy Doyle - T - Miami (Ohio) https://www.espn.com/college-foo
  6. I know I'm definitely in the minority on this, but I'm not as high on him as others. He's an absolute mauler, which I do really love. My problem with him is his footwork. I don't like him in space. Personally speaking I prefer tackles who are more fluid in space. Thats just me. I definitely wouldn't be upset if we took him, but theres a handful of guys I'd rather take.
  7. I still see Odum coming back. I know he was * about the money we offered, but it actually wasn't bad money considering his role. Same money as matthew slater. I can't see him getting more on the open market. A four of: Blackmon, Willis, Odum, Davis is solid. Grab another rookie from 5-7 or udfa and you're set.
  8. Apparently we're bringing in Sean Davis for a visit today. I'd like the move actually. Was a starter with the steelers before he got hurt. Then when he got hurt, they traded for Minkah, so he lost his spot when he came back. He's a FS, who's played SS and played slot too so he's got versatility. Only 27 I believe too.
  9. Yeah that was surprising. Interesting too, because length is usually very high on their priority list when it comes to drafting. I kind of think it might have been more to have a look at Tremble. With Reich being there too, he's the one who has the obsession with TEs and how he likes to use them.
  10. What do you like about Oweh in the first? Not criticizing, just curious. To me, he's a super athlete no doubt. But if you watch his tape, he doesn't play like it. Add in the fact he's super raw as a pass rusher, not great length, and had ZERO sacks all year, I wouldn't risk a first on him. He reminds me alot of Banogu actually. IMO we already have 2 athletic, raw pass rushers, we dont need another.
  11. The thing with Rousseau though, is he only really has one trait that Ballard usually targets; Length. He tested very poorly, I dont think Ballard has drafted anyone really, let alone an edge rusher who wasn't a good athlete. I'd be surprised if he took Rousseau. The more I dive into it, the more I like Rashad Weaver, based on where we'd be able to get him. With our 2nd rounder or if we trade back and get a 3rd. He's pretty damn good and has flown under the radar a bit. Solid athlete, has good length, strong edge setter, and pretty polished as a rusher compared to the rest of the c
  12. Phillips and Paye are the only two I like in the 1st round. Weaver in the 2nd round. Elerton Smith, Odeyingbo, Sample, Basham in the 3rd. Pretty much the only edge guys I like in this draft right now.
  13. Good quality guard depth. Was a starter last season. Only gave up one sack, 3 penalties apparently.
  14. I've watched tape on both, personally, I'm not big on either of them, even late rounds. I think Tarron likely ends up as an undersized DT, would probably do better in a 3/4. Smith is an athlete, thats about it from what I've seen. Very raw as a rusher, looks lost alot of time on the field. Just very raw overall. Imo the colts dont need more of these high upside, raw rushers. We have 3 of those in Turay, Banogu, and Lewis to an extent. We need a technician.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I like Ojulari as well, but the bolded is just wrong. Phillips is argubably the most polished pass rusher in the entire class. If he didnt have the concussion concerns he'd easily be DE1
  16. Nice write up. Kind of sucks that we have such a need for Edge this year, I'm not super high on any of the edge rushers this year personally. I like Phillips the most, but the concussions scare the hell out of me.
  17. Bored at work again, thought I'd take another go lol. Heard that there is a bit of interest between the Colts and Richard Sherman. He's not as good as he once was, but I think he'd be an outstanding addition to our CB room and a great leader for a guy like Tell to learn from. Plus he wouldn't be asked to be more than a #2 anyway. Sign Sherman to a one year deal. Draft: *Used PFF Draft Simulator* Traded 21st to Buffalo for 30th, 93rd and their 7th Rounder. 1st round, 30th: Jaelen Phillips DE - Obviously huge risk taking
  18. Outdated big boards likely. I'd consider us lucky if Cosmi even made it to 21 at this point.
  19. I like it. Not huge on Eichenberg, but hes okay. Would prefer Cosmi, Radunz or even Spencer Brown personally. Love doubling down on the edge late. Id rather go after Elerson Smith or Cam Sample instead of Toney though. Both senior bowl guys, with good production. Love Slaton with the 7th. Was very disruptive with Florida. Nice mock. I wouldn't be surprised if they went Edge in the 2nd, instead of a WR, but still.
  20. Honestly I'm not as high on alot of the "household name" Tackles as alot of people are. Eichenberg just screams "average" to me. Leatherwood has a very high ceiling, but I don't like his hands or punch, and his motor at times I question alot. My top tackles that could realistically make it us are: 1: Cosmi 2. Radunz 3. Slater 4. Spencer Brown
  21. Damn, I know they're just college highlights, but he looked like an absolute tank. Should be cool to see how he does in camp.
  22. They can forsure. Not saying AQM was a world beater or anything, I just liked having him in the rotation. Quality depth. I don't think you'll see him move inside on passing downs. Id say he's more of a 43 DE, early down guy.
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