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2021 Preseason Game 1: Carolina @ Indianapolis 1pm


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2 minutes ago, Scott Pennock said:

Tevi, Davenport and Holden have all had fits with speed rushers.


You can blame Eason for not stepping up, but our Centers aren't doing very well either.


Eason is definitely NOT the problem right now.

I agree but Eason has to develop better pocket awareness. This back up oline is atrocious though.

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Just now, Crush22 said:

It's his 1st Qtr of his 1st game with a crap Online. Calm Down Golden Girls GIF by TV Land

I mean I did say he started very good, but that has been his problem since college, I was just hoping to see him manipulate the pocket more. I don’t think that’s a ridiculous hope

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2 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

Rick Venturi is awful. Blaming everything on Eason. Lol

I would say he has made some catches a lot harder than they needed to be, but he also has made some beautiful throws.


So basically exactly what you get with Eason 

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