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  1. Crazy talk IMO. The only way theres a chance he walks are if Pittman and Campbell ball out this year and he wants a 4+ year deal.
  2. I feel like the comparison is more about play style than it is about exact physical measurements.
  3. I dont really think they'll be competing tbh. Almost certain Lewis is going back to strong side DE in the sheard role on early downs this year. Him, Autry, and AQM. I have a good feeling about Lewis this year. His situation feels different then Quincy Wilsons did. His work ethic or motor has never really been in question from what I've heard, just got struck with the injury bug last year. Was pretty good in his rookie season.
  4. I'd imagine they're just weighing their options, risk/reward of them picking up the option. If he has another pedestrian season, would there be a market for him in the offseason at that price? I doubt they'd wanna end up with a situation where they have to cut him.
  5. Wow this series is next to none. I knew they would probably like Pittman, but they LOVE him. Reich said he's not sure if he's not the best receiver in the draft. Also, regarding Blackmon. Out of the entire Utah secondary, the player the Utah staff would rave about was Blackmon. One saying he's the best tackler hes ever coached. Ballard says they like his versatility, but then at the end says, he thinks he could be one of the legit FS in the league. So that should clear up some of the SS or nickel debate a bit.
  6. Not sure if he'll pan out or not. Technique definitely needs work from what I saw, specifically his footwork. But regardless, if you're using nationality, or historic success with a nationality in play evaluation, you're doing it wrong.
  7. I like this kid Farrod Green they brought it. Not a flashy guy at all but looks solid. We already know how much this front office and coaching staff values blocking from its skilled positions, and thats this kids calling card. Decent hands too, Wouldn't be surprised if he sticks around in camp for a bit, maybe stick him on the practice squad until we see if MAC can figure it out. He reminds me a bit of Dwayne Allen.
  8. Just finished rewatching the Shrines game. Coleman: had a hell of a game. Not a freak athlete, but you can see he has the self awareness to play to his strength. Smart player. Displayed more than a few pass rush moves to beat the tackle. Good pursuit and edge setting too. I was very impressed. Glasgow: Low ceiling, but as advertised. Tweener sub linebacker. High IQ with reads, solid tackler and instincts. O'donnell: Was ok, good strength. Don't like his footwork. Tends to stand up getting out of his legs a little to early for my liking. Difficultly with speed moves. Shuffle isn't great. Chris Williams: Wasn't all that impressed with him. Struggled with double teams, no pressures. Was playing as a 1T.
  9. Actually Coleman, Chris Williams, Glasgcow, O'donnell and Patmon are all in it. Worth a watch if you're bored.
  10. Yeah the full game is on youtube. Watching it now to see if we gets a good amount of reps in.
  11. he returned more kicks than anyone in the nation last year too.
  12. Trust me, he's going to ball out lol. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets most of the snaps by seasons end.
  13. Its pretty simple, he'll take carries with mack this year, so they'll both have juice every run this year. With us sticking to the run game identity, we won't be running less. Mack isn't the most durable back either, so havent a solid back up there wont be a drop off. Then let mack walk after his contract.
  14. I like Edwards actually. But I'd only be comfortable with him in the 4th. Or 3rd if we dont take a WR in the 2nd.
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