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  1. Not that I'm 100% sold on JB either, but I don't see how this game is an indication he isn't the guy. Why would we be throwing the ball when we led the entire game, and had TWO 100+ yard rushers averaging almost 10 yards a carry?! Would make zero sense to try and throw the ball.
  2. Obviously way to early to tell, but I feel like with Funchess missing most of the year, they'll run it back with him next year and likely go with Hilton, Funchess, Pascal and Campbell. Then let the rest battle for it.
  3. Honestly every sports jersey I've ever bought was from aliexpress. They're obviously fake, but I swear you won't be able to tell the difference. Under $30 too. I remember my mom bought me one from there years ago and I legitimately thought it was real until she told me she bought it from there. Its great value imo.
  4. He was great last year. I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt to give him a bit of time to figure it out. But if Okereke plays well this week with Leonard out, the pressure will be on Walker for sure.
  5. It was interesting to hear Sirriani gush about Pascal. Doesn't seem like they see him on the bubble like alot of people here do.
  6. Definitely a dying breed. Not even a full on full back, just a bigger back who can power through the tackles. I was intrigued by Samaje Perine before the Bengals got him.
  7. Hes definitely an RB1. But I still feel like with our setup, we'll be an RB by committee team. We're still searching for that bruising powerback so we don't have to wear down mack in those short yardage and goal line situations.
  8. Yeah I agree. I know they want more speed and pass rush ability. Our inside guys are all pretty good pass rushers in their own right, but like you said, it's a relatively light group. Missing that big NT, like we had with Al Woods.
  9. Saw we worked out Mike Pennell and Earl Mitchell yesterday, both big NT types. For the supposed depth we have on the DL, I would say they aren't happy with the run defense last week. Should be interesting to hear Reich on Lewis today too.
  10. Give Brisset the year to prove himself. If he doesn't, let him go and roll with Kelly and Fromm the next season.
  11. Or maybe they think Wilkins will be ready to go for game one. I still like Wilkins alot, think hes being underrated a bit on here cause he hasn't been in training camp. Guy averaged 5 yards a carry last year.
  12. I feel like this could actually be good news for the preseason game. Cause youd know everyone currently playing is actively fighting for a spot.
  13. I could be off. But I feel like players who were on the team last year either have to get blown away by competition in camp to lose it. For example, Pascal and Wilkins. I agree Pascal isnt having a great camp, but the fact that no one has completely outplayed him and the fact he returns kicks, I could see him sticking around.
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