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  1. This is going to come off as homerish, but to have the things happen to him at the start, (luck and mcdaniels), and to have the team where we are now is nothing short of spectacular. Hes shown that he isnt married to a strategy and is flexible, which is a super rare trait. For example, multiple years of trading down, then outright taking a risk and trading your 1st all together for an all pro DT. The only knock you could make imo is his DE prospect evaluation. I haven't liked any of the edge rushers we've picked, and none of them have ever really made an impact.
  2. Same. I liked what I saw out of him last year. His combine stats were ridiculous too.
  3. Forsure. Will be interesting to see if he's a flash in the pan, or if they try to incorporate him at all moving forward.
  4. Yeah fair point for sure. I guess it just depends on your expectations for a guy like him. IMO, even if he doesn't really develop more as a receiver, I think he can be a solid depth piece to a WR room. Especially given the fact he can return kicks and play RB in a pinch. As limited as his route tree is, if he's on the field doing what he did, and teams know he's a one trick pony, they'll still have to account for him and give him the time of day, leaving openings else where.
  5. Personally, I think what will ultimately cap Ya Sins potential, is his ball playing ability. Its just not his game. He'll rarely ever actually turn to find the ball and make a play, always the man. With the league the way its going, thats just going to lead to more and more penalties (although he's kept those in check this season). Plus, think logically. If you're a QB, and you got a sticky man CB against one of your best WR, but you know he's not a real threat to pick you off, are you scared to throw there? No, probably not. But if you have a ball hawk against your WR, you're goin
  6. Not sure I necesarily agree with the bolded here. I don't think anyone is saying he's the second coming of Tyreke Hill, but he doesn't have to be. He could be a solid gadget player. All his catches were either within the 5 yard line or behind the LOS. The point was to just get the ball in his hands as quick as possble and let him work. He popped off the screen when he touched the ball last game. I had to do a double take to see who it was. Was very impressed considering it was his first game, and had an immediate impact. Might be an overreaction, but last game he actually looked q
  7. The problem is when converting alot of oversized DE's to DT's is, physical maturity plays in alot more then what people think. Like if you look at his height and weight, that should be able to play inside on passing downs and get decent push. But alot of times that works with guys well into their careers. Like Sheard and Autry for example. They have the physical maturity, or "man strength" to play inside now, even though when they came into the league and established themselves, they were pretty much strictly DE's. Leave him outside, rotate him on early downs with Autry on the stro
  8. I feel like we get spoiled by some of our recent defensive picks them seemingly are and look like studs "Leonard, Okereke, Blackmon" that if we get a guy who's just "solid" some of us are upset. Personally I'm neither high or low on him. I think he's fine, I don't think he'll ever be a true #1 CB, but I think he can be a really solid #2 Outside guy.
  9. For me, even though I don't see it happening anytime soon, but Reich. I feel like he caps this offenses ceiling. Trying to play small ball and west coast passing offense, when you have a gun slinger QB who likes to air it out, and several speedy wideouts who can catch deep balls. It could be me reading into this to much, but during our last drive with about 4 minutes left and we were trying to close out the win, it looked like Rivers was visibly frustrated after every playcall giving (what looked like) a glare at the sideline. Kept calling obvious runs, and short to no gain pass pl
  10. I'm a TY fan but this point makes no sense as a defense of TY. Of course he still takes the other teams #1 CB, hes still a threat, but he's living off of his reputation this year. Also, taking a teams #1 CB isn't good enough, if you're supposed to be a #1 WR you gotta beat them at least a handful of times too, not be shut out for multiple weeks. You know how dumb a DC would look if he lined up his #3 CB on Hilton and his #1 CB on a Pascal? lool
  11. It's crazy, even going back to last year, when he got playing time, albeit limited time, he always made plays.
  12. Personally, I'd cut a bit of slack for the WRs. Its hard when realistically Pittman was supposed to be your #2, and Campbell finally looked like he was poised for a big year as your #3, and both are out. So it moves everyone up a peg, playing over their heads.
  13. I'm all aboard the Dak train. Ive always been a fan though admittedly. He always seems to have this negatively surrounding him in the media that he's not good enough, but all he does is get better and better. He'd be such a good fit here.
  14. Oh I'm over it, but I think if anyone says they don't wonder what could have been sometimes, I'd say they're probably lying.
  15. Everyone seems to like to be able to point the finger at one person, and one person only. When in reality, it was 3 consecutive mistakes, by 3 seperate people. 1. Hines should know well enough to not fair catch at the 5. 2. Passing in that situation is risky enough when you have Garrett on Clark, let alone calling a play action pass with a quarterback with zero mobility. Thats on Reich. 3. Rivers, playing as long as he has, has to know that was going to be a safety. Like someone said early, a vet like him should know to just throw it at the rbs feet.
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