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  1. Personally I don't fully buy the Patrick Jones hype. Plus I think he'd better fit a 3/4 Scheme instead of being a down linemen. Play strength scares me, especially considering his weight is already up.
  2. Wow if we walked away with Toney and Cosmi with your first two picks, you could botch every other pick in the draft and it would still be a fantastic draft.
  3. Yeah, contrary to a lot of people Patrick Jones has never really done it for me. Didn't like his game tape throughout the year, and didn't like him in drills at the senior bowl. He plays much smaller then his listed size. I think he's more likely a 3-4 OLB. One player who absolutely jumped off the tape this week to me was Elerson Smith. Reading up on him too, he seems to be the exact type of DE that Ballard targets. Wouldn't be surprised if we take him anywhere from the 2nd to 5th.
  4. I like it for the most part, but: 1. Stafford imo is going to cost more then that. 2. AQM is going to be able to command more then 1.5 on a one year. 3. Its suprising to be that you don't want to pay Houston, AQM, and especially Autry, but you'll give Thomas 6M, whos coming off a serious injury, and has been a bust this far. 4. IMO Trading down 7 spots in the first won't net you an extra 2nd rounder.
  5. What an insane statement. You'd rather keep drafts and trade Leonard, to HOPE one of those draft picks become Leonard. I love draft picks as much as the next guy, but some people over value draft picks like crazy. Its like the family guy episode, where he has to pick between the Yacht or the mystery box and he goes, "yeah but the mystery box could be anything, it could even be a Yacht!"
  6. I dont see the two being related. If he had a banner, and didnt sign, they just slap a "thank you" on it and it still works.
  7. After hearing Ballard talk, I can't see how that would be option #2. I would be absolutely stunned if we go into next season not starting a veteran qb. STUNNED.
  8. Hilton: Under 10. I think he still thinks he's a #1, can't see him taking a pay cut, so he'd walk. Mack: Writing is on the wall, basically offer him a contract at league min if he doesn't receive an offer. Houston: Max 1 year, 7M, even that makes me uncomfortable. Sack numbers are good, but doesn't consistently create pressure. Autry: Love him and his versatility. Max I'd offer is 10M per. Rhodes: 1/2 years, 7M Walker: Gunna walk, I'd keep him for 3M Hooker: Walk regardless Brissett: Again, redundant, if he does come back it won't be for money. Pascal:
  9. The thing everyone seems to be missing is, even if we draft a qb this year, we're not starting them year 1, unless its Fields, Wilson or Lawrence. Not happening. Did we not see how Ballard spoke about drafting QBs? So even if he does go grab a Trask, or a Jones, this team is looking to compete now. If you're starting a Trask or Jones, you're not competing now. I'm not saying we won't draft a QB, but if we do, we'll likely also sign or trade for a starter as well.
  10. Agreed. I think his time has passed here. Appreciate what he's done there though.
  11. I was using the fade as a classic redzone example. I was more so talking about throws to the endzone in general. I don't know what the numbers say, but everytime we were in the redzone, it was either a run, or a short throw underneath or behind the LOS, hoping to run it into the endzone. Felt like we rarely ever actually threw the ball into the endzone.
  12. Yeah I'm not one to read into tweets and stuff like that. The fact that his dads twitter account liked the same tweets kind of gave it a different tone. Couple that in with him being pretty open in implying he wasn't happy about starting to get less snaps through the rest of the season. I'd almost guarantee he signs with a marginal team so that he can play every snap. I'll gladly eat crow if he's back.
  13. I like the idea of drafting Lance, but I can tell you, theres nooooo chance he's starting at QB the following year.
  14. Anyone who has twitter go look at his liked tweets. He's gone.
  15. I'd bring him back, but I don't think he''ll be back. Love him to death, but when you hear him talk about himself, he still thinks he's a top 15 receiver, so I can't see him accepting anything under 10, as I would definitely not offer more.
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