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  1. Not a fan of Ezra, let alone at 34. He blew up at the combine because he tested well. But I don't like his tape at all. Love the rest though.
  2. As long as he gets a clean medical absolutely. Barring his injury, he's a 1st round corner IMO.
  3. I don't think a sheard replacement is as big a need as before. I thin, they'll probably play Autry at DE when they play 4-3, and then move him inside on passing downs. They'll also have Lewis backing him up, as I think he'll get more of a look at DE this year.
  4. I also have Bryant over Kmet too. I don't dislike Kmet, I just like Bryant alot more. Kmet is an absolute mammoth of a body. IMO, I don't think he's a better athlete than Bryant though. I know he tested similarly, but on game tape, his play speed is not that high, he reminds me a bit of MAC. I think Bryant is more agile, better in and out of routes, and he blocks his absolute tail off (former lineman.) Also, he was a zero star recruit out of high school, so you know the kids work ethic to get where he is now is off the charts.
  5. Reagor isn't really that small. He just isn't a Claypool or Pittman.
  6. I see your point, but I think you can still go TE/OL in the 3rd, and the other in the 4th. RB you can get quality guys 5th or later, or UDFA. In a pass happy league WR is a priority. I'm actually not as down on our position group as a whole, I like the depth we have. But it lacks elite talent. So going 2 WR in the 2nd, gets you 2 potentially elite guys.
  7. Crazy to see everyone hate on Haskins, because he hasn't developed into a star yet, while in the same breath want to draft another project who will need time as well to develop, in Love. Makes no sense.
  8. I kind of hope we go 2 WR's with our 2nd rounders. Ideally one size guy and one speed guy. Mims, Pittman, Claypool. Then Hamler, Reagor, Aiyuk. Hamler doesn't get alot of talk on here, but when I watch his tape I see alot of TY Hilton in him. Who better to learn from then TY himself.
  9. due diligence. We'd likely have to use 34 on him, which I highly doubt we would.
  10. Make or break year for him. Whats everyone think? He's training with Kenny Moore this offseason which is nice to see. He had a good end to the 2018 season, and just flat out didn't play last year. Really odd. Usually guys who see their playing time decrease so drastically is from discipline or off field things, but we havent really heard that. Whats everyone think? IMO, I feel like because he's been here for 3 years now everyone thinks he's older than he is, but he's still super young for the league. I think his press ability and size are big advantages for him going forward.
  11. Not a fan of Higgins. I'd prefer Pittman, Claypool, Mims, Hamler, Reagor etc.
  12. I might be in the minority but I actually liked Tells rookie season more than Ya sins. I'm not down on Ya sin at all, I was just really impressed with Tell, think he could have a big season coming up.
  13. I can't see Chinn and Lewis lasting until the 5th and 6th rounds. Also, I don't see the incentives for JAX or the Cowboys to trade up minimally using their 2nd and 3rd picks. I think its going to be a lot harder to trade down this year considering the depth in the mid rounds. Every team sees it the same as the colts, no need to move up 7 spots unless its from a faller like a Love or Herbert for a QB needy team or something along those lines.
  14. Chinn is a name that isn't thrown around to much on here. I think he's be a great pick. Ball hawk too.
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