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2021 Preseason Game 1: Carolina @ Indianapolis 1pm


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1 minute ago, ColtsBlitz said:

Tough luck my friend! Hopefully they are at least giving credit to our players when it’s due but I know how it is

They don't say much unless we have someone that played college here. Steve Smith in on the SE train at start of game. Has not talked one time of the competition between our 2 young QBs since. 

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Well Venturi just admitted he just likes Ehlinger more than Eason.


Both QBs have played well besides the bad int thrown by Ehlinger. His mobility is a huge plus, but I think Eason had the best throw of the game to Campbell.


Might have to keep 3 on the roster…..

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2 minutes ago, Colt Overseas said:

Elhinger really settling into to this game now.

To me he clearly gives us a better chance to compete here early,  eyes downfield, progressions, wheels.


I don’t think he gives us a great chance but better than Eason.

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