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  1. Completion has always server us well! thought we might pinch a Dallas outcast!
  2. Best of a bad situation, high upside! if the colts are who we think they are it’s totally worth it come December! Go Colts
  3. Gives you more options, if a guy plays well and you let him walk it helps with comp picks. Or you get to re evaluate the following season! no need to bloat the roster with contracts longer than needed!
  4. Thanks for sharing dude, love this!
  5. Time will tell, no way CB took him unless they feel 99% sure he can come back! Obviously a long play move! If they placed him on IR list they could play with the roster spots later in the year but seems hard to imagine him playing this year! how long did it take Mack from his?
  6. Was wondering that! Will be interesting, is it next month our comp picks are protected if we sign free agents?
  7. You could say after the 2nd round we were unlucky with how things fell. i think we’ll have some comps picks next year so more draft stock next year! I think given a decent preseason we could be an interesting team to face going forward! LT - of course it’s going to be a challenge but if anyone can do it we can! The Colts are going to surprise people this year! Go Colts
  8. Seems like another prospect, Ballards a man of his word! Our special teams is going to be faaaast and powerful with our new rooks! Go Colts.
  9. Oh baby, this dude looks nasty. solid pick, Go Colts!
  10. Imagine trading it away and having a terrible season, now that would suck! :p
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