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  1. Hilton is far more savvy than he gets credit for. the biggest difference fri. Hilton I saw in this game was he just didn’t seem to want it. even when he didn’t get the flags he was just kind of indifferent! very odd, doesn’t look like a physical decline to me definitely more mental. any one else notice this?
  2. Tough matchup, it’s most likely going to be close and down to the kicker, eeeeek!
  3. They covered really well on that play, frank probably had analytics highlighting the game situation. Frank will learn from this!
  4. I’ll be interested to watch coaching tape, seemed like we’ve got some stuff to sure up! Let’s see how the boys settle in to game with, expect the boys to be angry next week?
  5. What happened, we came out looking good. Mack so underrated, think it showed when he left. Defence didn’t look to get penetration like I thought they would. god a long off season with too much talk leads to far too high expectations for our first game, lol. oh to be a colts fan. ah well we had a bloody football game... amazing! “You my boy blue”
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