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    Watching the nfl for over a decade, consider my self a reasonably knowledgable on the the beautiful game!

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  1. We’re going to have big contracts from our rooks soon but what the hell, seasons over let’s have some fun! I’m bringing back Veldeer and and going after Dak! that’s my wish list. hopefully we’ll get the opt outs back and Campbell back from IR. id rather we committed to drafting a QB. Go Colts.
  2. Frank’s IMO one of the strangest play callers just to watch! Getting three and outs doesn’t help but that’s not necessarily on Frank. I’m actually all for frank, think he’s a damn good head coach. Ask everyfan a day after a game if their happy 100%. if the good outweighs the bad which for me it dose I’m all for it. Go Frank, Go Colts.
  3. Frank talked about the ‘hard practice’. Says to be a SB winning team you can not avoid it.
  4. Yeah right, the cupboard is almost empty no way he’s having surgery unless he has to. He’s such a savage for finishing the game. AC is a colts tough SOB. Go Colts.
  5. So we know AC isn’t playing on match day, let’s see if the defence shows up on Sunday :p
  6. Haha dude I was trying to explain to my wife the scenarios WTAF my head hurts! let’s smash Jags next week and see where the dust settles! what a week of drama we’re going to have on our hands! Haha Go Colts.
  7. Eaaaassshhhh, yeah I hear ya throwing will be problematic but our run game and brisset with short yardage maybe some pascal sweeps etc. We may be able to hide behind the run game!
  8. Blimey yeah, forgot about that! Man that would be super impressive achieving it whilst missing a game! So thankful for football!
  9. Good to know thanks dude, would favour us for sure in poor conditions. Pitt not great at running the ball!
  10. What a treat as a colts fan, we get to pick which one of our star players is the MVP, hard to argue Buckner is a monster.
  11. Dude they way the first ball came off hit foot in the first game back! The guys special!
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