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  2. Ballard has said on multiple occasions in his interviews in the last month or so that he likes the CB and S depth in round 2-3... I fully expect for us to draft at least one defensive back in the fist 2 days of the draft... and I wouldn't be surprised if we take both S and CB. This was one of my "bold" predictions for the draft in another thread. The thing with this draft is... it's pretty good at multiple positions that we need help - DL, WR, DB... I really like this draft overall. I think we can come out of it with several impact players. Maybe not all pros but very solid starters at the very least.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't be upset about it, I think him and Harry will both be very solid players possibly more and safe picks for sure..It took Wayne 3 years to really start blossoming and I can see Brown being a similar player and maybe more NFL ready out of the gate..
  4. Read my mind, nice job connecting the dots..Brissett also fits the type of style the Giants have always played, he is a perfect fit for them. Don't rule out Arians not having faith in Winston and bringing him to Tampa either..
  5. And if I say take away Reich and Luck and you have Hilton, Ebron and Mack, I think we have the weakest group of skill players of any playoff caliber team. They're not bad. They helped us win 10 regular season games, and a playoff game. And then Kansas City happened, in part, because of our lack of skill player talent. But when you’re trying to reach the Super Bowl I think we’re going to need much more. And that’s why Ballard went out and signed Funchess to the deal he did. Because we need more talent.
  6. We are gonna lose Brissett next yr anyways..Got to start thinking about his replacement..I think McSorley is a Ballard kinda guy..Great work ethic,character, elite athlete, and proven winner..And yes, hopefully all he has to do is hold a clipboard, but with good coaching I think he can develop into a guy who can win some games if Luck goes down and possibly more than that..Much like Patriots always have a QB waiting in the wings that they can trade for assets down the road we need to also follow this model..
  7. I'd rather have Minshew late, than TM late. Neck-beard and stache would be an awesome pairing. But yes, he'd be fine if we ended up trading JB.
  8. I do think if anyone’s is interested in JB it is the Giants. The league is all about connections and JB has a Bill Parcells connection who has a Giants connection who needs a QB. Now he may be brought in for competition w a draft pick.
  9. Good for them. They saw what Ballard did last year. Maybe they can talk Belichick into pulling a Ditka to make Josh Jacobs a Patriot.
  10. Brown isnt necessarily who i want at the pick but i get it with him if youre talking a BPA pick for a guy whose ready right now.. When Ballard talked about over emphasizing i looked at it in response to people insinuating we need to overhaul the whole group outside TY. We dont need to overhaul the whole group. We have some good young options in there to reduce the need for overhauling the whole group. Funchess is only here for 1 year and its a whole wash if he were to get injured. My only negative with Brown i feel he could be more explosive. But a 4.49 aint half bad, thats Reggie Wayne like.
  11. How are his clipboard-holding skills? They should test for that at the combine.
  12. If we take a Brown I hope it's Hollywood.. If Greedy Williams falls to us which is highly unlikely, but possible it would be hard not to take him..
  13. The thing you have to keep in mind with Wilkins is that at 342 lbs, he tested as good or better as the 300 lb DTs. What does that tell you? And now let’s imagine he drops a couple pounds and gets to 320. At that weight he’d be able to play NT and 3T. Just food for thought.
  14. I DO NOT expect corner early. I actually think we wait till day 3 to address any secondary options. Edge, IDL, and WR will be the day 1 and 2 targets. Maybe DB can sneak into the 3rd round, but not before that.
  15. I am high on this kid, and still feel Ballard will get a 2nd for Brissett with Giants as the most likely destination..I think McSorley is really being slept on, all the kid does is win, and is a high level athlete..He has a great work ethic, attitude, and a unique skill set that has been proven recently to work in the NFL.. With good coaching and development, which the Colts now possess he can be more than a serviceable backup on the cheap for the next 4 years, and possibly much more..He has a little bit of Russell Wilson and Baker Mayfield in him...If he is there in back of 3rd or 4th you got to think about pulling the trigger..
  16. I think if you did this same exercise with the other playoff teams, you'd be surprised at how close everyone is talent-wise. I think ^THIS^ is what makes a playoff team a playoff team. Take away Belichicks' scheme and Brady as the QB, and are the Pats skill players really that much better than the Colts? Edelman, Gronk, White, and... a bunch of question marks. Take away Reids' play-calling and Mahomes as the QB, and are the Chiefs skill players really that much better than the Colts? Hill, Watkins, Kelce, and... a bunch of question marks. Take away Paytons' play-calling and Brees as the QB, and you have Thomas, Kamara, Ingram, and... ???s. Take away McVay and Goff, and you have Gurley, Cooks, Woods, and... ???s.
  17. Now that’s a more interesting take then mine I think. We signed Funchess. And one of the first things regarding the draft that Ballard said was how he thought the fans were over emphasizing the need for a WR. I’m not saying I don’t see it happening, but I think Brown at 26 would be more shocking than a CB in the first 3-4 picks.
  18. Don't be surprised when we trade Brissett to the Giants for a 2nd round pick just saying..He has more value than many believe.
  19. I mean... it is a BUSINESS. And they've introduced parity at almost every juncture. Even to parts of the schedule-making. The fact of the matter is that Indy is a small market. If they're choosing between playing a game in Indy or LA, guess which city is getting the nod? Is it fair? Is it fair that your older brother is bigger than you? You can claim we're getting "hosed", but we're LUCKY to have an NFL team. The reason Mark Karwan even got into this in the first place was because the Bills (another small market) felt they were being "hosed" by the schedule-makers because they had to face teams coming off a bye or Thursday night game twice as often as any other team. Did you read that whole article I posted? Karwan said the problems of trying to make a disparity-free schedule is "by far the hardest any of us have ever seen" in 46 years in his field. You should DEFINITELY read the last paragraph of the article and take it to heart. Every younger brother eventually grows up to be as big as the older brother, and with a chip on their shoulder. Just look at the story of Quenton Nelson, a classic younger brother. You can whine about the schedule if you want to, that's your prerogative. If I could offer some advice (some cheese with your whine ): Don't be the mommas boy that runs to mom and cries every time you don't get your way. Be a BigQ.
  20. I listen to his on the field talk but laugh when he starts Player Personnel and Development Talk
  21. Today
  22. I'm familiar with Mongo and other Doc Stores. I'm not a DB guy, but have managed plenty, and have several buds that are deep into all the fun. It's been 2 years since I had to manage a group going through a design having to do with DBing, but the last (work flow management tool with dispatch and other intricacies) project we ended up going with SQL due to security concerns. A few of my bud love Mongo specifically though. It'd be fun to know what the Colts use. I'd bet on SQL or IBM. May not be my father's NFL anymore, but most of the owners of the teams are older than my father :-)
  23. The thread was a good read. Seems most weren't happy with the picks, not because of stats or player history, but simply because they didn't recognize the names or thought it was too big of a reach. Smith was top 50ish on most boards, and was 2x All SEC (2nd team his soph year). Perhaps a bit of a tiny reach at 37, but could easily have been gone at 52 (the Colts next pick). Leonard was in the 80s on Mayock's board (some had him outside of the top 100) so I can understand folks feeling like 36/37 was a reach (the Colts still had 52 and 64) if they were listening to guys like Kiper and Mayock. Would he have been available, maybe? NFL.com rated him at 5.81 (chance to become a starter) which would be good enough this year to be the 58th rated guy. So there at 52 or 64?,,,,,, he could have easily been gone if someone else liked him. The kid's resume, albeit from a lesser conference, was very impressive. Soph year was first team MEAC, he was defensive MEAC player of the year in both his Junior and Senior years. He also led the Senior Bowl in tackles (not to mention 19 tackles when they played Clemson). Just proves once again the Mayocks of the world aren't always accurate. Also proves some small school kids can ball. Always better to research picks before being unhappy. Ballard did better in 18 then he did in 17 (basham in the 3rd and banner in the 4th were waved early). Hope he nails it Thursday.
  24. I will stick with NFL Sunday Ticket and XM/Sirius Extra Innings is $173 a season you might be able to get access to it or from what I read no one will If Direct carries it I will probably be able to get it but will not be able to watch games(I think)
  25. No where did I say what you are suggesting but if that is what you imagine, feel free.
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