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  1. I disagree ... What was alarming to me was the worse JB got, the team also got worse. What i mean by that is JB lost the team. Therefore, those wins you speak of are long gone with JB. This team needs swagger or confidence if you will to win consistently. That was lost last year. Maybe Rivers can instill confidence back to the team, i don't know, but JB or Hoyer will not. They both have to go and should of been gone by now. I have my doubts the Colts can win the SB regardless what they do this off season.
  2. After watching this past years Saints and the last Jags game, i find it laughable that Ballard / Reich is MUCH higher on him than anyone else. Maybe as a friend or good guy but definately not an NFL QB. By the way, are you related to JB by any chance.
  3. You should start looking where your local bread line may be. You might need it.
  4. Well, how about taking the good job and placing it near the cold heart. I think it would be better understood.
  5. O.K., you have me convinced. Let's hang him. After that off with his head! I mean he's a proven knucklehead and he will always be a knucklehead! There's no forgiveness for being a knucklehead. Now if he was a druggie or a wife beater, well, let's kiss their hiney or overlook it because they made a mistake and need another chance. It's disgusting!!!!!!!!
  6. Why complain? Don't read it or move on!
  7. Sorry, i didn't explain properly. I mean JB should not start. In fact, i believe he shouldn't be on the team next season.
  8. What you imply could very happen but you or i won't know that till it happens. The kid was immature. I agree with that but let's not throw him out with the bath water. I know a lot of the posters on here are young which means they know everything or they don't know how to listen yet. Whew! i know that statement will go over like a lead balloon. LOL As a father who's raised children to adulthood i know they often make mistakes but you have to give them a chance to redeem themselves. If he screws up then cut him and move on. I'm not saying we can't find another QB this year and begin the grooming process.
  9. It's amazing how much we think alike. I think the Colts have to make common sense decisions. To me this is common sense. The only other thing i think would be a possibility is a trade for a veteran QB. I honestly believe, and this is not popular, that JB needs to be traded or released. Bite the bullet now instead of waiting. Make a fresh start at QB. I'm of an opinion, from experience, the more you stir it the more it stinks!
  10. Thank You!!!!!!!!! Finally some common sense!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't have stated it any better!
  11. Your opinion but not mind. Again, settling for average. You always try to upgrade the talent even the back ups.
  12. LOL ... I knew you couldn't let it go.
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