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  1. Well, I personally do not know what's best for all parties involved, but would you believe Costanzo(sp). He was asked his opinion of Nelson playing LT at a high level. He stated with out a doubt he could and would work at it to be the best. I believe he also said he could be a better LT then himself. Take this for what you think it says but he did say it in a interview either right before retirement or his last interview. Can't remember which. I will say if Nelson can play LT well then that goes a long way for the Colts. Just something to ponder about.
  2. Lack of execution my friend. When needed in the clutch it was failure. It was not all on Rivers.
  3. Reich did not lose this game! A lack of playmakers did! Reich deciding to go for it on 4th and goal was not executed. The play was there to be made but Rivers overthrew Pittman. That was not on Reich it was on Rivers. Loss of 7 points. The thirty something yard missed field goal. Did anyone think Reich did something to make specs. miss! No! It was on specs. Again, lack of execution. Loss of 3 points. The only thing I saw Reich call that I think was weird was a 2 point conversion call that failed. Gain of 1 point. All other plays called that failed the desired result was a lack of execution by
  4. Believe me when I say, if it wasn't for Rivers the Colts would not of played today. To state that Rivers played terrific today is incorrect. Case in point, 4th and goal, overthrew Pittman for a sure fire TD. Going for it on 4th down and failing to execute is not on Frank it was on Rivers failure to get it done. The play was there to be made and was chocked. I mean it's just not Rivers it's near about the whole team. When a play is crucial, more often than not, someone on the team fails to do their job which results in a undesirable situation. This team is not consistent enough yet to go furthe
  5. What would everyone's thoughts be if we converted J. Taylor to wide receiver. There's things to consider, current vision problem which maybe will be corrected with more playing time or not. I mean i hope it improves but there's no way of really knowing. It could possibly be a godsend to the Colts if it worked out. The man is big, tough, plays with a mean streak and is fast. He also can catch the ball. Can he hold onto it is the question. I think he has the intelligence to learn the wide position but don't know if he has the will to. There in lies the problem. Of course, if this worked out it w
  6. I would like to thank this poster for his well thought out posts in this forum. It's like a breathe of fresh air. I know this is probably not the place to do this but i felt compelled to do so. For you sir ... SALUTE!!!!
  7. LOL ..... You need to stop taking what other people say so personal.
  8. Food for thought ... Let's say your statement above is correct and probably is the issue. So, let's look at what we have. Rivers ... If he can still throw the long ball consistently or not or is Reich holding him back. Assuming Reich is holding him back then that's your answer. However, if Rivers can't throw long consistently and other teams know this or is daring you to throw long then that is your problem or answer. Brissett ... Well, unless he has learned how to be more aggressive and stop playing QB like a sissy then maybe he is a solution. Maybe but i highly doubt it. So that leaves Eason
  9. What brain are you referring too. The one above or the one below!
  10. IMO, the reason know other teams come calling. He's not a good QB! Look, ever since JB was traded to the Colts, its been a debacle. I know he was put in a difficult situation but he has not progressed and he's had the chance to do so. I believe JB should of never been a Colt. Ballard had his reasons and i believe he thought for those reasons things would work out but they did not! JB apparently is a leader. At least, that's the narrative, but he's not led successfully! Being a nice guy and everyone's love for you does not make a good QB. Hey, at least Ballard brought back team unity after the
  11. So, you base this on what? Last year? There is an precedent set already!
  12. It's because of Ballard's man crush and maybe Reich's as well. Also, they don't want to hurt his feelings. Sorry, JB shouldn't be on this team let alone the back up QB. In JB's case, management has made their decisions with their heart instead of their head. I know the daily regulars, on this forum, will tell me how wrong i am but so be it. This is how i feel and have felt since last year.
  13. There's some serious issues going on here! WOW!
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