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  1. Food for thought ... Let's say your statement above is correct and probably is the issue. So, let's look at what we have. Rivers ... If he can still throw the long ball consistently or not or is Reich holding him back. Assuming Reich is holding him back then that's your answer. However, if Rivers can't throw long consistently and other teams know this or is daring you to throw long then that is your problem or answer. Brissett ... Well, unless he has learned how to be more aggressive and stop playing QB like a sissy then maybe he is a solution. Maybe but i highly doubt it. So that leaves Eason
  2. What brain are you referring too. The one above or the one below!
  3. IMO, the reason know other teams come calling. He's not a good QB! Look, ever since JB was traded to the Colts, its been a debacle. I know he was put in a difficult situation but he has not progressed and he's had the chance to do so. I believe JB should of never been a Colt. Ballard had his reasons and i believe he thought for those reasons things would work out but they did not! JB apparently is a leader. At least, that's the narrative, but he's not led successfully! Being a nice guy and everyone's love for you does not make a good QB. Hey, at least Ballard brought back team unity after the
  4. So, you base this on what? Last year? There is an precedent set already!
  5. It's because of Ballard's man crush and maybe Reich's as well. Also, they don't want to hurt his feelings. Sorry, JB shouldn't be on this team let alone the back up QB. In JB's case, management has made their decisions with their heart instead of their head. I know the daily regulars, on this forum, will tell me how wrong i am but so be it. This is how i feel and have felt since last year.
  6. There's some serious issues going on here! WOW!
  7. This is still just coach speak! All of what they say is coach speak! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out!
  8. Again, you fail to see the forest for the trees! It's not the amount of yards a QB throws per game. It's when more passing yards is needed then the QB can make the throws that is necessary to win the game on a consistent basis. IMO, the Colts do not yet have that element. None of the backups have proven they can be backups on a consistent basis.
  9. Why does Kelley/Eason have to battle for a position while JB is gifted one. No questions asked and no performance qualifiers have to be obtained. Why is JB entitled automatically? He hasn't shown anything as a good QB since he's been in the league. Alot of people are saying he's a good backup QB. I don't see it. What he is IMO is someone who gives you no chance. Sorry, i know this is not popular but it's how i see it.
  10. Wow! The hatred for Kelley on this forum is really over the top! Do you JB guys agree with this or maybe you can't see it?
  11. I was born in 1953. Remember being at my uncle's house for dinner while the greastest game ever played was airing on t.v.. Of course, the picture was so snowy you couldn't hardly see it and i really didn't understand what was going on. I was raised in lower Delaware close to the Mason Dixon line, so therefore as i was growing up the local t.v. would show most of the games. As i got older i was able to go see them live at memorial stadium a few times. Oh how i loved going and watching the game and all the excitement. A lot of good memories. When the Mayflower trucks came to Baltim
  12. Look dude, if you think i'm hating then you have no idea what hate means! Why don't you take your autocratic thinking to a 3rd world country. Sounds like you would fit in there! I'm not hating, i'm not 10 years old and i'm not a clown. In fact, i've probably been a Colts fan longer then you have lived on this earth! I bash JB (not as a person) but as a Colts QB. Look, i don't agree with you in regards to JB. Personally, i feel he is not a good QB, even as a backup! Now, lets get to you telling me what i should say and do! If you don't like what i'm saying than fine. Read it and move on for cry
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