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  1. I've been waiting to hear this.
  2. I think the Colts won because they slowed him down - literally - with the pounding he took. No way they just score 13 if he could have moved better. We could have won anyway if our offense is better, but only one TD won't be enough to beat KC 95 percent of the time.
  3. I like Brissett, but I thought last night was his worst game throwing the ball. I kept thinking we would have had three TDs instead of field goals if Luck was still there, but then again Reich blew the one drive with the pitch outside. He does appear to be a great leader and has been good throwing except for last night.
  4. I would agree that was bigger. We're talking regular season though.
  5. I just saw a report that Irsay said it might be the biggest regular season win in Colts' history. It was a huge win, but the win in 1975 (I think that's the right year) over the Patriots to win the division was bigger.
  6. It would be great if he can sit out the second half if we have a lead, but we cannot afford to lose this game. I'd play him if he can go. I'd rather he rest against KC, if it came down to it.
  7. Fair enough. People use the term we quite often though and it's up to the reader to determine if he/she is in that group. After almost 50 years, the Colts/Orioles/Wizards are very much we to me even though I realize I don't have a roster spot.
  8. We can refer to them however we choose. I didn't realize that was a problem for some people until today.
  9. Happy he hit the kicks and I hope he has a strong season, but one game doesn't prove he's back. We are going to need him to hit a 50-yard kick with a few seconds left to win a game. Yesterday was just a normal-average game for Vinny in his career, and maybe a little below average when you consider how close he was to missing the first one.
  10. I like Brissett, but I wonder how Luck is doing health wise at this point...
  11. Orioles22


    I wonder how good of a draft pick we could get by packaging Brissett and Cox...
  12. With all the edge guys picked, it sounds like Lewis is going to be a tackle behind Autry instead of an end.
  13. I was a Colts fan for a lot of years between Unitas and Manning and except for a few years with Bert Jones it was a major struggle. The years with Peyton were far from a waste - a lot of wins, a lot of division championships and two trips to the Super Bowl, plus we were a contender every year for over a decade.
  14. No, it is certainly winnable for each side, but you just knew he would pick the Chargers.
  15. Deion just said the Colts game is winnable for the Chargers on the NFL Network. I like Prime Time but I'm convinced he hates the Colts.
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