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  1. It will be interesting to see how many top 1,000 yards next year. I wouldn't waste.a pick when we already have three good running backs.
  2. Mack is one of the top 10 running backs in the league, so I doubt there is anyone better and I sure wouldn't to waste our top pick on a running back when we have other needs. So, you didn't answer the question. Who is better?
  3. On and on with this. We aren't drafting a running back. Plus, who could we draft that's better than Mack if we did?
  4. I like the odds of Carr being better than Love. I wouldn't give up the first-round pick though. We have to get our defensive tackle there.
  5. I agree, but I take Kinlaw no matter who else is there...except Burrow.
  6. It makes sense if Ballard thinks the quarterbacks available would be a reach at 13. It makes sense if we could waste our top pick on someone no better than Brissett. It makes sense because we need a defensive tackle.
  7. I think the offensive line and running backs are our most solid positions. We're OK at linebacker, but I wouldn't be opposed to finding someone in free agency in the middle and use Walker to back up all three spots. They complement each other on the field, not compliment - unless they are actually handing out compliments.
  8. Plus, it's a second-round pick included, if the story is correct. I would trade for anyone for a second-round pick. We can cut him later if he can't help.
  9. I'd love to get another second round pick as the one story suggested.
  10. Frank, I believe, said he was a "top 20 quarterback" and they had every confidence he would a good quarterback. It sounds like Love has some of the same traits as Brissett.
  11. Why didn't he do that for Brissett in two years?
  12. I still think many of you have convinced yourself that some of these marginal guys are going to be franchise quarterbacks. I don't think Ballard will do that. We have needed to draft an impact defensive tackle for several years and have let it slide. It's time.
  13. Are you right every year? Who are we taking?
  14. Are you saying Reich could turn Love into a great NFL quarterback? Maybe he could. I hope he does if we take him.
  15. I've seen Love in the second round in several mock drafts - so I would call 13 a reach. Tua won't last until 13, so I agree there, but I wouldn't take a chance with his injury.
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