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  1. I hope you're right, but I'm getting tired of waiting on Mathis to create another Mathis after all the talk about Turay. It's time to produce. Every great player isn't a great coach.
  2. I think the idea that it's the only real uncertain position we have going into the season makes it a big deal, along with being at left tackle. I trust the idea that our coaching staff and Ballard will find the right person with all of training camp to compete.
  3. I thought he was an All-American at guard at Notre Dame.
  4. As I wrote earlier, Polian said Smith would switch sides. I think it makes a lot more sense for him to flip sides than take the league's best guard and try to change positions. I'm guessing Holden is the best option with the current roster, if we don't move Smith.
  5. I heard Ballard say that - just sharing what Polian suggested/said.
  6. I was listening to the NFL Network on XM and Polian said matter of factly earlier today that Smith would move to left tackle. I'd much rather move him than mess with Nelson.
  7. I saw it a few months back. it was speculation at the time that Pinter would take over at guard when/if Glowinski left. I don't know if i like the idea, but it seems reasonable considering the money we've spent on the line.
  8. I read earlier the plan was to let Glowinski go when he hits free agency. If we can get something back, it may make sense.
  9. I noticed one site focusing on the Colts picked Reed to start instead of Glowinski. I wonder if Glowinski could be part of a trade, maybe to move up in the first round to get Darrisaw, or someone like that.
  10. Yes, I was listening to an NFL Network draft discussion today on Rousseau possibly dropping to the second round due to below average numbers on his pro day. I'd rather get a 10-year starter at tackle and try to piece together the defensive front than missing on another defensive end high in the draft.
  11. I'm not a draft expert by any means but it seems there a lot more quality offensive tackles than defensive ends this year. I guess I see the logic of saying you could still get a good one in the second round, but I'm hoping we can get a much better player on the offensive side at 21 than a marginal defensive player.
  12. I think we can probably get more value with an offensive tackle in the first round, or maybe even a corner. I didn't realize Muhammad played 52 percent of the snaps last year. I could see him and Turay alternating on one side with Lewis and Rochelle on the other.
  13. That gives us five defensive ends, if Lewis is counted. I have my doubts about signing Houston now. I'd guess one more end drafted, probably in the second round, but maybe later. It seems Ballard likes projects at end.
  14. I looked for a thread on Steven Nelson. I think we need another corner, especially if Rock continues to struggle.
  15. I think they draft a linebacker late, or maybe two, for special teams and maybe to add a little depth.
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