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    Best Colts moment:  I flew Coach Dungy, Bill Polian, Bob Sanders, Adam Vinatieri, Hunter Smith, Justin Snow, and Gary Brackett on a KC135 from Indy to San Antonio to receive Air Force Employer of the Year Award.  Got to talk football with all of them, it was pretty awesome.


    Next best Colts moment:  I was in the RCA dome for the AFC Championship win over the Patriots.


    Next Next Best Colts moment:  I stayed awake for some reason during that throttling we were getting on Monday Night Football against the Buccaneers, so I got to watch the COMEBACK live and in real time!

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  1. I probably will have an unfavorable take on all this, but this is what I believe: 1) Costanzo was JAG until we drafted elite players around him, once we got Nelson, the entire unit ascended. 2) Losing out to Little and Cosmi early in the second round was a surprise, and they had to go to their value board at that point. 3) No way in hell do we move Nelson to LT 4) Whoever we do decide to plug in at LT will play his best football on this elite line group.
  2. We need to trade up and get Kwity Paye, didn't think he would drop this far.
  3. Ok, maybe I missed it, but which winning QB is available in FA or via trade? I think my point, and some others on here are that Stafford is on a much weaker organization which contributed to his win/loss record. A fresh start with the Colts could provide him better results, ala Philip Rivers going from going from 5-11 two years ago to 11-5 with the Colts.
  4. True, winning is a team stat. As good as Peyton Manning was he only won one Superbowl with the Colts, and the best QB in my opinion Dan Marino, won zero. But do you deny that Stafford is an improvement to our currently signed QB (Eason only) ?
  5. The only QBs in NFL history with 45,000+ passing yards and less than 150 INT: • Aaron Rodgers • Matthew Stafford end of list
  6. The only QBs in NFL history with 45,000+ passing yards and less than 150 INT: • Aaron Rodgers • Matthew Stafford end of list
  7. 20M cap hit in 21 23M cap hit in 22 I would argue he is a younger Philip Rivers with a better arm and more mobility on a cheaper contract. This is a no brainer for the Colts. I would guess that Stafford will get a lot of say in his destination. My guess is it will cost the Colts a 2nd rounder to get him, unless there is a bidding war, then it might take our first.
  8. Who would ever want to trade Nelson? He singlehandedly transformed our OL and elevated the play of EVERYONE along the line. He is the best player currently on our roster, and no one would compensate us equivalent to Nelson's worth. Leonard to a lesser extent is the same thing. Players like that you don't trade, you do everything you can to resign and keep.
  9. I agree there is no way to position effectively for that. But he could decide that the players at 21 aren't worth the pick and decide to trade it for future value, especially if they are bring Rivers back for one more year. Just trying to figure out value for future picks, the value charts don't seem to list future draft pick values.
  10. I feel like the Colts are not going to be in a position to draft an elite QB for the forseeable future, and definitely not at 21. What value could we get to trade the #21 for a future 1st rounder that could eventually be high enough to draft an elite QB prospect? I know you have to get lucky, and the trade partner needs to have a bad season, but would Ballard trade for a future #1 on the premise that it can be high enough next year to get the QB of the future, or at least high enough to combine with our 2022 1st round pick to move high enough? What would our compensation be in addition to a
  11. The Titans play in the afternoon same time as us, no matter what happens during the 1 PM games, we have a shot in during the 4 PM slot.
  12. Adding Nelson to our Oline has elevated the play of the entire unit. All you have to do is look at the incredible transformation of Glowinski for proof. His attitude is infectious. The same is true with Darius Leonard, look at what effect he has on our LB unit. I hope that Buckner has the same effect on the DL. We will see if Blackmon and Willis will have the same effect on the DB's.
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