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  1. Seems like a strange topic for a post. This offseason has been nothing but good news. Solid competition on defense, to the point that there is a chance that Walker gets supplanted by a draft pick, and another LB that won't be denied playing time in EJ Speed. Rock Ya-Sin being better than advertised. Denico Autry playing like a man on fire, not to even mention our WR competition, TE room, and DL playing like men on fire. Being cautionary with Luck and Campbell during games that don't count makes sense. We did the same thing when Peyton was here, sucked in the preseason, and ruled during the regular season, this time we will be doing it with a top to bottom complete defense.
  2. We are indeed lucky as Colts fans. I don't know what it is, but I feel more connected to this team now, than even during our glory years, the automatic 12-4 or better seasons and expected AFC Championship games. Alot of it probably has to do with the access to NFL teams in general, and the Colts specifically. This latest series put out by Colts Productions has ingratiated me to the Colts at an all time high level, and was a genius move by the team leadership. I feel like I personally have an investment in all these draft picks, and my favorite team.
  3. What an amazing presence Chris Ballard has. There is no doubt in my mind under this leadership we are in store for some great football in the future.
  4. I would bet Hentges or Young, with a darkhorse Shippy. Anyone track how many tryout guys make the roster much less UDFA's?
  5. That one is easy, SPEED. We didn't draft anyone slower than a 4.6 40 until the 7th round.
  6. Interesting video. Big takeaways, he graduated high school at 16! He received his full scholarship to OSU at 15! I didn't even know that was possible. After watching the video, questions about his maturity will be answered.
  7. I think we might have been targeting Savage after hearing why they loved Willis. They wanted a box safety that can cover the slot and TE's and I think Savage would have excelled in that role. No one would have predicted him to go that early at 26, and for sure not at 20 where GB jumped up to get him, so we might have been caught off guard on that one. If I remember right, someone drafted Khalen Saunders right in front of us too. We are never going to know for sure who we lost out on, but we do know our front office recovered nicely!
  8. The NFL just drafted 21 DT. That means teams are going to be releasing DT that might be a good fit for us, free agency isn't over, I have a feeling we are going to add a DT before the start of training camp from somewhere.
  9. Found this on Northwestern DT Jordan Thompson: Considering he is the only IDL we added so far, I am hoping he impresses and sticks around.
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