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    Best Colts moment:  I flew Coach Dungy, Bill Polian, Bob Sanders, Adam Vinatieri, Hunter Smith, Justin Snow, and Gary Brackett on a KC135 from Indy to San Antonio to receive Air Force Employer of the Year Award.  Got to talk football with all of them, it was pretty awesome.


    Next best Colts moment:  I was in the RCA dome for the AFC Championship win over the Patriots.


    Next Next Best Colts moment:  I stayed awake for some reason during that throttling we were getting on Monday Night Football against the Buccaneers, so I got to watch the COMEBACK live and in real time!

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  1. Who would ever want to trade Nelson? He singlehandedly transformed our OL and elevated the play of EVERYONE along the line. He is the best player currently on our roster, and no one would compensate us equivalent to Nelson's worth. Leonard to a lesser extent is the same thing. Players like that you don't trade, you do everything you can to resign and keep.
  2. I agree there is no way to position effectively for that. But he could decide that the players at 21 aren't worth the pick and decide to trade it for future value, especially if they are bring Rivers back for one more year. Just trying to figure out value for future picks, the value charts don't seem to list future draft pick values.
  3. I feel like the Colts are not going to be in a position to draft an elite QB for the forseeable future, and definitely not at 21. What value could we get to trade the #21 for a future 1st rounder that could eventually be high enough to draft an elite QB prospect? I know you have to get lucky, and the trade partner needs to have a bad season, but would Ballard trade for a future #1 on the premise that it can be high enough next year to get the QB of the future, or at least high enough to combine with our 2022 1st round pick to move high enough? What would our compensation be in addition to a
  4. The Titans play in the afternoon same time as us, no matter what happens during the 1 PM games, we have a shot in during the 4 PM slot.
  5. Adding Nelson to our Oline has elevated the play of the entire unit. All you have to do is look at the incredible transformation of Glowinski for proof. His attitude is infectious. The same is true with Darius Leonard, look at what effect he has on our LB unit. I hope that Buckner has the same effect on the DL. We will see if Blackmon and Willis will have the same effect on the DB's.
  6. I like watching M and K's youtube channel. It gives us a rare look into a lot of things that interest me. The transition from being a college star to an NFL rookie, moving from California to Indiana, what the girlfriend of an elite athlete is like, what an NFL athlete does in his free time, what does their house look like, etc. I think it is pretty cool they are willing to share this with us, and as always, if it doesn't interest you, you are free to watch something else on Youtube.
  7. I also read we haven't won on a road opener since 2006.
  8. This is how I see the season going, and every season before and after this one: Colts at Jags W Vikings at Colts W Jets at Colts W Colts at Bears W Colts at Browns W Bengals at Colts W Colts at Lions W Ravens at Colts W Colts at Titans W Packers at Colts W Titans at Colts W Colts at Texans W Colts at Raiders W Texans at Colts W Colts at Steelers W Jags at Colts W
  9. I will add Colts beating the Dolphins in 2009 despite the Phins rushing for 240 yards and converting 75% of there third downs and the Colts only having the ball for less than 14 minutes, they win 27-23 on Monday night. I was at that game, Jimmy Buffett started playing like 10 feet away from me while I was buying a Landshark, it was a great time.
  10. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Especially with the amount of youth we have added over the last few drafts, we need impact players now. I don't expect us to be drafting at 13 or lower again soon.
  11. Seems like a strange topic for a post. This offseason has been nothing but good news. Solid competition on defense, to the point that there is a chance that Walker gets supplanted by a draft pick, and another LB that won't be denied playing time in EJ Speed. Rock Ya-Sin being better than advertised. Denico Autry playing like a man on fire, not to even mention our WR competition, TE room, and DL playing like men on fire. Being cautionary with Luck and Campbell during games that don't count makes sense. We did the same thing when Peyton was here, sucked in the preseason, and ruled during t
  12. We are indeed lucky as Colts fans. I don't know what it is, but I feel more connected to this team now, than even during our glory years, the automatic 12-4 or better seasons and expected AFC Championship games. Alot of it probably has to do with the access to NFL teams in general, and the Colts specifically. This latest series put out by Colts Productions has ingratiated me to the Colts at an all time high level, and was a genius move by the team leadership. I feel like I personally have an investment in all these draft picks, and my favorite team.
  13. What an amazing presence Chris Ballard has. There is no doubt in my mind under this leadership we are in store for some great football in the future.
  14. I would bet Hentges or Young, with a darkhorse Shippy. Anyone track how many tryout guys make the roster much less UDFA's?
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