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  1. Bluesmith

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    When the ball is in the air headed to Ebron do you trust him to catch it? If you are being honest with your self, the answer is no. He got alot of redzone targets because he was filling our lack of WR2 role. Once that position is upgraded, I feel Doyle and possibly Cox could start out targeting him as a true TE.
  2. Bluesmith

    Nelson vs Leonard

    I think both players were desperately needed by the Colts and were drafted very timely. If I had to pick which one that I think made the greatest impact, it has to be Nelson. You can tell that the other O-Lineman play harder because they have to watch film of Nelson each week and are working hard to keep up. The protection the group has provided has allowed Luck to come back fully and transformed our offense. It is allowing us to become a power running team at the right time. I give all the credit to Nelson for the transformation of the OLine. Leonard is a dynamic playmaker on defense, but we have seen WLB get big numbers in the Tampa 2 before. That is not taking away from Leonard, who I think is a special defender, but he is a playmaker doing his job, Nelson I feel, transformed the worst OL in the league and reenabled our offense. For that, I feel Nelson was the most impactful rookie/player, since drafting Luck and TY.
  3. I don't understand this logic at all. These are professional athletes, getting paid well to be motivated to play the game of football. Why in the hell do they need to be galvanized by a boneheaded coaching decision? They are expected and compensated to be professional football players. I love Reich and Ballard and the Colts, but I won't turn a blind eye to a boneheaded call when I see it. And to suggest that the players are some kind of * millenials that need special gestures to motivate them to play is getting old.
  4. Bluesmith

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    I agree, I think we might have something special there, in fact, a lot of these draft picks felt like Polian was back at the helm, and that is meant as a great compliment. I think he would have replaced one WR and RB with 2 CB's if he was doing the draft.
  5. Bluesmith

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Turay was a 3-4 OLB, he will be a DE for us, much like the move Simon is making from the 3-4 for us.
  6. Dan Orlovsky says it best: “When you have a guy on your offensive line like Quenton Nelson, all four other guys are better,” Orlovsky said. “Everyone else has to get better. Because Quenton Nelson is going to put stuff things on tape, that he’s going to humiliate other human beings on tape.” I believe Ballard would have taken Nelson at #3 over Chubb, and now he got his guy and 3 extra second round picks.
  7. Bluesmith

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I wouldnt have taken the Bills trade, not enough to move down to 12
  8. Bluesmith

    Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    Some things that we will learn quickly in week one: Is this defensive line as good as we think? Gurley is going to be a nice test, we have yet to set an outside edge in any preseason game, that will be key to force the Rams to throw the ball. If the Rams go one dimensional throwing the ball, do we have the personnel/scheme to provide enough pressure to help the secondary? Can we for the first time since Edgerrin James establish a legitimate running game? With Tolzien behind center we need the running game more now than ever take pressure off the QB. Will this latest iteration of our frankenline gel for pass and run protection? Probably the most important unit that needs to put their crap in a sock for this game. If we can't get first downs consistantly it won't matter how good the defense is doing. Optimistically Colts 16 Rams 10 (OL pulls it together, we can control the clock and get a win) Pessimistically Rams 35 Colts 10 (if the wheels fall off, i can see it getting ugly)