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1 minute ago, bestQBever said:

Wow. Don't want to sound like the hindsight wizard but I saw that coming a few seconds before the snap. Just a "what if that dude doesn't move over enough" moment. Cant believe it actually happened

Dude same, I actually thought right before the snap, “Did that guy just move into the path of the snap?” He didn’t, he was actually moving out of the way, but not far enough lol

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Just now, SchlicterSZN said:

Both are true.  The 2 pt was the correct call, and Frank has overall Been bad this season.  These things are not mutually exclusive.

And in a half hearted attempt of defending Frank, execution has been lacking at times, which makes play calling


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    • I think all prospects in this draft are very much flawed and some of them in ways that I don't see finding their solution with time. IMO @Indeeeis not crazy for his ultimate goal/end result. Drake Maye and Caleb Williams IMO are much better prospects than any of the QBs in this draft. The problem is... you have zero guarantee you will be able to get them next season. You can have a horrible season next year and end up with the 3d or 4th pick just like this year and be left without a worthy QB to pick and IMO both Maye and Williams are players that practically no team will trade out of. For example, if either of them were in this draft, IMO Chicago would just draft them and trade Fields. They are too good to not draft. There are maybe like 5 teams that can afford to trade that pick and those teams are not drafting top 5.    With that said, about the QBs in this year's draft. In my mind having high ceiling is the most important thing for a QB prospect. Having high floor is very low on my priority list simply because I don't value high floor with QBs, average is not good enough... it's almost as bad as a total bust. IMO you have to aim high. And yes, this comes with a lot of risk especially in the prospects of this draft. The highest ceiling QB IMO is Anthony Richardson. And yes, he's the riskiest of them all. Highest bust potential... longest road to travel to his ceiling. But IMO Richardson has the best physical and athletic profile in this draft. Great stature, great body for an NFL QB. Great speed and elusiveness. Great arm. Physically and athletically he has it all, he's the best athletic package of any QB in this draft. He has a lot of work to do when it comes to processing of the game and command of the offense. He is not a good QB right now. But he has some of the best splashes of play out of any QB in this draft. His tape is littered with things you see and think - yeah... even in the NFL they cannot stop that. But nothing is consistent there. His footwork is inconsistent, his throwing mechanics need work... his decisionmaking is inconsistent, his accuracy is all over the place. But again... you can see not just athletic plays, but also throws that you see from some of the best QBs in the league. Opposite hash back shoulder throws, deep outs, bullet throws on a rope 30 yards downfield, deep posts and seams. A lot of the toughest throws in football, he has them in the bag... I also like he pocket presence and movement. I think he's actually one of the better QBs in that respect. He projects as a dual threat QB with excellent physicality, movement and arm. You can run an offense similar to what either the Eagles or the Ravens run without much problem... designed QB runs would be a feature of such offense, putting the defense in conflict, skewing the numbers in your favor in the box...    You will need a strong developmental offensive(QB) coach though... He's a bust waiting to happen and if I have to be honest... it's probably more likely he busts than he becomes a top 10QB in the NFL. But I think he has the best chance to be a top QB in the league from this class... and thus... reluctantly I think if I had to draft a QB in this draft... I'd probably draft him. 
    • One article I read has Jay Gruden joining him to be our OC.
    • The guy Reich could go after is Hines.  He is reportedly a candidate to be released by the Bills unless he restructures.  He is currently carrying a big cap hit and the Bills   Are 20m over.  He could easily be a cap casualty.  Of course I don’t think Reich used him effectively either.
    • It is near tournament time so I thought a thread was needed. Purdue plays a pretty tough Penn State team tonight. My thoughts on Purdue are that Edey is amazing and probably the best player in NCAA right now.   I don't think there is much after him on the Purdue team.  No solid #2.  Loyer and Smith are good but they couldn't win a tough game.  So if Edey has a bad game, they are beatable.  Not sure double teaming him will work.  He's 7'4 and could still catch and shoot.      Purdue plays IU on Saturday.  I hope Edey brings his A game.
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