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Rams @ Colts, Sept. 19, 2021, 1:00pm ET (12 Noon CT)


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4 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


Just disregard. Losses bring out the worst in people. You know that.

You are right I was ready to bring him out angry homer simpson GIF- just kidding but I had no idea why he said that so I wanted an answer. haha Oh well. Good luck against the Cards. By the way I just posted honestly, I didn't like the Wentz pickup but was being positive about it because that is what to try to bring to the forum. I wanted Rivers back for 1 more year or Luck coming back.

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16 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

The OL didn't cost this game. The head coach did early in the game. How about that five yard penalty for an illegal substitution. Frank might be a good offensive coach but he can't call a game and he never knows when to take the points or go for it. How many points did he leave on the table today?



They did, and they cost us seahawks game also. Rivers would be dead by now with this OLine play.


I don't like FR play calling also but better execution from the top dollar OL and Wentz would have ripped this defense up.


Footnote: Mack is 3x better than anybody else reading zone blocking, happy he's here.

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17 minutes ago, HungarianColtsFan said:

OK folks, let's hope Eason will get comfortable with the 'real' NFL soon.... I bet Wentz is out for several weeks (more than 3)

I'm confused. I watched him get up after being by attended to by the team doctor's, throw some balls, and act like he was good to go.  

Why are players so soft nowadays?? I could see if he was legit now able to walk. I WATCHED him drop back & put pressure on the ankle when throwing on the sideline. 

Yes, it is going to hurt to put pressure on it. But, you would think that he would be able yo tough it out for one more drive. I assume the team doctor's are who told him no tho. 

Wentz has played pretty * well so far this season! Reich's playcalling & our question marks at the safety position are what are holding the team back IMO

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32 minutes ago, HOZER said:

Would have been nice to have gotten that easy 3 points earlier. Good stuff.

That is not why we lost brother. Yeah scoreboard wise we can say it would've been tied. Once Eason came in it was over, predictable. I am not even sold on that Wentz would've won the game down 27-24 or tied at 27-27. It is what it is. I miss Rivers already and JB is 2X better than Eason for all the JB haters. 

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58 minutes ago, SchlicterSZN said:

Ah, when "if this and this, they'll WIN SOME GAMES" is rose colored thinking...lmao.   go bears, or Bengals, or bucs..... Literally any other team is worth checking out over this crap on repeat.

Feel free to do exactly that

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