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Just now, bravo4460 said:

Why did he not invest in better backup offensive linemen?

There are no such thing as surplus "good" backup linemen in the NFL.  College lines are not NFL ready anymore the vast majority play styles aimed at winning college games, not NFL style offenses.

Just now, SteelCityColt said:

Eason may still get his hero moment 


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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

It's incredible how Wentz gets injured all the time. Peyton played 13 years and never missed a game, Rivers never a missed a game either. We played well today but the L is all that counts.

Some players are injury prone its just the way it is. Frank and Ballard knew this and made the trade anyways

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Just now, SchlicterSZN said:

Wentz literally said "I can't" after trying to walk it off.  It was his call.  Not that I expectany to be ok after that tackle.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an ankle fracture based on his history and the way his ankle was wrenched

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Just now, CobraKai344 said:

Absolutely along with Ballard 

They'd hold onto Ballard I bet.  Frank was his hire.  'kind of" it's been an epic cluster# of weird and bizarre things Ballard has had to deal with.  From being stuck with the wrong coach, cpt. Cancer, McDaniels * him over to luck getting too high and shredding his shoulder in Aspen, to luck giving in to his whatever and flaking out less than 400 hours prior to the opener.... he'll likely get a pass.

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