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1 minute ago, LuckyHorseShoe§ said:

This offense is like watching a building collapse

Well the Colts are without probably the three most important people to making the Colts offense work.  They struggle without one of them.  Losing all three is going to be near impossible to overcome.

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    • I'm not a football historian.  But a big leap probably came in the 1950s when the forward pass was being emphasized and a whole new level of complexity in planning and execution was introduced.  Then another in the 1970's when QBs like Bobby Douglas finally were relegated to dinosaur status.  Then another leap in the 1980s and 1990s when Bill Walsh and his Tree emphasized even more complexity and nuance.  Its probably been more iteration of back and forth and situational strategy from that point on more than its been an evolution as an entire league.     Many things get too complex for their own good and the evolution curve runs out of steam.  The level gets too complex to be sustainable and sort of implodes.  Then "back to basics" rises from the ashes.   The NFL probably has run its course in getting more complex so QBs like AR are probably in the perfect spot to capitalize on the NFLs regression back to basics.
    • It's simple. Watch Philly last year and that's what we will be playing; the 6 back offence.
    • They would have to eat $24.8M in dead cap from his signing bonus to do it. But that money has to be accounted for anyways, whether it's all at once or over the next few years.   The trading team would be taking $25M gtd in base salary with them and the Colts would be done with the deal.   There's some value in that I guess...saving $25M. The problem is that Q is still a useful player, so even though they would save $25M, they would need to get back something decent in return.   But how often do vet Gs get traded?   The trading team would get Q for 2/$25M...and then have options for years 3 and 4. On the surface, that contract has value, but a team could have just signed Shaq Mason in FA at that AAV. Or paid less for a player like Seumolo. It's not tough to find good LGs in FA.    So it would have to come down to the name recognition. I think a R1 pick is out of the question, but perhaps a R2 pick if some team really believed his recent play (especially last season) was an outlier and the medicals checked out. Given I am more pessimistic about Q than others, I would probably take it.      
    • Yes they were a bad team. Coach McCay  was asked after a dismal loss what he thought of the teams execution and he replied "I am for it". 
    • It could happen again of course and possibly soon since the NFC is currently on the.weak side. 
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