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    • goodbye Chad - and God Bless you too !  
    • Colts Wentz/Unknown  Texans Mills/Watson/Unknown Titans Tannehill/Unknown  Jaguars Lawrence    Saints Unknown  Falcons Ryan  Panthers Unknown  Buccaneers Brady/Unknown    Bills Allen  Jets Wilson/Unknown  Patriots Jones Dolphins Tua/Unknown    Cowboys Prescott  Washington Unknown  Eagles Hurts Giants Jones/Unknown    Chargers Herbert  Raiders Carr/Unknown  Chiefs Mahomes  Broncos Unknown    Seahawks Wilson/Unknown  Cardinals Murray  Rams Stafford  49ers Jimmy G/Unknown    Steelers Unknown  Bengals Burrow  Ravens Jackson  Browns Mayfield/Unknown    Packers Rodgers/Love/Unknown  Vikings Cousins/Unknown  Bears Fields/Unknown  Lions Goff   There's 32 teams in the NFL   13 should be locked in as 2022 QB  14 are toss ups pending trades or retiring  5 are completely unknown    That basically means that 19 out of 32 teams nearly 60% of the NFL could have new QBs.   If you split the toss ups in half cause let's be honest several will stay with team you still get slightly around 30% new QBs   The NFL as a whole might look very different next year!
    • I read every thread that is started on this Colts board. Can't say that I read all the posts, because my ignore list is almost at the bottom of page 2. However, I have gathered enough opinions here on this subject...to know that there is some truth, a lot of assumption, and a lot of groaning.    Let's try to discuss how the Colts got to this point, what their options truly were (foresight then...not hindsight now), and lastly, what they can do to one day have a franchise QB again.    http://www.drafthistory.com/index.php/positions/qb   At this point I must admit that I have been backing Wentz from the get go. I still do....but I can better see his shortcomings now. I still think there is a chance he can be a good to great QB in this league. I do not know if that will happen, but another year to find out is both what I think will happen, and it is what I hope will happen based on contract/time frame/availability/continuity.    Andrew Luck retired in August of 2019. Since that event, GM Chris Ballard has had 2 drafts. Let me repeat that again.....2 drafts. So, the Colts are sitting now with a QB that a 1st and a 3rd round pick were traded in compensation. They fell short of making the playoffs this season, a game short of their first round playoff exit the previous season.    The Colts traded their 1st round slot #13, to the 9'ers to acquire Defo. To be realistic, Joe Burrow was simply not available for the Colts to move up and get at the number 1 slot. Why, because the Bengals would not have lost their opportunity to do the very thing this board is salivating at....get their guy. And for that matter, we don't know that Ballard didn't try. That leaves Herbert. What would the Colts have had to throw in to entice a team just as needy of their "franchise" QB as the Colts were, to trade out of the #6 slot? Our second at #34 (Pittman?), or our #41 (Taylor?) Both? Tua was taken just before Herbert what if he was chosen? Remember, see the underlined bolded above. So, with at least a dozen other teams all trying to do what some are proposing the Colts should have done.....and one realistic possibility......is a fail? Tough crowd.     Let's move on. Instead of doing the above scenario, Ballard went to work at the top portion of the draft netting two offensive players. Pittman, at a damned near unanimous opinion position of need, has developed nicely. He will play for this team a long time. Taylor is a damned star. By getting Rivers, the team got a vet to take a shot at the playoffs, blend the team together, and get a better picture of the next seasons options. In the 2021 draft, once again, the top 3 spots in the draft were filled by QB's. Trevor Lawrence, Zack Wilson, and Trey Lance. The only one in the playoffs is riding the pine. Do we know that any of them are going to be all that? How many 1st would it have taken to move up from the #21 slot to acquire one of those? Three.....four? Probably at least 3 and our second rounder this year and next. That means zero pass rush acquired at the top end of the draft. Was that a failure?   The trade for Wentz has not worked out as of yet. And it might not. But considering the options, and Ballard's respect and belief in Frank, he went with Wentz. What would it have taken to get someone better? 3 first's? More? Just to add.....if anyone thinks it has been uncomfortable in here with how the season ended, it doesn't hold a candle to what this place would be like with 3-4 first's being lost in a failed QB attempt. Not...even...close.    Everyone is entitled to give their opinion. And we can all point fingers until we're blue in the face. But the reality is, our QB retired earlier than expected, and this GM has done pretty damned well with how the events have unfolded.    32 teams, about a dozen legit QB's that are playing at a level to be THAT guy. That means, the Colts are eating out of the same dish that at least a dozen other hungry mouths are looking for dinner from. Wouldn't just a tad more patience be prudent?   So how does the team realistically get that guy in the near future? We've heard all the names thrown around, but how does that realistically get done? Please, can we not go to the tanking suggestion? 
    • Sorry, but Im confused…..   First you disagreed….  Then you agreed….  And then you disagreed again.       But the bottom line, according to your own post, is that Ballard won’t go after Wilson.  You think it’s because he’s the wrong guy, which he might be.   I think it’s because he’d be wasting his time, because Wilson would never let it happen, plus the cost would be too high.      Either way, we agree, we both think Wilson won’t be a Colt.      
    • Just so you know Grover graded out higher than D buck , 
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