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  1. Not to mention, I don't think he will want to be in the same division as KC and Miller/Chubb.
  2. Arch is a a ways away but that #1 is just about ready to start for the Colts at WR
  3. I think the Seahawks would have won comfortably. Manning wasn't the problem in that game, his offensive line was. For example, if the RT held his block on the pick six, then Thomas would have a deep TD as he had his man beat. Didn't Manning break the completions record at the time in that game by dumping it off to Thomas all game? The Seahawks knew the Broncos OL couldn't hold up, and played accordingly. The next year, the * only beat them because the Seahawks lost Avril and others during the game - and of course because they didn't run on the goal line.
  4. I think he is a big Todd Gurley fan? Peyton takes him to games of many teams.
  5. He's probably just making a point. He wasn't happy that Brees' last deal was better than his. He is testing the market so they don't low ball him (in his own view).
  6. It sounds like O'Brien met with O'Brien and O'Brien decided to stay the course.
  7. Seattle are like many of the Manning-Colts teams that had early exits. They have some nice pieces, above average coaching, but are flawed and need the QB to be superhuman to win in the playoffs.
  8. Watson is keeping O'Brien in a job all on his own.
  9. Colts fans know how the Ravens are feeling right about now. I can see the Ravens making a comeback and falling short.
  10. Some good banter on the Herd today suggesting that the reason the Patriots haven't had any weapons at WR for the last ten years is not because of drafting but because Brady needs receivers that can get open in 1.5-2.0 seconds due to his lack of arm strength and lack of mobility. He cited a tonne of recently drafted WR's making an impact in the playoffs this year because their QB's can buy time.
  11. Payton had/has Brees in a different offense in a different era to the Manning Colts. They have had very poor defenses so Payton/Brees were always aggressive. Brees would be forced to come from behind by throwing the ball downfield which certainly elevated his stats. The Colts would stubbornly run the ball at time and PM would be out of games during the 4th quarter quite often when the team was at its peak. Even so, Manning had more TD's per game. Manning, with his physical abilities diminished, also had some crazy numbers in Denver, showing how much the league has changed since the 00's.
  12. Only because the TB12 fanboys would fly in for each game. There is no way he will come to Indy. Its NE or the LA Chargers for mine.
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