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  1. 18to87

    Stupid T-Shirts

    If so, please PM me. I'll buy one!
  2. 18to87

    Concerning Super Bowl

    Fixed your post. I am hoping KC wipe the floor with them.
  3. 18to87

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Venturi on JMV is great. He's the only post-loss commentary I have listened to. He made some great points.
  4. 18to87

    Philadelphia (+8) at New Orleans (1-13-19)

    I was at this game. They couldn't pass block the Steelers with 7 blockers. Oh and Nick Harper!
  5. 18to87

    Philadelphia (+8) at New Orleans (1-13-19)

    The Saints are looking like a few of those Manning years Colts teams
  6. 18to87

    Reality check

    Reich will learn from this. A few important things happened early and got him out of rhythm. - The drop by Ebron was huge - KC scoring at will the first two drives was huge for his gameplan - The KC pass rush being legit vs the Colts OL was huge He will learn and be better for it. It's not like KC is going anywhere.
  7. Colts with a bye and HFA next year. Lock in it.
  8. Yup would be 17-24. Oh man.
  9. The post being quoted was RE the fact they didn't run the ball after the Leonard TO. That is on whoever is calling the plays.
  10. True. That's not on Luck. It's our awesome coaches first big game.
  11. I hope you all also realize that Luck is trying to do this with an injured #1 WR and then other WR's that probably wouldn't get picked up if put on waivers.
  12. There is nothing wrong with Luck. The Chiefs are simply winning all over the field. The timing is off on just about everything.
  13. I don't get why they went with five wide
  14. Well it's now or never
  15. Getting close to a Superbowl makes you more attractive to FA's than winning one #silverlining