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  1. The Patriots schedule gets tough down the track. It will be very interesting to see how they play.
  2. Brissett made one really bad throw. They wouldn't have been driving for a tie in the first place had the receivers not had so many drops. The blame needs to be shared.
  3. It's the in-game and real-time adjustments that are purported to make him so valuable - with and without spy footage apparently.
  4. As a nutrition researcher, clean living is marketing babble, but whatever Brady is doing is working for him so more power to him for that. I think his pass protection and offensive system has a lot to do with his longevity as well. As for Eli - I want to see him get traded to a contender. He deserves to go out with a shot at January football somewhere.
  5. Ernie Adams doesn't transfer either
  6. FWIW - Clowney didn't want to play for another BB coaching tree coach. We should all be worried if/when O'Brien gets fired and they bring someone else in. Vrabel isn't exactly setting the world on fire either.
  7. Peyton would have had more in the tank if Denver stayed in his offense. He was on track for another MVP until Elway demanded change midway through Fox's last year. People forget that Fox to the Bears was rumored the morning the Colts beat them in the playoffs. The next year, asking a 38 year old to run the Kubiak offense cut Peyton's career short IMO. His arm looked gone, but the lower body played a role in that as well. If the same thing happened to Brady at 38, he'd be retired soon after too.
  8. How I see this playing out: - Pats go 9-1 then Gordon is suspended again - A few weeks later AB starts skipping practice & meetings - is annoyed with double coverage etc, so the Patriots cut him - But, it's too late, the Pats defense is peaking and they get HFA - Brady dinks and dunks them to the Superbowl as the weather gets cooler and the Pats D dominates - Rest of the world prays someone beats them in the big game
  9. Listen to the JMV interview with Joe Reitz. Joe spoke with Luck and while he didn't give anything away, when JMV asked him if he thought he would stay retired, he quickly and confidently said yes.
  10. I don't know if I 100% agree, but deep down, he must have a craving to be doing something else with his life. There must be another itch he is eager to scratch. Whatever that is, I suspect we won't be finding out about it until next year some time or later.
  11. I wonder if Ballard's gamble on Kelly was more calculated than we all think.
  12. It was on JMV's show today
  13. Doyel seems to think that Jacoby's agent leaked it. JMV says it was someone on the sideline. It was probably both as Schefter would have needed two sources.
  14. Well Ballard and Reich weren't Ballard and Reich back then. Peyton/Arians running the offence and Pagano running the defense could have been interesting. But, Grigson...
  15. Is Eli really that much worse right now than Nick Foles? I would be willing to bet Eli could put in two solid years in this system.
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