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  1. This is well and truly out of hand
  2. This. Those first three rings are massively tainted. We also know Manning was told pre-AFCCG that he had to run the play called in from the side-line because it was suspected the Patriots knew the signals. There is a lot the Colts know, but have kept quiet about. Dungy hasn't really tried to hide this fact. I also agree with the last paragraph here. Oh, I predict KC 37 TB 9.
  3. Going to be weird rooting for KC. Hopefully they tear the Bucs a new one.
  4. This. In addition, I feel that Manning is the MVP of all time and I think that claim is cemented in for a while. However, any claim Manning has to the GOAT (over Brady) will probably fade into nothing if Brady wins tomorrow. It hurts for me to say that.
  5. The talking heads are floating it out on Twitter already. Hopefully, they know something.
  6. That can all be true @Superman but doesn't take away from the fact that the Patriots were likely at the top of their game regarding signal stealing and other shenanigans during those playoff games. Taking Peyton's audible power away in the biggest game of his career was almost guaranteed to lead to a poor performance. The coaches must have thought it was worth the risk.
  7. Yes, I remember that, and after that they started doing sweeps for bugs in the locker room.
  8. I hope so too. Dungy has a lot more to say on it as well.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/peyton-manning-trolls-patriots-and-their-history-of-cheating-on-mnf-172847296.html “As soon as the runner’s tackled, you’re able to hear the play-caller talking to the quarterback’s ear. He has until 15 seconds on the play clock, and then somebody cuts the line. Now, certain teams, maybe in the Northeast, they don’t cut their lines, they actually let it go all the way to zero seconds.” Probably pay back for the RCA Dome comments that Brady made not long ago...
  10. What will it say about Brady if Cam continues to play like this?
  11. Anyone know if all of these Manning articles are in or going be in a print issue?
  12. It has been rumored that he is biding his time to get in with Denver.
  13. And Brady had the greatest TE of all time, Welker/Edelman, and the best coach of all time.
  14. The Pats could also sign Dalton. He would be a pro bowler under BB.
  15. I have a sneaking suspicion that Stidham is going to light it up.
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