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  1. Anyone know if all of these Manning articles are in or going be in a print issue?
  2. It has been rumored that he is biding his time to get in with Denver.
  3. And Brady had the greatest TE of all time, Welker/Edelman, and the best coach of all time.
  4. The Pats could also sign Dalton. He would be a pro bowler under BB.
  5. I have a sneaking suspicion that Stidham is going to light it up.
  6. The last few posts in this thread seem to forget that Manning didn't always have healthy receivers in his final few years in Indy. He spent weeks at a time throwing to guys like Aaron Moorehead, Ben Utecht and Blair White, and Anthony Gonzalez was a massive bust. Then he went on to Denver with a shell of his former arm and earned a bunch of guys massive deals. Guys who were unable to replicate that success once he wasn't throwing them the ball.
  7. I agree. I am actually rooting for this to happen to further impact Brady's legacy. It would be great to see a brand new QB take them to playoffs (only to get beaten down by the Colts). I think the Bucs will be 9-7 and miss the playoffs by losing in week 17 to the Saints.
  8. Anyone know why he fell to be an UDFA (Washington)? Character issues?
  9. Good luck to them. If they don't do well it won't be due to lack of weapons. Brady has managed to get himself into a similar situation to what Manning did by going to Denver. Being 42 is a big difference, but Manning was also coming off neck surgery. I guess we will see...
  10. 18to87

    Jags Drama

    https://sports.yahoo.com/yannick-ngakoue-jaguars-coowner-tony-khan-air-dirty-laundry-on-twitter-182345678.html The last comment by Khan is a major burn.
  11. And Peyton played in four SB's with four different head coaches.
  12. Just watching Colts vs Patriots in Foxboro in 2006 and Manning is just unbelievable throwing dimes while under pressure and with defenders in his grill. Everyone likes to point out Peyton's weapons at that time, and sure they were great, but Peyton doesn't get enough credit for his role in their greatness. This may have also been one of the first games where the Colts took precautions against the Patriots cheating.
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