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    • I posted in response to a specific post about Strausser's performance, from another poster...  I provided clear facts on multiple years, only one of which was Gug's....  I mentioned Reich once in a very long post.   But like you always do.... you ignore facts and data, the original topic, and take a post in another direction.... And like you always do, you come to the rescue of Reich, even though he was barely mentioned.... Just admit that you're easily triggered on all things Reich...    But anyway..... Which facts lie specifically? You say this all the time, and I ask you all the time to the same question.... you never answer.... Please bring actual facts/data that contribute to the conversation, instead of your pearl clutching fluff and gush.......    So... what specially has Strausser been good at..... other than inheriting a top 5 OL?
    • Very happy for Leftwich.  And honestly, happy for the jags.  I think a competitive AFC south is a good thing for the colts and the fans.  Hopefully Trevor develops into something special and Leftwich shows he’s the man for the job.
    • What about another Carson? I recall when we had enough TJ in Pacers TJ Warren, TJ McConell, TJ Leaf  
    • Honestly? Could be the Broncos.  Or the Titans.
    • Your point, as always, misses the most important point.    That’s Gugs quickly wears out his welcome.   How bad do you think it must have been for Gugs to be let go?   I don’t dispute at all that he did a good job.   He did.  No one is saying otherwise.    And let’s be clear, you don’t know that’s Gugs was let go for that one incident.   It could’ve been much more, and you’d never ever know.      But instead of keeping the focus on Gugs, where it should be, YOU made this about Frank.   And ignored that Gugs has been fired quickly every place else.   A point that you didn’t bring up, I did.      This is how you make facts lie all the time.   You only bring up the ones that support your view, and ignore or downplay everything else.  You’ve done it since the day you arrived.     One of us cares about truth and facts.  The other tries desperately to spin their narrative.  Nice try,  again.  
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