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Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • The quoted stat says JT runs.   The OP took that and somehow twisted it into an indictment on Rivers.  Pretty stupid post honestly.
    • A bit of a reach you're making here.  There's no evidence that stat has anything to do with opponents fearing Rivers' ability to throw downfield.  You come off as an irrational Rivers hater to be honest.   As others have pointed out, Rivers has been pretty deadly when going deep compared to the rest of the league. You also ignore the fact that this stat is for actual JT running plays - not all plays - as well as the fact that the stat is likely skewed by the fact that in half of our games we ran clock for the majority of the second half.  Of course the D is gonna stack the box in those situations.   Do you happen to know which 4 RBs have faced a higher percentage of stacked boxes on their runs?  And if so, do you also claim it's because those QBs are not "feared"?
    • My Dad died In 2008. I made the trip back then to the Baltimore Area and saw my old room. Mackey's poster was the only poster I'd ever had. Still was hanging, more than 40 years after buying it.  Great Man!  Most kids today never heard of him. Made the absolute weirdest 75 yard TD in SB V.....   In those days an offensive player couldn't catch it after another offensive player had touched it, unless the defense touched it in between.  The game was held up forever as the refs tried to see if a Cowboy's fingernail grazed the ball...
    • Does Brady have enough footballs to keep AB and everyone else happy? If I had to guess... no but we will see.....
    • Keep in mind the Bucs are in win-now mode. They know once Brady is done, they are effectively done. Taking a chance on Brown makes sense, because Brown makes them better now. The Colts don't need to win now because we have a young nucleus of guys and a promising (imo) young QB in Eason. I know that sucks to hear, but Brown isn't worth compromising our locker-room over.
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