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  1. It is not "All hail" for me yet. Ballard did bungle/misread the McDaniels hire. He also misread the talent of the young offensive linemen left over from Grigson. Banner was a clear whiff. I have more concerns than most wrt Quincy Wilson's healthy inactive string. Much is unknown about that. Stewart and Walker Jr are question marks IMHO. Basham too. Grigson had a better first draft.
  2. Please no! That slogan is like a dirty old sock.
  3. I have the same concerns as you. Let's face it, Reich was the last pig to the assistants trough due to the McDaniels fiasco. IMO, in some cases, he was left looking under rocks and having to promise promotions instead of lateral moves to entice assistants so late in the game. Like you, I expect changes in the staff next year. Not the coordinators, but some of the others, to get better candidates for some of the roles.
  4. I agree. Doyle/Swoope/Travis should work. Eifert will probably get injured again, just guessing. We have so very many holes in our roster. I wouldn't make TE a priority this year. My only other comment about the OP's choice is that I'm not a fan of Nick Chubb's after watching the Bama game. I don't agree that his vision is that good. Michel far outplayed him.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate who you are. Kindness is not always welcome on this board. Here I am! Crucify me if you will!
  6. 85% of all the threads on this board are conjecture or opinion. Just a fact. Don't single one out.
  7. What on earth at this point is a hypothetical? Reich? Frazier? Just demand for a board closure. Not just me.
  8. I just felt it. I felt it. Like I said in my thread there are many who have very different views of what this board should be. X's and O's, scouting reports by NFL, by amateurs? There is no consensus on this board.Have you even read 75% of the posts on this board.? I have gotten a great deal of ad hominem posts from this fictional post of mine. Yet, there are those who propose to exclude me for putting forward any idea as a Colts fan even though I do it with full tongue in cheek. Is that lost in human culture? A shame.
  9. The Colts news was so depressing. So my headline was intended to make it aggressive and positive. It was all about Colts fans to get out of the doldrums and become aggressive.
  10. Thank you. Some people don't read be the headline or the first sentence. Thank you for doing so.
  11. Clearly, you have not my posts on this thread which explain.
  12. What I have learned... I haven't initiated but a few threads. Even though I strongly put forward that this wasn't an actual proposition only a possible knife in the back to Kraft and the Pats. I have seen many, many such things on this board over the many years. I clearly stated that it was just a near-term rant. Not a serious proposal. It is beyond the realm of the hatred that I have received from board members who clearly never read my original OP, but just spewed on top of others spewing. Bad news!
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