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  1. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Hopefully this coaching staff plays the better players.

    Adams is already better than him.....
  2. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Hopefully this coaching staff plays the better players.

    The moment Antonio Morrison is starting in an athletic 4-3 linebacking corp.. then you're not playing the best players
  3. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Zaire- Mike Leonard- will Adams- Sam This should be starting three... all rookies, yea but clearly the better fit talent wise and scheme wise
  4. Gocolts-Rolltide

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    Better throwing motion
  5. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    Hines leads the team in all purpose yds Matthew Adams starts at Sam, and leads team in tackles We shock the world, by winning the division And losing 2nd round to the ravens
  6. Gocolts-Rolltide

    New Rookie and UDFA numbers

    Zaire should not be wearing 97 at ILB lol
  7. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Darius Leonard & Skai Moore

    Will: Darius leonard Mike: skai Moore Sam: Matthew Adams This should be whatour starting ilbs look like come Bengals game...
  8. Grab guice! Christian Kirk Offense is set
  9. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Fred Warner should Def play Sam or will we should grab him in the 3rd -4th... roquan/tremaine, Fred Warner, najee goode
  10. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    Or jags
  11. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Josey jewel is pat angerer waiting to happen..... nope!!
  12. Gocolts-Rolltide

    NFL Draft 400: WRs

    We could grab jmon Moore from Missouri in the 5th-7th.... that would be a huge steal.... also would like janarion grant late round
  13. Gocolts-Rolltide

    TKnight24 Final 2018 Mock Draft

    First off.... #rolltide!!!
  14. Gocolts-Rolltide

    Just my hope... one of many

    I'm all for Edmunds really... I have him on muy wish list right behind Chubb...