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  1. Now that Ballard has taken out the trash with maulet... let's ban all Dbs that come here from wearing it... it's just not a good deal... Cassius Vaughn (garbage ) Tj green (burned trash) Arthur maulet (dumpster juice) Let's make make #32 great again lol
  2. I'm more than convinced andrew or even irsay would reimburse that
  3. Ironically that's exactly what I think of that stat...... "pfff" poppy *..
  4. Luck plz don't force it in to quadruple coverage
  5. That's what i'm talmbout!!! We ain't seen hitting like that since bob Sanders
  6. Cool.. so now it'll be twice as embarrassing watching Nate peterman tear through our high school zone defense like he's Marino
  7. And now he's about to be a world beater.... ..but the kemoko dragon is really really good so we'll be ok
  8. Soo we just have the dumbest. Least fundamentally sound team... just the timing we choose to make these * plays are just kill me
  9. Andrew throw the ball 5 yes well catch it .and fall well that's if we catch - Ind rec
  10. Welll.... we def don't match up well... our only advantage is having 12
  11. Ummmm why is our best interior pass rusher not dressing?
  12. Much like Jacob Lacey, tim Jennings, greg toler Kenny moore is going to be the poster child of getting cooked on the outside.... I can see that coming 2000 miles away smh...
  13. The moment Antonio Morrison is starting in an athletic 4-3 linebacking corp.. then you're not playing the best players
  14. Zaire- Mike Leonard- will Adams- Sam This should be starting three... all rookies, yea but clearly the better fit talent wise and scheme wise
  15. Hines leads the team in all purpose yds Matthew Adams starts at Sam, and leads team in tackles We shock the world, by winning the division And losing 2nd round to the ravens
  16. Zaire should not be wearing 97 at ILB lol
  17. Will: Darius leonard Mike: skai Moore Sam: Matthew Adams This should be whatour starting ilbs look like come Bengals game...
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