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  1. He could have kept PG and Westbrook but didn't want to. Better trade them for a good/great haul and start the rebuild than keep them, have the team in luxury tax and lose in the 1st round.
  2. Harden trade ended up being one of the worst ever. Presti deserves blame for Durant leaving. But he turned Ibaka to Dipo and Sabonis, those two to PG and PG to the biggest draft pick haul in NBA history. He drafted 3 MVPs three years in a row. I don't think anyone else has done the same. He has his flaws but he's far from terrible. Terrible GMs don't haul in talent like that.
  3. It is for Pacers but Magic have Isaac, Bamba and Vucevic already.. And they signed Aminu.
  4. I think East is pretty open even if he stays. There's no guarantee that they'll be able to maintain that historical defense. Siakam will probably develop further but vets like Gasol and Lowry could decline even further. Kawhi would be the best player in the East so that's hard to overcome but not impossible. Healthy Pacers should have a chance against every team in the East unless Philly gets lot of shooters and play up to their talent on paper (I don't think that will happen).
  5. While Redick was important, he was still just their 5th best player last year. He was their best 3 point shooter on a team that desperately needs spacing bc of Simmons and Embiid. But Richardson and Horford can space the floor. Richardson is also plus defender on the perimeter where Redick was a liability and he can create his own shot. Simmons needs to learn to score outside of 5 feet either way. Their length on D is exceptional as their 2nd shortest player in their starting lineup is 6'9 with 6'11 wingspan. Richardson is 6'6 with wingspan of 6'10. As of now, their depth is horrib
  6. It's about 0.375 TDs per game more. Not that much. Mahomes had just 163 drives in the regular season (ex. kneel downs at the end of halfs) bc of KCs porous defense. Peyton had 29 more in 2013. KC offense last year scored more points per drive (3.25 vs 2.98) and TDs per drive (0.405 vs 0.370) than DEN in '13. While it's possible he peaked on his 1st year starting, I consider that unlikely and their D won't likely be as bad in future years allowing for more offensive drives and thus chances to score. Trevor Lawrence could also going to be a big factor in breaking that record in few years.
  7. Gretzky has lot of unbreakable Records. 8 consecutive MPS, highest +/- in a season(+100), largest margin of victory in a scoring race(+79), most 100+ point seasons(15) or 11 100+ assist seasons (rest of NHL has total of 2 those).. Back in 1980, Eri Heiden won Olympic gold at speed skating.. at every individual event. 500, 1000, 1500, 5000 and 10000 meters.
  8. Second year player, first year starter just got to 50. 55 TD passes is certainly not among the most unbreakable records in sports. Players have gotten close to that and the record itself is just 6 r old. It's not even the most unbreakable Peyton Manning record. 23 consecutive regular season wins or 7 straight seasons of 12+ wins are going to be harder to break. Or 13 consecutive seasons with at least 25 TDs (Brady is at 10 right now).
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