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  1. He was a scout with the Pats 95-96 when Parcells was the HC. Hard to tell from that what kind of connection they have or how strong it is.
  2. Fins GM (Chris Grier) did come from NE but that was almost 20 years ago, pre-Belichick. There are connections though, no doubt.
  3. Finball

    Fully Guaranteed Contracts?

    Great post and Cousins contract wasn't drastic departure in terms of guarantees but the length was drastic (no team friendly years). He can hit the market again in 3 years (2 right now) and maximize his earnings. He also had no transition tag clause and no trade clause. Most player friendly deal ever. The benefits of being starting QB in FA. OP brought up Revis and Revis singed all kinds of deals to maximize his earnings. 1 year deal with a team option for another (Pats). Long, guaranteed rookie deal which he held out and which are possible no longer (Jets). Long-term deal which was essentially 1 year deal (Bucs). Then the traditional long-term deal with couple of years guaranteed and few more non-guaranteed (Jets again).
  4. I meant that 2 years of the long-term deal were guaranteed. The actual contract length would be longer and have non-guaranteed years. Cousins is the only one who got his whole contract guaranteed on multi-year deal, yes.
  5. Ballard hasn't signed FA to 2 year guaranteed deal so far. Though I'd assume that they've offered ones (Collins, Norwell, Jensen). But those guys were much younger than Tate.
  6. It's really just a 2 yr deal, both at 11.5M per. Longer term if it doesn't come with guaranteed money (for the team, worse for the player).
  7. Williams has 22M guaranteed money and 11M per. So it's really just a 2 yr deal.
  8. It's actually 0 wins, 1 loss. Regular season game on Bell's rookie year. At least one of those players was missing in other meetings or got hurt very early in the game.
  9. How? They have Mayfield on cheap contract for 4 more years. They still have about 50M in cap space. Rams are the team that has been going all in, trading far more picks while having far less assets to being with and less cap space too.
  10. Brown very well could be locker room cancer. Not sure about Bell. OBJ seems like the opposite if we believe Geoff Schwartz and Dan Duggan (Giants beat writer) at least. They say he was loved in the locker room.
  11. Finball

    Mosley to the Jets

    Their GM is probably standing on thin ice. He doesn't care much about longevity or losing players in few years. He's gotta win now.
  12. Finball

    CB Situation

    Roby is going to the Texans, Joyner to the Raiders.
  13. Agree with your general point but while Flowers got big money, it wasn't positional high. Edit. I guess you could say that since he got the most guaranteed money for a DE. But I group those just as edge rushers.
  14. 2. Hankins and Sheard.
  15. Hart played for Cinci last year.