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  1. Finball

    Let's rank some QBs -- 2018 offseason

    Great post, hard to disagree with those tiers or assesments.
  2. He would have to take major discount. Or Morey managing to ship off Anderson contract.
  3. LeBron basically is a PG and has been for a while. Maybe not ideal fits but those 3 would be nightmare to guard. No one has good enough wings for that. Spacing wouldn't be an issue either as they all can shoot. I don't think it's likely that they all end up on the same team though.
  4. One big FA signing is plausible with couple of moves, two is not without some major moves and seriously compromising depth. True contender.. that depends. GSW would still be heavy favorite if Durant re-signs.
  5. LeBron to Houston would need some Morey magic (getting rid of Anderson contract), probably some type of discount from LeBron/Paul and/or Cleveland willing to 'help them', as in trading LeBron there. LeBron can't simply sign there as FA if they want to keep Paul and Capela too. And CP3 is probably crucial in making LeBron to Houston work.
  6. Finball

    Defensive Line

    Woods and Roches as the only true DTs with size on the roster? I don't like that at all. The priority seems ot have shifted more to speed/athleticism but that group would just get gashed in the run game.
  7. Finball

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    This would probably be mine too. Aaron Donald is the best player in football in my opinion so he's an easy choice. I think Julio would be the best fit/make the most impact given our current roster. I see AB as better WR but Jones would fit better with TY.
  8. Agreed, though LeBron might score in the 50s again but it won't matter much. Warriors have just too much talent and Cavs have to play guys like JR Smith 30+ mins a game.. lol. Tough to recover mentally from a loss like that. They probably would've lost the series had Cavs won the game. Warriors were clearly off and only started to hit their groove in OT.
  9. Finball

    Colts hire new analytics guy

    BB has played football, just not at pro level. But yes, that's pretty common in pro sports, though MLB has gotten away from it and NBA a little bit.
  10. Finball

    #2 receiver

    Those are pretty bad numbers when your QB is Mariota.. though kind of ok when your HC is Mike Mularkey. Decker had almost twice as many yards when he had Geno Smith/Fitzmagic as his QB.
  11. Finball

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    It was couple of weeks. He sat on the bench for the first two games, but it went mostly unnoticed. He was recovering from offseason injuries and didn't dress for the game. Then on the 3rd week it was noticed, apparently kind of accidentially.
  12. Finball

    The NYGs

    Those two haven't been in full health in their games against the Pats, at least the last couple of years.
  13. Finball

    Guards drafted

    Pats have nailed most of their top picks when it comes to oline. Having the best OL coach in the game helps too. Hopefully we nailed those picks so we don't have to invest that high resources on OL for a while.
  14. Finball

    Name one team

    Bills, Panthers miss it, Chargers, Packers make it.
  15. Not advocating bringing in Fleener but teams have different standards for medicals. Otherwise Brees would be in Miami and Grant in Baltimore.