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  1. Earlier in the game the announcers were talking about Bill Belichick and the little things that he pays attention to when gameplanning, including who will be officiating the game. Which I don't know why Belichick would care, the refs hardly penalize the Patriots anyway...
  2. So we can all agree the Patriots have no serious opposition en route to the Super Bowl?
  3. Maybe Eli would've spooked the Patriots defense and traumatized them into giving up another 4th quarter rally to Eli...
  4. I think Justin Tucker is synonymous for sure thing.
  5. Aw, someone beat me to a Bob Kraft joke. The refs in yesterday's Patriots games looked like they were bought and paid for by Bob Kraft, I'll tell you that much...
  6. A Patriots/Cowboys Super Bowl would be Satan's gift to America, giving back for all of the bad deeds everyone in this country have done combined.
  7. Well the positive thing for the Bills is that IMO they have a favorable schedule this year, they could have between 9 and 11 wins if they beat the teams that they should beat.
  8. Bills will be 3-1 by the end of the 1st quarter. No contest.
  9. Patriots will pick him up for a bag of wire nuts and a half empty bottle of water that was left out in 95 degree weather.
  10. I should also note that the local news out here told us that the Patriots "sent a statement to the NFL" by beating up a team that had given up 59 points the week prior. Yeah, like the margin of victory was ever in doubt for the game yesterday, whatever makes you go to sleep happy at night....
  11. They cut down the amount of points they gave up by roughly a third, so that's progress, right?
  12. Still, the defensive playcalling on the last drive left a lot to be desired. Why, with a QB like Brees, were the Texans playing way off the receivers? I really like Watson though, exciting QB to watch. With him in the game, watching the Texans play is no longer as brutal as watching cement dry. It's astounding on how he's the difference between the offense being pretty good and astronomically incompetent.
  13. I haven't watched an AFC Championship game in years, last one was the 2014 one vs. the Colts. I'm not even that pumped that the season is about to start, largely because the Patriots will face little to no resistance en route to the Super Bowl once again.
  14. He'll be a model citizen and the past year will be bleached from his history, you'll be fine.
  15. He'll go to the Patriots, Belichick will bippity boppity boo his problems away, and then it's 2007 all over again with a slightly different ending.
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