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  1. Gets to the Super Bowl facing a 7-9 division winner, rides his defense to beat the Saints and a Drew Brees with a shot arm, throws three interceptions and beats a Packers team who made awful coaching decisions at the end of both halves. Sounds pretty familiar to most of his playoff runs with the Patriots.
  2. Didn't think the Bucs had a SB run in them this year, so I didn't think my services were needed on gamedays. Maybe I'll be back for the Super Bowl? Which even if the Chiefs win tonight, I'm pulling them them against the Bucs.
  3. You know Brady's 3 picks won't be held against him today, but Peyton gets blasted into oblivion if he hits a WR on the chest in the playoffs and the receiver drops it...
  4. Case in point to one of my earlier posts: I mean, sure, let's not mention the defense setting them up at the Saints 3 yard line and at the Saints 20 yard line twice, make it sound like Brady was entirely the reason Tampa won that game. It was borderline state-run TV when he played for the Patriots here.
  5. Watching Brees and Big Ben this year had vibes of watching Peyton in his final season (and to some extent, the second half of 2014), where you knew they had nothing left and they needed some great effort by the rest of the team to progress in the playoffs.
  6. Thanks, I was pretty scared of your team in the Wild Card round, I was pulling for the Jaguars in Week 17 since I would have much preferred to play the Dolphins again instead. AFC was pretty crazy this year, you could have made a case for any of the AFC playoff teams to make at least the AFCCG, on the NFC, it's pretty much the Packers, probably the Bucs, and then from there it's a steep drop, with the Rams and their banged up QB, the Seahawks who kinda fell apart at the end, a Saints team with a gassed-out Brees, whoever emerged from the NFC East, and then the Bears who can at lea
  7. Now I get to hear from the Boston media tonight how Tom Brady single-handedly caused those four takeaways by the Bucs defense and the Bucs defense setting them up deep in Saints territory every time. They were slobbering over him for beating up on the Falcons twice and the Lions late in the season, been pretty fortunate his competition has been lackluster in the playoffs, against Washington and a Drew Brees who has nothing left in the tank.
  8. I went into the game last night with my usual mentality of "they're going to lose and I'm going to need to cheer for the Patriots to beat the Dolphins on Sunday so the Bills can clinch the division that way." Bills have spent the last month on primetime, I think I've seen them on TV more this year where I live than the past 10 years (that's if you exclude the mandatory two Bills-Pats games every year).
  9. I'm sure we'll find a way to lose to them on Monday Night next week! Bills will still be playing for seeding for the rest of the season, so they can't take the foot off the gas. Realistically they can get up to #2 since they're a game behind the Steelers and they have a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Steelers, but if lightning strikes 4 times, they COULD get the #1 if they win out and the Chiefs lose out.
  10. It's kinda funny, they never scare me (although I'm sure this will come back to bite me). I actually expect to beat the Dolphins every time we play them, even in years where they are a better team than us. I think it has to do with the fact that the first few years where I watched the Bills, when the Bills were pretty bad, they were still sweeping the Dolphins the first couple of years, so I just got used to that, lol. The Bills did beat the Dolphins in Miami at the beginning of the season, but Miami's a much different team since then, but I've gotta think they'd be the least scariest matchup
  11. You guys actually scare me the most of the WC teams, although I wouldn't want to face the Ravens or Browns either...
  12. I get they're from one of the biggest TV markets in the country, but you knew that game was going to be a non-competitive snoozefest before it even started. I generally watch every Sunday Night game available, but I can tell you that both Sunday Night games that I largely tuned out of involved Packers-Bears contests (I wanna say there was a game in 2013 or 2014 where the Packers dropped 50+ on the Bears on Sunday Night and you could feel it was going to happen before the game even started).
  13. I swear, for a team that's been mediocre (and that's being generous) over the past decade, normally sneaking into the playoffs because of freak accidents in the division (like Rodgers injuries), they seem to get a fair amount of primetime games every year. Are they still riding on that 85 Bears magic or something? Do they pull in good ratings because of their name? I don't get it. I watched the first couple of drives to see how the game would fare out, and when it went largely as predicted, I muted the TV and just kept it on in the background while I did other things. And 99% of Bears/Packers
  14. I agree, I think the Patriots pretty much scarred the Falcons for life. I remember reading how the Patriots broke the Seahawks after their Super Bowl loss, but the Seahawks have been a very good team since, and the last two times they played the Patriots (2020 and 2016), they won and both games were decided on a stop at the 1 yard line.
  15. So the Patriots Super Bowl 2020 run starts right now, right?
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