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  1. Spoiler alert: Patriots vs. NFC Team is your Super Bowl next year. AFC is just lulz.
  2. The guy at your local grocery store that bags your groceries.
  3. While I think this is a good deal for the Raiders, am I the only one who thinks Brown will just completely flame out on that team? The Raiders are normally a team where superstars go to have their careers die a horrible death. Also, it's the Raiders. Sure, they have a ton of first round picks, but I'd think the odds are better than that they botch those too.
  4. In that event, wouldn't everything just go to his son Jonathan?
  5. http://www.nflpenalties.com/team/new-england-patriots?year=2018&view=games The Kansas City regular season game this past year. Even in 2017, there were three games where they just drew only penalty.
  6. Eh, some people call them disciplined, others call it favorable treatment by the officials... (I know some teams are more disciplined than others, but you can't tell me you can go an entire game without a single penalty, which only ever seems to happen to the Patriots.
  7. Saw this and had to show you 



  8. Thanks! I live in Massachusetts so I was able to watch the game and believe me, it was a thriller and then some.

  9. Congrats to the Bills! Sure wish I could have watched that game.

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