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  1. What's more depressing is that the Bucs have a decent shot at getting back to the Super Bowl next season. No one in the division will pose the slightest threat to them (Brady playing in a division with three really bad teams? Is it Groundhog Day?), I think the NFC looks fairly weak next year, and they'll have a decent shot at getting homefield. ....at least the Patriots won't make it to the Super Bowl? I mean, we're done with that part of the season, right?
  2. So the bribe checks that the refs got come from Brady now and not Kraft? Unless Kraft is still paying the bribe checks like it's child support?
  3. LOL Another PI on an uncatchable pass! The superhero ref saves the day again!
  4. Brady throws an incomplete pass! SuperRef to the rescue!
  5. Now for Brady to blow down the field for another easy TD right before halftime.
  6. Well, it snowed today, after the game, instead of watching Brady hoist another Lombardi, I'm gonna go out and shovel before it gets really cold and a lot harder to move around. I get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow so I'll be knocked out the day after the Super Bowl as a bonus!
  7. Was the flag an insurance policy in case Gronk didn't catch it?
  8. Brady interception gets bailed out by a flag? We are headed towards normal life!
  9. And Kelce can't catch it. Now for Brady to blow down the field and put this game away.
  10. Doesn't matter. Chiefs will punt after three plays and then Brady will blow down the field for the easy TD to put the game away.
  11. Yeah, this one is over. Time for Brady to blow down the field for the game sealing drive.
  12. Gets to the Super Bowl facing a 7-9 division winner, rides his defense to beat the Saints and a Drew Brees with a shot arm, throws three interceptions and beats a Packers team who made awful coaching decisions at the end of both halves. Sounds pretty familiar to most of his playoff runs with the Patriots.
  13. Didn't think the Bucs had a SB run in them this year, so I didn't think my services were needed on gamedays. Maybe I'll be back for the Super Bowl? Which even if the Chiefs win tonight, I'm pulling them them against the Bucs.
  14. You know Brady's 3 picks won't be held against him today, but Peyton gets blasted into oblivion if he hits a WR on the chest in the playoffs and the receiver drops it...
  15. Case in point to one of my earlier posts: I mean, sure, let's not mention the defense setting them up at the Saints 3 yard line and at the Saints 20 yard line twice, make it sound like Brady was entirely the reason Tampa won that game. It was borderline state-run TV when he played for the Patriots here.
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