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  1. I get they're from one of the biggest TV markets in the country, but you knew that game was going to be a non-competitive snoozefest before it even started. I generally watch every Sunday Night game available, but I can tell you that both Sunday Night games that I largely tuned out of involved Packers-Bears contests (I wanna say there was a game in 2013 or 2014 where the Packers dropped 50+ on the Bears on Sunday Night and you could feel it was going to happen before the game even started).
  2. I swear, for a team that's been mediocre (and that's being generous) over the past decade, normally sneaking into the playoffs because of freak accidents in the division (like Rodgers injuries), they seem to get a fair amount of primetime games every year. Are they still riding on that 85 Bears magic or something? Do they pull in good ratings because of their name? I don't get it. I watched the first couple of drives to see how the game would fare out, and when it went largely as predicted, I muted the TV and just kept it on in the background while I did other things. And 99% of Bears/Packers
  3. I agree, I think the Patriots pretty much scarred the Falcons for life. I remember reading how the Patriots broke the Seahawks after their Super Bowl loss, but the Seahawks have been a very good team since, and the last two times they played the Patriots (2020 and 2016), they won and both games were decided on a stop at the 1 yard line.
  4. It would've been a first down for the Bills, so they'd have one extra shot at the end zone in that drive.
  5. Brady gets a late hit. I thought the flag was legit but the same late hits aren't being called on the Bills...
  6. Gronk pushes off, no call. White pushes off and it's the Bills flagged. So of course the paid-for-by-Kraft refs are doing this game.
  7. Bills kicker has a 49 yard FG go off the upright. Gotstowski has a 51 yard FG bounce off the uprights and go through for a FG. So of course the Patriots are getting the bounces they normally get.
  8. Yeah, this one's over. Bills lose at Seattle next week. Season's over too.
  9. Empty arm going forward is usually a good way to see. Think he raised his arm up to throw, but never moved arm forward with the ball.
  10. I say Buffalo Wild Wings is behind this...
  11. Watching the Texans play on primetime is like watching paint dry. When was the last time the Texans scored on a primetime game, btw? World War I? (their last two primetime games they got shutout against the Pats and shutout at home in the playoffs)
  12. Seriously, Brady beat up the Browns. Why not just say he punched a 1st grader and took his lunch money?
  13. It's more of a staying at home for a week vacation, lol. That and using up all the time I have left for the year, but thanks. Conveniently, the Bills play on Monday Night (in Seattle) that week.
  14. Well, considering the Rams are up next, 16 COULD be enough to win...
  15. I think the NFL changed their blackout policy so that they don't exist anymore, even if they don't sell out...
  16. Don't feel bad. A season or two ago when we had the local news update during halftime (this was during the Patriots' bye week), the local news made one of their top stories a picture of Tom Brady's vacation spot during the bye week. I mean, really? Aren't you totally shocked that a football player spent some time away from the football field on their bye week? Even the playoffs last year, it was so important for the local news to show a picture of Tom Brady watching the Chiefs/Texans playoff game. I can sum up the story for you as simple as I can: "Football player watches football
  17. Thanks! Although I'm sure the second game at the end of this month won't be pretty.
  18. The Patriots aren't going to go 19-0 now! They can't be hailed the best ever! So the Bills lose the two games I expected them to win and win the two games I expected them to lose. So we still have a pulse. Although it's hard to get too excited on the season when your #1 WR is out for the rest of the year.
  19. Don't worry, the Patriots will find a way to win this game. Brissett will start by blowing down the field for an easy TD + 2 right here.
  20. I should quit my current job and become a Patriots QB. Seems like a pretty easy job.
  21. The way the Bills came out this season and their history against the Patriots this millennium, the Yankees have a better shot at winning the AL East right now (their magic number to be eliminated from the AL East is one, so one more Red Sox win or a Yankees loss eliminates that possibility).
  22. Hey, it'd take 19-0 off the table. Which is always step #1 in stopping the Patriots in any given year. Step 1: Get that first loss so they can't go 19-0 and be the best team ever. Keep the 1972 Dolphins as the only team in Perfectville. Step 2: Start piling up the losses so that they can't get the #1 seed. If successful, push them out of a first round bye. Step 3: If all else fails, hope the stars align and beat them in the playoffs. Obviously, the sooner the better. That's how I've approached the past 10 years or so.
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