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Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)


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Just now, scooter4910 said:

Man, I'm so torn....really want the Pats to lose but I want our new HC to have a good showing.


He's had 5 rings worth of good showings.  That's part of why he's going to be our new HC.


Not torn at all.  Go Jags!

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1 minute ago, Happy2BeHere said:

Jags are the real deal! I hope they keep taking it to the pats. It’s the second half you have to worry about with the patriots.


go jags!

Yes that end of first half start second half run...plus they always make better adjustments at half time.

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Just now, Derakynn said:

Classic that the one time I cheer for the Pats they decide to be trash. Literally 1 playoff game has gone the way I wanted it to so far.

Why cheer for them? I'm cheering for AFC South on this one...and against the pats.

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1 minute ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

Put your foot on their throat and don't let up til the game is over!! Most teams that are beating the pats lose their composure they need to keep calm and play their game and they can do this!

Agree.  Coughlin may have a say in the keeping calm department.  I'm sure he'll point that out to the staff.

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    • Seriously. Thats your take on yesterday's game? A game like yesterday infuriates me even more. Eberflus should have had the same game plan against the Jags. He played off the receivers and allowed Minshew to complete 95% of his passes. Thats a joke. I have read and heard ex gms say we were out coached in the Jags game. We played vanilla D and allowed Minshew to complete shirt passes by playing sofr. I am still not impressed with him as a coordinator. Has done nothing to wow me.
    • Glow is really developing into a really nice player.
    • That..........was ugly.
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    • If we don't resign Rivers or roll with Eason for the following year, I hope we trade for a veteran QB vs. taking one in the draft.    This is assuming that Lawrence, Fields, and Lance will be out of reach.    Matthew Stafford and Carson Wentz are two QB's I believe will be "available" given a solid offer. Stafford will be 33 by the start of next season, but he still has 4-6 good years left.   Carson Wentz is not doing so hot right now, but I believe that he still has a lot of potential with the right coach.
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