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  1. No team is taking 2-3 QBs over a starter they've invested a lot in. Any GM that does that is going to be fired immediately. People will bring up Rosen but Rosen was not very talented and a locker room headache (AR is not either). I don't get this fixation that AR will fail. Should Josh Allen convert to TE? Should Lamar convert to RB? Should Kyler Murray convert to RB? Should Bryce Young convert to slot WR? He hasn't even completed his rookie deal and people are already writing him off as a failure. I swear, most of this forum would've converted Josh Allen to TE after his not great rookie year. I hate to break it to you but no one at 15 is going to be more talented than Richardson. Like it or not, he's our QB for the future. If you were GM, Colts would go 0-17 every year.
  2. A bit late but Nabers is going top 6. A trade up for him would cost too much. Odunze and Bowers are realistic and those are the guys we should target. If Bowers falls past 8, I think you should do everything you can to trade up for him. Agreed with everything else though. I think you can have a good but not elite CB group and still be successful. Colts can sign a few vets and call it a day (or draft someone later). I don't think we need a WR in round 2, unless it's worthy, if we draft Bowers. Bowers is basically that WR1 that we've been clamoring for. There's only 1 ball and a lot of mouths to feed with Pittman, Downs, Bowers, Taylor, etc. I'd take Worthy because his speed is something we don't have but Bowers kind of makes up for that with his explosiveness. I think we go CB/S in round 2 or maybe pass rusher depending on who is available.
  3. But why would you ever entertain converting AR to tight end. He's a QB and will remain a QB for the rest of his career. If he fails, it's going to be as a QB. I made the Luck comparison because no one would ever think about converting Luck to another person, even though he was built like a LB. Josh Allen has a similar build to Richardson. Are you converting him to TE? You'd be run out of Buffalo for suggesting it. I don't understand the Russell comparison. Just because they're the same weight means he's going to be like Russell? Jamarcus Russell notoriously didn't practice or work hard. Richardson is the exact opposite. If you're going to compare him to someone, use a more accurate comparison, like Josh Allen. I swear, half of you would've converted Josh Allen to LB after his rookie season because he wasn't that good. Let me ask you this, if MHJ was named Jamarr Chase, would you still be willing to give up that much to move up for him? No, you wouldn't. I don't care that he's the son of a legend. That's not worth the trade up. Colts can move up to 8-10 and take an equally impactful player. There's no need to sell the farm for MHJ.
  4. Bowers is the guy I'm hanging on to for this draft. I really hope he falls to 15 or we trade up to get him.
  5. Bowers is a better prospect than Pitts. It's not Pitts fault but he had no QB and a HC that wasn't running the offense through him or Bijan Robinson. Shane will definitely get him the ball. If you've watched Bowers, you'll know he's definitely a fit for the Colts. He's basically an oversized receiver and has tons of explosiveness. He's a threat to take it to the house. He's going to have a RAS of over 9.5 (I'd bet 9.8-10). Athleticism and explosiveness aren't a concern for him at all.
  6. What's the point of this thread again? To bash Pittman? He's a good WR. People expect your WR1 to put up 1500 yards + 10 TDs and that's not realistic. Look at the Chiefs and Ravens. They don't have a WR1 yet they're both in the AFCCG. It's more about having a variety of weapons rather than one guy. I do agree Colts need another pass catcher but it doesn't have to come in the form of a WR (Brock Bowers please). Pittman definitely needs to be re-signed. Expecting him to take under 20 million is unrealistic. Same people saying they'd let him walk if he wanted too much are going to be the same people complaining about the lack of receiving options next year. You're really overhyping Love. He's been good, not great. Certainly not an elite QB or a top 5 one in the NFL (those are the guys that win rings, Purdy aside). Part of the reason why Love has been playing well is his supporting cast. Are you gonna say Baker Mayfield is an elite QB now? Colts liking Love was never confirmed either. It was just a baseless rumor that came from nowhere. Just because you like someone doesn't mean they're good. Christian Watson isn't lighting up the NFL (and he has drop problems). Ballard has been hitting on most of his picks, which is important. Seems like you hate Ballard too much to realize that these players aren't anything special.
  7. I find it funny how much Colts fans want AR to fail. Did you know Luck was asked to convert to LB? Yet I never heard anyone say anything about moving him to a different position... If Luck was still our QB, people would get crucified for suggesting we take a first round QB to be a backup due to his injuries. But people are more than happy to do it for AR, who had a fluke injury, and has looked promising in his limited play. Sometimes I wonder if you guys are really Colts fans. Instead of supporting him, people already want to replace him.
  8. I doubt it. If we get Bowers then the only type of player we're missing is a speedy receiving threat. I don't know if they'll sign out but our WR room will be pretty full. Maybe they sign him as a backup in case of injuries.
  9. If Bowers is there at 15, you take him. Like you said, he's going to be a perennial pro bowlers. Mallory shouldn't stop us from taking Bowers. Bowers isn't a slot guy, you can think of him like Kelce or Gronk (in terms of receiving ability).
  10. A little late but I love the trade. Siakam will cook next to Tyrese. Pacers still need a wing if they want to compete with the best. Next I'd look at DFS on the Nets. He's a good defender and would fit very well in the starting lineup. He's also on a good contract for what he brings to the table. Nets say they want 2 1sts but I think you can negotiate it down. I'd trade Toppin + Stix + a few 2nds for him. Another option for a wing is Herb Jones. Pelicans are paying BI, CJ, JV, Zion and are close to the tax. A few of their rookies are up for extension as well. I don't think they want to trade Herb but he may be a cap casualty. I'd call NO and see what they want for him. He's going to be expensive though since he's an elite defender. You probably have to include Jarace in the deal and Pacers aren't ready to move him (yet). I think NO moves CJ so they can re-sign JV and keep Herb, but he's one to watch out for.
  11. I had the opposite view. I agree it doesn't seem likely we take a CB. Ballard sounded pretty high on our guys and there are some good CBs available in free agency. I thought his press conference pointed to WR/TE. He talked a lot about explosiveness and to me that signals one of the top pass catchers. Maybe I'm coping but I could see a trade up for Bowers. 3 QBs + 2 tackles + 3 WRs will go ahead of Bowers. If he's there around 8-10, I'd do everything I could to move up for him.
  12. Not a player to watch since he's one of the best prospects in the draft but I'm all in on the Bowers train.
  13. I expected to read about whether we should go WR or CB at 15. Instead people really want to draft a backup QB? That's an awful move and how you get fired. Even if we do need a backup, you can find one in free agency, or draft on in day 3. Drafting a QB just to play backup when we have needs elsewhere is asinine. I think it's WR/TE. CB can be signed through free agency. You only need a good, not great CB group. I'd try to trade up for Bowers if he falls pass 8.
  14. It would suck to lose him but I'm fine with it. Shane is the one running our offense and I trust him to find a replacement. Playcalling? Sirianni hasn't been very good at it. Although it's a lateral move, if he's a good playcaller, then it could mean the difference between being an OC and HC (like Steichen).
  15. Then they shouldn't be an NFL coach. The best coaches adapt their system around players. Stroud doesn't fit in a team like the Eagles, Ravens, Bills, etc. because those teams are designed around running a lot. It's like trying to fit Joe Burrow in the Eagles scheme (with a lot of designed runs). You're definitely not executing the QB sneaks at a high level. You're really underselling AR and what's he capable of. There are very few true pocket passers in the league and AR would actually fit some of those teams, believe it or not. This isn't accurate either. Most QBs in the NFL are mobile. Are you going to tell me Mahomes is a bad QB because he moves around in the pocket? Stroud has looked fine but I'm still taking AR any day of the week. Upside + athleticism and he can develop as a passer. Think of it this way: We knew Stroud was going to be a good passer coming out. Whereas with AR, there were a lot of concerns over his accuracy. AR is the only one (so far) to show development from his college tape. Stroud still struggles under pressure and creating out of structure. People need to get over their love for pocket passers. This isn't the Peyton and Brady era anymore. You need to be mobile to succeed at the NFL level.
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