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  1. Mack had a good blitz pick up. Nelson wasn't in the O-Line and Andrews isn't that good. Nah, that's not the issue. Also, it's preseason and the O-Line hasn't played together yet. If the line gives up 50+ sacks, you'd have a case.
  2. They're testing him out. He played pretty well last year and this year all indications are he had a good camp. They probably wanted to see how Ya Sin would do with the 1s.
  3. Why would he do that? Kelly can still be QB2 after this season. I don't know why people want to trade Brissett so badly. If he leaves, he leaves. You still get a comp pick out of him. Realistically, the Colts aren't going to get higher than a 3rd rounder for him.
  4. Where would he play? He'd be WR5. If you think Inman is so good, why'd he leave the Pats? He left the Pats because he knew he was getting cut. I'd much rather have our current group than add Inman. Last year's receiver situatioj was different than this year. If you make Inman #3, Campbell and Cain don't develop.
  5. I'd like to see Kelly with the second unit instead of Walker.
  6. Isn't Nelson out? It's hard to run when the team knows you're running.
  7. Good points regarding the O-Line. Consistency is the main thing with the offensive line and most of these guys haven't played together in camp. Mudd and Strausser are installing a new scheme which will take time to learn.
  8. How many teams have a game changing starter? I think our RBBC approach is perfectly fine.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/reece_jmm/status/1162544040665108482?s=21
  10. I think it's ok. I'm more concerned about O-Line depth. At safety, you have Hooker and a bunch of players who can play SS.
  11. Money isn't the issue. I'd prefer to stick with our current WR group than add Inman. Probably some O-Line or D-Line depth. Realistically, a WR cut isn't going to make the team because the current group is solid.
  12. No way it's OL. There's very little depth there. With Fountain out, it's probably not going to be a WR, leaving CB as the option. Maybe Hairston? Lol at the Turay suggestions. You really think Ballard would trade Turay in only his second year? Some of the takes here are really wild.
  13. I'm sure Chargers can easily get one of Rivers' 100 kids to sub in. Edit: On a more serious note, we may complain about our injuries, but the Chargers truly have bad luck with injuries.
  14. Lol the overreactions here are something. It's possible the O-Line takes a step back, but I have no issue with firing Degugliemo. Also, it's TC. Like preseason, there's not much to be gleamed from it. Last year Colts were pretty bad and look how that turned out.
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