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  1. Good signing. TJ is supposedly a high character, great locker room guy. He will be the third PG off the bench, and 76ers fans love him. Do we have all the TJ's in the league? The league isn't ready for 3J. I think I read somewhere Pacers have 2.18 mil left + the exception. I don't think that's enough for one more player. I think you can sign a good backup with the exception. Maybe trade McDermott after July 6th? Also, I'm lowkey excited for Summer League. That starting 5 has me hyped and I think (I know, overly optimistic), that every player could be a d
  2. And Turner is a much better defender. Turner is pretty much a key part of this team's D, and is a modern 5 that can also shoot. We also don't know how much of Turner's offensive struggles are on Nate. If the Pacers were a historical franchise, like the Spurs or Celtics with a ton of rings, sure, the challenge would be fun. But they're not. I don't care if it's "easy", "undeserved" or Pacers get lucky like the Raptors, I just want a championship. If that means having an easy East, then that's completely fine with me.
  3. How would that work salary wise? It makes no sense for the Magic as well.
  4. RHJ or Stanley Johnson. No to WCS or Lance. I know you all love Lance but he's not what this team needs. We don't need WCS on this team either.
  5. Just some thoughts (sorry for the triple post lol): - I don't think Rubio was a smokescreen like everyone was saying. There was too much smoke for there not to be fire. Almost every insider was saying it was happening and even executives believed it. I think they moved away from Rubio when Middleton got extended and made Brogdon more likely. The Rozier contract certainly didn't help either - This team still isn't complete. As of now, I'd put Bucks and 76ers above us (assuming Dipo is fully healthy). There's a weak spot at 3/4, in terms of defense. Sabonis is kind of a
  6. Kawhi can do as he pleases, obviously, but it's better for the Pacers if he goes out West. Edit: Looks like he's going to the Lakers. That's good.
  7. Not really that impressive. They already have two superstars. It's LA, and Kawhi comes from there. Plus they'd have the best chance of winning a championship. Not that hard of a sell. If the Clippers landed him, that would be impressive. Nah, I want him to go out West. I don't care where he goes. The West is going to be a bloodbath anyways. If he goes to the East, I only want him on the Pacers (not happening).
  8. I think the team still needs a backup 3/4, someone who fills the Thad role. Not sure who on the market is available to do that. I'm not comfortable with the 3/4 role. Warren's a scorer, but his D isn't that good. I don't know how good Sabonis will be at PF. We need someone who can defend wings, and guys like Giannis, Leonard, etc. I think Warriors got DLo so they can still stay competitive. Weird fit when Klay comes back but indications are Klay can play the 3, and GS might trade DLo after the season. Timberwolves and Hornets. Wolves can't move Wiggins at all and they go
  9. Philly's roster is the best on paper. They're looking scary. If Simmons learned how to shoot, they'd be favorites, easily. Edit: Philly is copying the Pacers lol. Pacers went big and Philly copied.
  10. I think Sabonis is gone too with the Brogdon trade. Maybe not during the summer, but the trade deadline at the latest. Preferably a PF (Aaron Gordon was being thrown around).
  11. This was the best way for the Pacers to actually compete. Realistically, Pacers were never going to land a Kyrie/KD/Leonard level FA. I'm glad Pritchard took a risk instead of staying complacent. Now that you mention it, Lamb and Warren are probably glad they're out of those bad situations. Edit: Is it true that Vic and Brogdon are good buddies? All I know is that he wanted out of Milwaukee.
  12. Just realized how young. Our entire core is under 30 and Brogdon and Vic are in their primes.
  13. Yeah, these were all great moves. Warren was free. Lamb is on a great contract, and Brogdon is a good trade. I'm glad the team didn't give up Holiday. Poor Charlotte. Rozier is making as much as Brogdon lol. I wonder why Bucks let him go. They were so close this year and could have run it back.
  14. I love how Pritchard put money where his mouth is. We weren't linked to Brogdon at all and many teams wanted him (Dallas, Philly, etc.) Pritchard went out and got him. Added a good shooter and great player. I think KP recognizes that the East is wide open and is trying to make a roster that hold their own w/o Dipo and be really good w/ Dipo.
  15. Pacers still have some cap space left (I think ~5 mil). They also have the MLE. Move McDermott and that's more money. I think they can sign a couple solid guys with that money.
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