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  1. I doubt Fromm lasts to the second. I'd rather trade up for a QB.
  2. Not if they keep trading away talent. Who says they hit on all those picks? They might not even draft the right QB.
  3. Today, someone said Vikings weren't going to trade him. I highly doubt he gets traded. Why cut Cain? You can still have Cain on the team with Diggs.
  4. Vikings aren't trading Diggs. Multiple sources have confirmed it. They're more likely to get rid of Cousins before trading Diggs.
  5. He's a big guy. I doubt he plays this week but it'll be interesting to see if he has an impact.
  6. I don't know. I had a dream where Colts won with Brissett putting up 9 TDs and Mahomes 7. Maybe that's a sign of things to come. I'm not going to automatically write the Colts off but it'll be hard to win this game. As they say, any given Sunday. It'll probably be a high scoring game. My guess is 45-30 Chiefs.
  7. I think that was the point there. You were never going to find am impact player at where we drafted.
  8. This team does need a big body on the line. The defense is also really young so they need time to gel.
  9. Except the Dolphins, who are actively tanking.
  10. Jalen Hurts but that is never going to happen. I don't believe in Tua or Fromm. I don't think Fields declares this year. Eason wouldn't be a bad pick.
  11. Defense turned things around last year. I think they can do the same this year. Injuries hit us hard and Eberflus needs to make some adjustments. Offense and Brissett are fine, but we do need a WR to step up if Hilton misses more time.
  12. And? He's gone now. No one is really comparing Brissett to Luck. Besides, I doubt Brissett needs to do something like that in his career.
  13. So no Hilton. This game will be tough. At least we get to see more of Cain/Campbell.
  14. Does this mean Sheard is good to go?
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