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  1. I thought it was Boehm for Nelson, and Andrews (60?) getting the starting nod? And I stand corrected: Kelly was in for at least 3 series. Still - I am relaxed til we see normal season otherwise
  2. Well 1, Mudd isnt the head O-Line coach. 2, last year we were game planning 10 days in advance for O-line protections, and adapting our play calling to match what our O-line was capable of handling. 3) We were without Kelly and Nelson tonight. I am of the R-E-L-A-X crowd until its a good sample size, IE 4 real games with real game plans, unless its obvious from the start
  3. For the Colts to score more than 43 points over the course of the pre-season. Weird NFL Stat IIRC: If your team fails to score at least 43 points during the pre-season since 1983, your season's success is capped at losing your first game in the playoffs. Scoring 43 points does not mean a winning season or a lot of success Scoring far less than 43 doesn't mean a losing season or not making the playoffs Scoring 43 or fewer points ONLY means that your team will not win a game in the playoffs
  4. Atm I think desire CB1, Moore CB2 in base Nickle: Desire CB1, Wilson CB2, Moore CB3 Dime: Desire CB1, Wilson CB2, Rock CB3, Moore CB4 Roles: Desire is probably going to get a lot of 1v1 with the #1 WR, while Moore's job is going to be to simply remove an asset as a target. This frees up the FS and SS to role coverages to Wilson and Rock. Think of it like a NE Defense: You cover the #1 WR with your best DB. Eliminate #2 option with double coverage, get the best matchups across the board and go from there
  5. https://www.albertbridgecapital.com/drew-views/2019/6/17/stay-in-the-game Yeah, must read.
  6. This makes sense for several reasons: (Two, most of all really) 1*) We have the cap space *NOW* to set the market. If Kenny averages out, its not a massive hit in the longer run 2*) There two CB3's about to be PAID for the Chargers and for Denver. If Kenny were to out-play both of those guys next year, as a restricted Free Agent next year we're going to get into a massive bidding war. By nipping this is the butt early, we do ourselves a favor. 3) He's clearly out-performing his current contract. I think he was slated to make... 345k next year? Reward our own. 4) Salary cap hit gets lessened every year Theres a couple other reasons, but those get into the rah-rah/locker room/chopping wood anecdotes. Or, the NFLPA CBA agreement coming to an end in 2020 The move makes sense, glad it was made
  7. Give the man his respect: The FUTURE Hall of FAMER OH-KA-REEEKEEE!!! Not worried: He'll be signed soon enough
  8. I thought Seattle morphed more into a Single High safety (Cover 1) while combining Zone and Man to Man underneath, which would morph into Cover 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on down/distance. Our biggest defensive weakness was a lack of having multiple DB looks, being able to switch it up really is vital. And having a healthy Hooker
  9. Id take Doyel in the Clutch and overall. Id take Ebron as a dynamic threat to do things when the matchups favor him. So... yeah, just like last year Ebron isn't going to be an every down player that Doyel can be. Ebron cannot block like Doyel can, and his hands are not the most reliable. Doyel can stay on the field in ever situation: Ebron is an obvious passing. If I recall, when Ebron was on the field it was a strong % increase in the likelyhood of it being a pass. Doyel breaks that trend. Now, if you were asking whom should we sign next year to a longer deal?... Well, give it another year
  10. Here's how I see Ballard's draft philosophy and FA philosophy after 2plus years: your strengths, make them stronger. Your weaknesses, you suppliment with incrimental upgrades til its not longer a weakness. Ballard has shown he'll makes strengths better in the draft early, and then suppliment the weaknesses later. FA he's shown he'll treat it like later parts of the draft. Granted this seems mostly to apply this year specifically, but this especially is the first year with everything in place from a scouting and coaching standpoint. I like this philosophy. We see this with Ebron last year: he still had the same drop rate as he did as a lion. But our coaches recognized that he's great at boxing out DBs, and if we don't make him think about YAC he's going to be more reliable.
  11. I did finally see a Mock Draft where they nailed the Colts pick: "Colts will chose BPA for their defensive front 7, probably"
  12. All BigQ needs is some good BBQ and he'll open up, guarenteed. I will volunteer my offerings, given the chance
  13. Almost like FA doesn't even begin until Wednesday, so who cares?
  14. Id trade Luck for Peyton Manning year 2005, and then every team's first round draft pick from here through 2030
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