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  1. TheMarine

    Anything To Say About Frank Reich?

    So glad we hired McDaniels!
  2. TheMarine


    As many INTs as he's causing I dont see why not ()#%U) @$#(% & )(%&$ @ )( )#( @%&U@# spelling is hard at 12am, k?
  3. TheMarine


    Hes #1 IMO for DROY. But, theres no chance he'll get DPOY. Have y'all seen Darnold and Mack play???
  4. TheMarine

    Brian Baldinger on Q

  5. TheMarine

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    Baldy did several break downs on the Colts thus far This one is most insightful
  6. TheMarine

    Brian Baldinger on Q

  7. TheMarine

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    I just hope Baldy breaks down his play until Q is retired from the NFL
  8. TheMarine

    Big Q Scouting Breakdown

    Im inclined to agree with him in today's NFL. Defensive Coordinators have made it a point to pressure the middle of your Line, as its the shortest distance to the QB and RB. Penetration there KILLS the running game and passive game (See Titans v Pats last week). You can always help out the tackles either by formation or scheme. If the defenders can get to the QB immediately up the gut, though, it wouldnt matter if your Tackles are Orlando Pace and Joe Thomas
  9. TheMarine

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    Yeah I'll gladly chip in to the go-fund-me to pay that stupid fine
  10. TheMarine

    Le'Veon Bell

    We need Levon like we need a Ferrari while the Honda Civic we own and paid off has less than 1000 miles on it and fully loaded with features while on a salary of 80k a year.
  11. TheMarine

    Albert Breer on Cowherd Talking about the Colts

    I say 2020 and the Colts are in the AFCCG. I still think this year we're 9-7 as a ceiling. Next year we'll be a contender if we're on as strong a draft as this last years. Thats about as strong a fan-boy statement I can make. We're a good offensive team with an obvious building and budding core. We need to stack that, then make the right moves in FA
  12. TheMarine

    Nathan Peterman released

    Too bad we cannot merge Peterman with Hooker. We'd have the ultimate turnover creating defensive back in NFL history
  13. TheMarine

    Are we seeing the end of Vinatieri?

    I sign Adam V as long as he's banging from 50+ for 80% (His career is 84.3) and 95%+ on extra points. This year he's 14/17 on FGs (82%), missing 1 from inside the 40 and 2 of 4 from 50+.
  14. TheMarine

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Well at 6 second long with about a 1 second delay between repeat while having it on loop for 5 minutes Ive watched it at least... 42 times