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  1. What I loved about JT today: He gets the tough yards after initial contact, could almost guarantee that the first defender to impact him was going backwards What I didnt like: Timing seems off with the O-Line, felt like he was hitting where the crease was drawn up to be, instead of having Mack's patience to allow the blocks to develop a bit more
  2. Howdy Howdy! Thanks to COVID wrecking the hotel/hospitality industry I am job hunting, which means I have more time on my hands. So, I shall use my GamePass and record The OLine into a quasi highlight/breakdown of scheme, featuring the entire game (Sans special teams). I am not confident in my voice overs in so far as breaking down what was going on but I believe it'd be interesting to attempt to see what worked and what didn't from the OLine's perspective. If theres interest, I'll keep it going as long as I have the GamePass! One thing Ive noticed by focusing most of
  3. So if I created a YT video showing just the Colts O-Line play apart from Special Teams, what sorta things should I attempt to highlight? Going to put my GamePass to use and do something for every game last year

  4. If the Texan's had a first round pick, I'd create a new reddit username with that person's name

  5. I see the beginings of a great crust on some deep fried Walleye or Chicken
  6. My rating of the block will get me a strike on the forum for explicit content.
  7. Not this year, anyway. I mean... Parkey? is probably the best option out there, Mr BlockDoinkDoink himself. Vinny missing FG's is understandable. What isn't are the missing Extra Points. Vinny will have the self-awareness to retire at the end of the year (I hope). Sad thing is his leg strength is still there, but his inconsistency with striking the ball is not what I thought would go first. Even Manning's last year, his passes at least went to where he wanted to put them despite not having the strength to do much else
  8. Coming into the regular season I thought my biggest fear with Jacoby was his lack of touch. well, I was wrong there but what concerns me atm is his lack of anticipating recievers coming open. He will throw to the open man. I dont get a sense of him throwing a reciever open or throwing to a spot on a route, anticipating a WR making a cut. I think a team which plays a lot of man D will allow the rush to get home on him
  9. Counterpoint: The Colts currently lead the league in NOT allowing pressure within 3 seconds of the snap at 9.5ish%, with the next closest being something like in the 12second range. Our line is holding up just fine
  10. I think Jacoby lacks the anticipation that Luck had. Luck would "feel" the reciever coming open, Jacoby throws to the open guy.
  11. Colts vs Pats game last year: We're close til about midway through the 3rd, then its all Chiefs. We dont have the firepower to keep up with the health issues we have
  12. Yeah... no joke, Nelson is probably one of the top 5 NFL players overall this year so far. Donald is clear #1, then you got Mahomes, Mack, Quenton, then a handful of other players. Completely dominant.
  13. Brisket taste better than Ice. EZ Win dont @ me
  14. AMX theaters are broadcasting games: $10 cover. PM me if you want more specifics on how I watch (Cord Cut, and sometimes the local broadcast is terrible with my antenna)
  15. He gets the clips together and then records it on his phone, its his "thing" unless he's doing it for the NFL network
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