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  1. Ballard and trading up is like saying Ballard will give Bell the $ he wants: IMO not chance. But, what I can see is flipping of assets. So, take for example Jags (WARNING: THIS IS EXAMPLE ONLY. NO WAY BALLARD TRADES VALUE IN DIVISION). We have ample cap space. We have a backup QB who's probably above average in the league. Jags have a hole as wide as the one the Chiefs left on the Colts with their QB situation. We go a-la Browns: We give them Brisket and say the 4th round compensitory pick. We get Bortles, as we can eat the contract and realease him, get their 4th rounder and their 2nd round pick.This would give us the #26 overall, #3 in the 2nd round, #7 in the 2nd round, #26 in R2, and move up in the 4th round as well. Again: EXAMPLE ONLY. Not sure if theres a lot of teams out there QB hungry and cap needy, Jags are just the most obvious answer. If we were an NFC team dealing with the Jags, Id throw this at them but would NeVeR do that in division
  2. TheMarine

    Skip is converted

  3. TheMarine

    Big Q Versus Chris Jones

    Idk that Jones will go over Glow. I mean, we're talking about Bob Sutton here
  4. TheMarine

    As much as I love Vinny....

    I sign Vinny to a 1 year dear as long as he's ballin. Bring in a guy every year to training camp to be mentored and push him a bit. But, until Vinny say's he's done it aint done
  5. TheMarine

    We're Literally #1 Since going 1-5

    Did you know despite retiring in 2006, Jerry Rice STILL has the most yards, TDs, and receptions by a WR???
  6. Its Time: Going to wear a Clown Mask on this choo choo train

  7. TheMarine

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    Latest I can see is Darius finished 5th in the Fan vote as an Outside Linebacker. People knew who he was. It was the Coaches and Players who didn't vote for him
  8. TheMarine

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    Fan vote was not the reason he didnt make the pro bowl
  9. Thats the only thing which "makes sense" despite everyone in Indy knowing better. But then you actually look at what Irsay has done as owner (not person) and then it still doesn't make sense.
  10. TheMarine

    Nelson vs Leonard

    Sad y'all leaving Smith out of this too. Dude's been studtastic at RT. His impact there is almost as noticeable (without Pancakes) as Nelson. Dude was frigging drafted to play guard. He's developed into a consistent RT with tremendous athleticism, and we never hear his name in a game. I can see him being a RT for a while to come
  11. TheMarine

    you 18-19 playoff bracket prediction

    I think if the Rams were playing the Hawks, Id pick the Rams to win. But, Vic's defense with the Bears forces a QB to be patient with Mack bearing down on the pocket. I don't trush their QB to be patient in the playoffs, and I dont expect their line to hold up with that matchup
  12. TheMarine

    The MANIAC!!!

    Tag them here