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They're not going to fire Chuck. Now you see really what type of quarterback Brissett really is.... he sits in the pocket and hold the ball. The coaching staff did not give him an outlet at all to throw the ball to there is no back coming out of the backfield at least have Frank out there or Marlon Mack to do something to help him out. Absolutely nothing and again this is embarrassing disgusting and pathetic

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Just now, BlueShoe said:


Surprisingly we are only down by 20.


Not sure how it is possible, but it happened that way.

Considering that we’ve only scored 20-something points in the second half in all of the games combined, this game seems like it’s over.

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It's uncanny.  How can this defense be this bad year after year after year?


If you drew names out of a hat or threw darts at a draft board, once in 20 years you should be able to luck out and put a respectable defense on the field. 


...and naturally, our only defenders who have shown promise are in the locker room with injuries.

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15 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Do you think we would have 0 points if Luck was playing, this very well coudve been a shootout and when the Offense plays well, yes it helps the Defense.

One player can not make up for 40+ lousy ones

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It is official folks. We are the 3rd worst team in the NFL, and we have beaten the only teams we are slightly better than. Thank God, they were on our schedule or we might have gone winless.


Keep Luck in the garage for the rest of the season. You don't take a Lamborghini to the dump.

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    • Fields next season will offer another test sample. 3rd year and the weapons around him though new, are overall significantly improved.  Steichen's offense uses a lot of simple reads that creates excellent run opportunities, that creates gaps in the defense. We need o-lineman that can run and block on the move like Philly's did. A tall order.  Richardson absolutely can run this, and run the ball as well as Newton did or better. And there is no reason he can't learn to throw as well as Newton did or better.  He was born to excel in Steichen's 2022 offense.
    • I think Young and Stroud come off the board at 1 and 2. Young could be the next Drew Brees or he could be the next Murray. Stroud has all the tools, but why would he say that he admires Vick and Watson? Has he been oblivious to everything? As a GM, that would concern the hell out of me.    That leaves Levis, Hooker, and Richardson.    Hooker is the most polished of the 3, and I really like his pocket mobility. There are times when he doesn’t see the rush, but it’s a similar issue I noticed early with Aaron Rodgers, and he can overcame it. Hooker can be very accurate, but he lacks anticipation. Has a strong enough arm, and wheels. While it is not an exact carbon copy, I see a lot of Daniel Jones in Hooker. And he will have the same hurdles in the NFL. But the potential is there.    Levis has a huge upside. Strong arm and mobile enough. He is very cocky though. It might be hard to teach this guy how to leave his ego at the door of the quarterback room. Guys like this tend to have leadership issues. People can overcome this, but they normally don’t. If he can then his upside is similar to Josh Allen.    Richardson is very raw, and he is one of the most inaccurate quarterbacks I’ve ever seen mentioned as a top 5 pick. He is an athletic freak. One rule to always remember is, you are either born with accuracy or you’re not. This is not something people usually improve drastically with. I think he is going to struggle in the NFL, and it’s all going to linked to his ability to put the football in the right place.    If Levis is off the board, then I’m taking BPA or bouncing out of that 4th pick. And there would need to be some very good interviews with Levis, to convince me that he is the guy.    I would most likely either make a path to get Hooker, or arrange a deal for Lamar. And if all else fails, I’d be okay to ride with Minshew in 23. 
    • Tackle?      Raimann is the LT.  Smith is the RT.   I think the only way that changes is if either gets hurt.      The Colts will likely look for a swing tackle.  A solid backup.   But my guess is that will be in free agency. 
    • That would be a negatory big Ben. See no es comprende. Imposseble'  Or something like that.
    • Okay, Okay. Let’s say hypothetically the Ravens KNOW they won’t keep Lamar. Wait and see how the draft falls. If Arizona trades out and Will Anderson is available take him. And then see if we can entice them to give us Lamar for our 2nd and 4th or something and then our 1st and 3rd next year. We get a top flight pass rusher and a former MVP in his prime. *shrug*
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