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  1. I have a stupid question Miami and the Jets are fighting for the last wild-card spot. Both of them are five and seven. Miami plays New England the Jets plays the Broncos... if I was a betting man I would say New England will beat Miami. And if I was a betting man I would think the Broncos would beat the Jets which would put both teams at 5 and 8 we're sitting at 3 and 9. Let's just say we beat buffalo on Sunday that would put us at 4 and 9 but I have the Jets losing one more and I have Miami losing one possibly two more. If all three teams and up 7 & 9.... who gets the wild-card spot
  2. Now let's attack we have to have some risk.....attack attack attack......
  3. Now if they can hold these guys off in the 2 half, and don't be complacent and continue to attack we should win this one...
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