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    • Yup, but they were all clear outliers and HOF guys. It's fun to debate the guys in the past, but just like BB, if today's teams played yesterday's teams, I think we all know the general outcomes. There's always outliers though. Wish we had a time machine so we could see it on the field 
    • I’d agree on two out of the three. I think they keep 3 QBs on the roster.... 
    • In HS, we had a pretty good S&C program for the time. Well managed, but lacking tech/science/nutrition of today. I, and several other guys lucked out and ended up working out in the off season at a gym owned by a guy that had competed in the Olympics. We learned a bit more from being there. Still it was not near the level of today's kids. Nutrition wise, a lot of guys took amino or amino/protein shakes, but they were pretty limited too and not so easy to find. Nowadays you can buy Muscle Milk and other stuff at every convenience store lol. Back then, we were just told to eat a lot meat and mostly chicken lol. These days kids get full meal plans, and in college, teams have their own cafe with tailored programs for each kid.    I still work out and have a pretty a decent home gym. Been lazy during Covid though lol. Got the Fitbit and access to all kinds of stuff that's readily available. My buds and extended family's kids who play sports just have so many options it's unreal. Heck, even the lacrosse kids have meal plans, S&C plans, tech monitors, etc.. I wish I had that stuff back in the day.
    • This is looking bad today so far. Down 6-1 to the Pirates in the 3rd. It is tough to sweep anyone but I was hoping for it. Who knows, maybe we can come back but it looks bleak.
    • I think Fries has a chance to make the final roster right now.  That changes when they sign another tackle.  Then he will have to beat someone out unless it’s Fisher and he’s starts the year on PUP.   there is something they like about Eherlinger.  It wouldn’t shock me if they have some kinda package for him that Eason and Wentz don’t do.  
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