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  1. Antonio Cromartie owns the record for the longest return in NFL history off a missed field goal and is also a bum.
  2. I'd only offer Dorsett, but a) they wouldn't take it and b) we have no depth at receiver past him. We're gonna have to pass.
  3. That's like saying make receivers slower, or linebackers weaker, or linemen smaller. Times change.
  4. Because people in that war died for this country, and the free world as we know it today might very well not exist had they not done so? (Yeah we basically lost the war, but still) I still don't understand the support for Kaepernick. Standing=support/respect for the national anthem and the flag. Those two things stand for freedom. That means that they should represent these rights/equal treatment that you believe you don't have! And you're disrespecting both!
  5. Passing game and protection is looking super nice. Run game not so much still. Let's hope that changes.
  6. You don't really put Cromartie at slot though, either. If anything, if Robinson struggles early, he could be an option.
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