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  1. Wow, first they get Brandin Cooks and now, they get a cook too?
  2. Just hilarious. The Texans are giving Cleveland a 2nd round pick to take Osweiler off their hands. If this guy's confidence wasn't shot already, then maybe this will do it.
  3. Eh. Thanks for Luck, Hilton, Moncrief, Mewhort and a couple of others.
  4. Before I look, I'm going to assume Marquette King was named as an All-Pro. LOL. Disappointing for McAfee no doubt.
  5. How would everyone react if Grigson was fired, but Irsay hired Trent Baalke?
  6. The closest we are to 'building the monster' is 'Little Monsters' starring Fred Savage.
  7. I could live with another year if Grigson, if he was fired but rehired with a disguise that fools Irsay. Thinking Mr. Snrub for Simpsons viewers.
  8. Before today, the Colts had the 14th spot. After today, I'll go with 18.
  9. Outside linebacker. Inside linebacker. Interior lineman. Cornerback. Hell, anything outside of quarterback and receiver would be fine.
  10. That really sucks for him. Playing for arguably the best coach of all time on probably the best team in the league and you get dumped in Cleveland of all places? He'll have plenty of suiters come March, but until then... jeez.
  11. Deflection by Ayers was the best coverage I've seen our linebackers play all year.
  12. The pick six was a stupid throw. Talib is a smart player. He knows where the first down marker is. He just had to sit there watching Luck staring down Dorsett before forcing the throw. Most great DBs are going to jump that and take the ball away.
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