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  1. You're telling me Joe Flacco is not elite? I for one am shocked.
  2. My whole view is Andrew always viewed football as a job more than a passion. He loved it because he was good not the other way around. I would guess he got injured again outside of football, but not to the point to prevent him from playing. Like the nagging wrist injury you have that seems to flare up with dull pain every once in a while. And since it wasn't debilitating the medical staff just have him pain meds to deal with it. Since he's dealt with that, and he fell into a dark place from injury before, he promised himself he'd never go that route again. Being newly married, and
  3. I say yes, but only because our parameters seem to be very lax. We have about 4/5 people that really are only there because they were good players during the years the team was terrible.
  4. Well I finally figured out my password. Hello to all my old friends. Firstly, I want to say thanks to Luck. He did everything he could for the team, and man does it suck he's leaving. It's understandable though. The frustration of unrelenting injury taxes like no other. But however, I've said it then, say it now, and will always say it forever - March 7, 2012 is the biggest mistake the Colts franchise will have ever made. The franchise was always going to be better of lining up behind Manning. Because at the end of the day Luck lasted just 31 games more. Unr
  5. http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=17bramel_what_andrew_luck_may_be_facing A more in-depth look than just a tweet.
  6. Yeah, we're a pretty cool city. Just don't come around us because you know, four letter yourself.
  7. Late to the party. Though my heart bleeds for my hometown Flyers. No playoffs for us however. And the 5 years have been tough 3/5 missing the playoffs. Before this stint we made the Stanley Cup more than we missed the playoffs. But speaking playoffs, anyone but Pittsburgh. And since I live and work near DC now I guess go Caps.
  8. I was simply providing the work done. Tis all. No opinion.
  9. My sister graduated high school him. So there is that. Still think we could have drafted a more pressing need. Especially since he's a one year wonder.
  10. Anytime Luck is about to be sacked I'd wish he'd just hit the deck.
  11. Watching the Patriots just further proves that Belichick is the best head coach, if not over of the best ever. He makes good players great, and great players HoF material. Without him I wonder where Tom would be.
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