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  1. Is there any 10 bedroom houses for rent near Indy?
  2. Other then Seattle all of them teams are terrible, so it most not work out to good .
  3. I’ve been thru and in and out of every city in this country. I can say without any doubt that Indianapolis doesn’t even rank in my top 50 worse cities to spend a night in
  4. Ballard said it from the begining. He is going to put an emphasis on Offensive and Defensive line play.
  5. If I was a Packers fan I would be hating life right now.
  6. I don't give 2 hoots about the Browns but if I was them I would make Greg Williams the head coach.
  7. The only time I root for the Steelers is when they play Dallas or New England
  8. Glowinski and Hunt I would think would be the priority
  9. I would ask him what he thinks of Marvin Harrison burning him
  10. It was the most fun I’ve had watching a game this year also.
  11. Keep him. am I the only person that remembers how valuable a back up quarterback is? Ask Bill Polian how valuable a good back up is
  12. Actually it's the players fault they had 0 points today. Poor play execution thru the whole game is why they didnt score.
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