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  1. didn’t realize I had a streak to maintain. Suffice to say it won’t continue
  2. I’m definitely going for the All-IR-And-Generally-Terrible team this year
  3. @Narcosys not a bad offer but with injuries building up, I want to hold on to Hill as he’s one my only guys that can deliver game-changing performances
  4. As long as it’s after 6 pm ET, I can do any week night or pretty much any time on the weekends. Also want to wait until preseason (if there is one) is over
  5. I’m in! I’m good at that time Saturday or Sunday
  6. And what if BO is as blindsided by this as the Colts are? I’m not trying to say it’s made up, but there’s no real names attached to this report at all
  7. I’m trying to remain impartial until more info (if any) comes out, but that write up seems very heavily biased
  8. My team is really only interested in scoring either 200 points, or like 115 points. The ol’ Desean Jackson of fantasy teams
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