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  1. Whichever route avoids the cold weather... But then again I wouldn't mind our rookies pulling off that cold victory in Gillette Stadium. Only seems right for AV to finish them off. I want Luck to be the last QB Brady looks in the eyes and says " Great game and good luck the rest of the way through the playoffs" Andrew in his comeback season giving him his last L before retirement. ☆☆☆☆
  2. Jerry Rice , Michael Irving , Marvin Harrison , Reggie Wayne , Tory Holt , Isaac Bruce. These are the only great WR's to win superbowls. But they all had a great QB. You only need an elite QB and good WR's. WR's are a dime a dozen and overvalued. Pay 1 big money but not 2. We already have the team to win it all now. We are 4-5 yards a carry away from a Championship right now.
  3. No need to draft a WR high in the draft at all. Doesn't take great WR's to win games and or championships. Good WR's will get the job done. He will only touch the ball maybe 10 times a game anyways and they become way to expensive. Draft late or find in FA. If it wasn't for the drops at the beginning of the season what could anyone say ? This WR group will take us to the playoffs but it's our RB's that we should be concerned with. If we want to win in the playoffs we have to run our * off. With a consistent run game we are nearly unstoppable. And Hilton is a # 1 and a future HOF WR. #Numbersd
  4. IMO you don't need a top 5 WR in the NFL to win a superbowl. I think the last time a top 5 WR was in the superbowl and won was Marvin Harrison & Reggie Wayne. Not sure though.
  5. Hooker will feed this week off of Dak & Cooper. At least 2 Int by trying to force feed him. Keep Zeke under 75 yards easily. My only worry is their kicker if it's a close game. He definitely has the boomstick. 31-20 Colts.
  6. Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints in Superbowl LIII. 31-30/ Colts *Andrew Luck MVP *Adam Vinatieri 46 yard clutch kick to seal the win. *Defense keeps Saints rushing under 100 yards. *Kemoko Turay will hold the Record for most sacks in a superbowl game.
  7. Bob got injured answering the phone to accept a job offer.
  8. If anything Turbin will have to battle Jones. Mack is safe
  9. Because he sucked at LT I assume. Change of scenery and different coaches and could turn things around. But definitely needs to move to RT.
  10. Giants are looking to partways. We could move him to RT. He's only 23 years old and IMO is worth a 5th or 6th rd pick if possible.
  11. 2018 Cleveland Browns Draft: 1. B Chubb DE 2. Q. Nelson G 3. K. Miller T 4. S. Michel RB 5. L. Falk QB 6. M. Ateman WR * I'm satisfied with the moves I made , left two positions on the board that I wanted to address but overall this draft + FA moves made this offseason and the Cleveland Browns can definitely look forward to the future and winning more football games. IMO one more good draft away from having a great team.
  12. Browns select*Nathan Shepherd*- DT- Fort Hays State Bears @CR91 are now on the clock.
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