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  1. Bob got injured answering the phone to accept a job offer.
  2. If anything Turbin will have to battle Jones. Mack is safe
  3. Because he sucked at LT I assume. Change of scenery and different coaches and could turn things around. But definitely needs to move to RT.
  4. Giants are looking to partways. We could move him to RT. He's only 23 years old and IMO is worth a 5th or 6th rd pick if possible.
  5. 2018 Cleveland Browns Draft: 1. B Chubb DE 2. Q. Nelson G 3. K. Miller T 4. S. Michel RB 5. L. Falk QB 6. M. Ateman WR * I'm satisfied with the moves I made , left two positions on the board that I wanted to address but overall this draft + FA moves made this offseason and the Cleveland Browns can definitely look forward to the future and winning more football games. IMO one more good draft away from having a great team.
  6. Browns select*Nathan Shepherd*- DT- Fort Hays State Bears @CR91 are now on the clock.
  7. The time for his pick was up before curfew. I didn't know that the draft stopped when the arguing started. I'll keep that in mind.
  8. It keeps changing because GM's keep complaining about things they have control over. It's easy , check in throughout the day , make your pick , if something comes up PM your pick. If you do none of the above don't complain.
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