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1 minute ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

Campbell dealing with some ball security issues. Didn't he have a pretty crucial fumble several games ago? Like he had a big gain and then fumbled at the end? Maybe it was Pascal.

Against the Raiders, yup.


Doesn't matter anyway.  JB is down...

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    • I thought the Colts should have restructured Kenny Moore at the start of the offseason to create cap space. Maybe they considered it, but he and his agent said 'not without significantly more money,' and that's where all this began... (Doubt it; Defo is the other guy in this situation, and they didn't touch his contract either.)    If he wants $15m/year, we are at an impasse, and the Colts should prepare to have him sit out a portion of the season, because there's no bridging that gap. If he was willing to accept a couple million more in 2022, with a full guarantee for the season, and no extension -- maybe we use a couple voidable years or something -- I'd be fine with that. (And I think if he were a FA this offseason, he easily could have gotten $10-12m/year from another team, even with 2021 not being his finest year. The market is pretty clear on that.)   As for accountability, let me be clear: all players should be held accountable. I don't think that when a good, responsible player like Kenny Moore has a few bad games, you should rake him over the head with it like he's a dog who chewed your furniture. That's not accountability, that's pettiness. All players are accountable to carry out their assignments. That doesn't mean you get rid of a player as soon as he has a down season.   To the bolded, I think that's a question. It's not really what you were getting at earlier, and it's not really been the tone in most of the posts in this thread. The tone has been typical, bitter fan hatred because a player wants more money.   But to that question, as I said earlier, I think the market values Kenny Moore higher than the $6.75m he's scheduled to make in 2022, so it's reasonable for him to want a new deal. I don't really care to talk about what a player deserves; player pay is dictated by the market, and their leverage, not what they deserve. Based on 2021, I'm not in a rush to redo Moore's contract, and I think I'd be okay with them telling him 'no, let's talk next year.' But I think a reasonable middle ground exists where he gets a couple million more, and his 2022 money is guaranteed. And if he's not open to that, then the next move is up to him.
    • Never getting discovered doesn’t mean you can’t possess the physical tools and drive to become a football player or athlete of any sort and we can’t discount them on that account. A tiny fraction GET to play football. That doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands who can’t. 
    • Oh, 100%. We'd all love nurses paid better, and constructions workers etc etc. But that is all in our heads, our actual actions as a society suggest otherwise. The day we are done with valuing something, we drop it.  This is not a war. I respect your view, and we are exchanging ideas, i choose to view it that way not as a war
    • Wrong? Based on what? We're talking of football. This is demand and supply, period. Your feelings don't matter, the facts do. I wish i was wrong because you're a superb former but it's the truth. There is only a tiny fraction who can play football. Period. If someone cannot play because they're in Australia and all their physical gifts never got actualized then that doesnt mean diddly squat. They never got discovered. That's the nature of the world. Instead of arguing about who could potentially play, i'm saying you need to argue based on actual facts not wishes. The FACT is only a tiny fraction CAN play in the NFL. That, is a fact that's been proven over and over again. Heck, the CFL isnt far away from us, who spends time watching that league?  Lets be honest with ourselves
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