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  1. Lucky1

    Skai Moore & Leonard

    Skai is the limit
  2. Things not to worry about if things aren't perfect yet: If Luck is rusty Our safeties(they are second string to start the season) Offensive line (starters haven't even played as a group yet)
  3. Lucky1

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    PaulGeorgeHill (yeah I need to change it to something more recent) I've also seen you post in another forum, maybe realgm or reddit. I normally enjoy the hot takes personally. Sometimes you say things others are afraid to say.
  4. Lucky1

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Nothing to see here, please move on. Pacergeek is the king of hot takes, we both post in the pacerdigest forum. He's the king over there too
  5. Today is my son's 9th birthday, I turned 31 Match 6th.
  6. Lucky1

    Clayton Geathers & Malik Hooker Update

    Pretty excited about this, everybody talks about the lack of playmakers we have but I think we'll be surprised. On offense Luck TY Ebron Nelson and Mack will be playmakers and on defense I believe Leonard Hooker Geathers and Wilson will be playmakers. We are a shutdown corner from potentially being one of the best secondaries in the league. Just need experience under their belt.
  7. Lucky1

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I really hope Ballard is a genius among a bunch of *s but you have to think you could have traded back to get both these guys
  8. If CB can get 2 first rounders (one top 12) and 4 2nd rounders for the #3 overall pick? Oh man...
  9. Lucky1

    Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    That's a hologram...
  10. Lucky1

    More for Frank Gore?

    Where is the "i would respectfully decline" option?
  11. What in the hell is going on?
  12. Lucky1

    So here’s something crazy(rumor)

    Snapshot of the conversation, or it didn't happen.... (Haven't read the whole thread yet, so apologies if you already been through it)
  13. Lucky1

    Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    That's a positive way to look at it!
  14. Lucky1

    Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    This is probably to hire Mcdaniels, Ashton Kutcher will be in Krafts office hiding in a closet and when Mcdaniels comes from behind the curtain Ashton will pop out and be like "you got punked, *!" And all will be right with the world.