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  1. This helps the colts offense more than the cheifs, but hurts the speed of our defense more than them as well
  2. That was clearly aimed at TY
  3. Lucky1

    If we win....

    When was the last time the cheifs won a home playoff game?
  4. Come on Blake! Oh %, just threw up in my mouth a little bit
  5. Still not in our hands yet, but Baltimore plays charger next week and Pitt plays pats and saints next 2
  6. They just says a couple flags were just thrown right before commercial
  7. I fear Joe Flacco more than Lamar Jackson. If we win out then that takes Tennessee out of the conversation. Baltimore won't beat the chargers. Steelers lose the next 2. Titans schedule is soft except for us. Dolphins have a cake schedule except for @Minnesota. next week against Dallas will be tough.
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