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  1. I trust whatever Ballard and Reich decide, if not for a retirement blindside before the season we would be 1st in our division and in control of our season.
  2. What's really funny is nobody pulled your chain and yet here you are
  3. No, a troll is calling someone dumb for suggesting starting a different quarterback, I'm exposing the troll in this case
  4. Wish that was an option, gotta love when posters who don't know what they are talking about get exposed, and the dolphins are the one who helped expose them bahahaha
  5. BrIaN HoYeR iS sO mUcH gOoDeR tHaN cHaD kElLy
  6. BrIaN HoYeR iS sO mUcH gOoDeR tHaN cHaD kElLy
  7. Do we trust hoyer to get a touchdown or vinny to hit a fg?
  8. Ebron like, I caught a pass get excited !
  9. Ffs put Quentin at QB at this point, at least it would entertaining
  10. I was ridiculed for even mentioning this yesterday
  11. Boy I tell ya, I'm sure glad we ain't playing Chad Kelly in this game...
  12. First of all miss "mood swing" this is the first comment I have ever made about Chad Kelly. You are literally the king of dumb knee jerk reaction comments. This is going to be the most conservative game we call all year, so give the kid a shot. What has Brian Hoyer done in his career? Besides throw a pick 6 last week that cost us the game? He literally could have hiked the ball and ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction on that play and we wouldn't be taking about if the laces cost us the game last week. Give me a break.
  13. What does this say about Cain, who gets cut when we are so thin at WR? And I'm not sure why wr don't start Kelly in this situation. We know what we have with Hoyer, he is not the long term solution. Why not give the kid a shot?
  14. You guys do realize before yesterday's injury plagued game, (FFS Brian Hoyer was our QB and Paris Campbell was our best WR) we were 5-2 in one score games and if it wasn't for missed kicks we would be even better. To put the game away with the score that close is the definition of killer instinct. What this team needs is to get healthy. Period.
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