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2019 NFL Draft Thread


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6 minutes ago, csmopar said:

He was cleared of that this afternoon, combine docs misdiagnosed 


I know...   I’m the one who posted the story on the draft page.


Exceot he’s not cleared.   If he was, he’d have been drafted by now.   I hope the Colts think he’s cleared!   I’d be over the moon thrilled if we draft him!



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4 minutes ago, BleedBlu8792 said:


Because the value isn't there for either as has been shown so far although I wouldn't be surprised if Balt is the first to grab a WR.

No. Two of those corners..Williams and Baker..were projected in the top 20.


..and every body needs more corners than they do any other position.

You need 5  decent-to-good cornerbacks...


There's value there

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