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Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

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This might sound strange, but is anyone else impressed we have a 17 point lead when Luck isn't posting astronomical numbers. 

Great defensive stand by the zebras. 

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1 minute ago, kornstar said:

We’ve had some unusual starts to games this year. 


Cowboys made it look easy and then blew block the field goal.


now we walk it down field to go up by 7.


lets hope for much more of that!!

My mom just called me. Your name reminded me I needed corn from the grocery store. Appreciate it!

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    • https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/16/nfl-scouting-combine-2021-drastically-altered-covid-19   The NFL Combine won't be like were used to, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which limit the possibilities for teams to evaluate the players and their talent.   In the 4 years Ballard has been in Indianapolis, he have really nailed some of his draft picks and the scouting staff he has gathered in that period, have really been praised and mentioned time and time again, for their talent evaluation skills and success rate in the draft picks.   I know, every team have a huge setup and that the pandemic has limited the possibility for gathering as much information on every player in 2020 compared to other years, so it might be status Q. But the colts have been one of the better drafting teams the last couple of years, and with players like Big Q, Leonard, Taylor, Blackmon and Pittmann, Ballard and his team has really nailed some picks.   So, due to the major impact it will have for the entire league, that their won't be any scouting combine like were used to, does the Colts then have a slightly advantage over other teams, due to the setup Ballard and Ed Dodds have built?   I am especially thinking about an edge over teams with new GM´s, HC's and so on.
    • Haha.   I know what it means.    I worded it poorly.    What I meant was,   what was it he said that was disingenuous. 
    • I thought this guy suggesting the Colts keep Malik Hooker was the downfall of this video. Not even the dumbest GM in the NFL would trade their first round pick for Carson Wentz and that absurd contract he has tied to him. How could you label this as a perfect off-season?   What is Carson Wentz's salary cap hit Wentz is costing the Eagles $18.656 million against the cap for 2020. His dead money was set at $77.877 million.  His cap number jumps up to $34.673 million in 2021. It comes down to $31.274 million in 2022, and hits a peak of $36.273 million in 2023. In 2024, the final year of the contract, the cap hit of $32 million will match his average annual salary. Wentz is actually making only $1.383 million in base salary this season. That number hits a high of $22 million when he turns 30, appropriately in 2022. When the Eagles' structured Wentz's deal, in relation to the extensions for other highly drafted quarterbacks, it ended up being team-friendly. The Eagles had to work it up that way given Wentz's history of injury. In the end, however, he didn't sacrifice too much overall given the exponential explosion at the top of the QB market since. When can the Eagles get out of Carson Wentz's contract? The Eagles, if they don't think about trading Wentz before June 1 in 2021 — the only scenario in which they see any kind of cap relief for the move — are likely locked into Wentz for one more season. Given their cap situation, releasing Wentz is financially impossible. That move would cost the Eagles $59 mllion in dead money with a cap hit of $24.5 million. Trading him to someone would cause them to eat $33.8 million in dead money but at least get a mild cap relief of about $853,000. The trick there will be finding a partner willing to take on his adjusted lesser contract, which would be essentially for four years at $98.4 million
    • I'm not even commenting on this meaningless thread.
    • Wow, 5 pages of rants and arguments.  This is an off season comedy. 
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