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  1. Stop with the truth....they don't want to hear it. It's all about those punch outs and INT's thrown right at him by Stevie Wonder....or jumping on the pile for a tackle stat. Rick Venturi mentioned it last year. Leonard is a "splash" player....great on highlights....bad on film. No fan wants to see it as teams run directly at him and throw on him all day. That 1 "splash" play every other week though...good enough for the average fan.
  2. Threads like this make me wonder if some of you guys were even alive to watch Edge. Pure running talent....Edge. His first 2 years and 6 games into his 3rd year he dominated the league in almost every category except for Faulk in St. Louis during their crazy offensive shows. Pass catching.....Edge without blinking. Dude was like having a slot WR on those wheel routes. Pass blocking....Edge by a mile. The guy stoned LB's and Safety's running full speed at him. I'm blown away how people can think to compare the 2 at this point. Edge only came off the field when the game was a blow out...just to give the other guys some good stats. I think the only category at this point that JT can win over Edge easily is straight line speed for a long duration.
  3. Indy media being hostile is the last thing I'd expect. Probably a few "How do you feel...." questions from Holder....followed by Ballard saying..."Look....we're just not there yet".
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I love it when he's on Cowherd's show...excellent insight.
  5. Unpopular take.....should have traded Leonard and moved Okereke to the Will spot.....kept Walker. Used the money for a LT/WR/CB.....
  6. I would like to know when will a major media outlet call out Leonard's play? Rick Venturi did a couple years ago and I noticed it too, that he's a "splash" player which overshadows his terrible plays. I saw him get mauled by a TE yesterday.....I actually LOL'd about it because it was so bad. Splash plays are cool and all but.....for $95.5 million I think he should do a little more than 1 forced fumble.
  7. My opinion on this (great problem to have) RB situation... This year we keep it similar to last. JT starts and powers a lot of 1st and 2nd down plays. Mack comes in to let JT rest, has some good games. Hines is the change of pace guy and used for mismatches on 3rd down. Wilkens is there to come in fresh and run north/south when the D is tired. NEXT year....... JT starts and dominates. Hines is still the 3rd down/change of pace back. Lemay/Jackson battle it out for 3rd and 4th RB IF we can hide them on the PS this year. If not Lemay/Jackson...Ballard will probably find another lesser-known stud in the draft and we'll be just as happy.
  8. Holder is laughable anyways. I get a kick out of the comments on Twitter and YouTube about his questions during interviews and press conferences.
  9. One thing to note is our promising depth at many positions. Thinking back 15-20 years ago during the preseason, it was UGLY after the starters left the game. Most of the backups at the time couldn't make any other team's practice squad. This team is fairly loaded right now, with the exception of LT and QB. Last night I was really impressed with nearly every player on defense. Not really 1 guy who stands out in a bad way. Dline depth is great. LB's without Leonard did a good job for the most part (except when Minnesota plowed through them with a Fullback). Secondary has great depth at every spot too.
  10. It actually said.... "This program's unavailable for streaming on the Internet." I'm still waiting on a reply from YoutubeTV....nearly a week later.
  11. I'm about 20 miles SE of you in Decatur...it'll be on FOX 55 for me (I use YoutubeTV). Last week however, my broadcast got blacked out on both FOX and NFLN during halftime. GRRRRR
  12. I can't remember the last time we drafted a STUD LB. Mike Peterson was really good for us, David Thornton even better. Rawb Morris was a letdown until he was moved to Sam for the Super Bowl run. All of those were far from "STUD" status though.
  13. Not bad at all, even though it's steep. Cap could skyrocket soon with NFLPA seeing how much these teams are worth...
  14. Granson is a Clark type, just not as strong at the point of attack....but Granson is a much better athlete. Strachan, IMO, will make the team. If he goes Practice Squad he'll be gone in an instant. He is impressive, even against Kenny Moore and Rhodes.
  15. Any reports on how the contract is structured? Hopefully it's front loaded since we have a ton of cap space in the near future. That way his later years aren't killers.
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