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  2. no wr, rb or cb taken yet. That's nuts
  3. Raiders should go brown or metcalf this pick after losing cooper and jordy
  4. Are we going to steal Cody Ford?
  5. Oakland most certainly will lol
  6. Taylor is a right tackle only. Howard is a future left tackle. Not this year. But hopefully next year.
  7. These next two picks are key. Don't F us OAK or BAL.
  8. What did Sweat do? Every mock I saw had him in the single digits and early teens
  9. I honestly love Amani Oruwariye as a CB for us in the late 2nd, maybe top of 3rd.
  10. And they traded up. You and Chad both traded up in the first in the mock draft on the forum. You guys know your stuff.
  11. The Texans really wanted a left tackle I suppose
  12. I guess Houston REALLY wanted a LT. Thank you Philly.
  13. Howard over Jawaan Taylor? Why do you trade up for that?
  14. If our doctors cleared Sweat, it would be a steal. He doesn't fit our scheme at all.
  15. Montez Sweat is dangling there, just has to make it a few more slots
  16. If Tillery is gone by 26, the Colts should just trade back and let one of the WRs fall to them later
  17. Imma say Sweat Taylor or Jacob's for the colts
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